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Monroe/Heddy is lost! Please help!

When: 2012-01-29 20:02:00 -0800

Reward: Yes, but undisclosed

Location: 632 Estrellita Way, Los Angeles, CA 90049

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Details: Monroe's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lostmonroe Monroe's story is a little complicated, but for those of us looking for her, it's important to know: Monroe was taken into CageFree Canine Camp & Rescue in April 2011 after being rescued from the East Valley Animal Shelter in Los Angeles. In May 2011, she was adopted - YAY! On 1/29/12, Monroe's owner took out the trash and went back inside. After about an hour, she could not find Monroe. She guessed Monroe followed her outside, the owner didn't know it, and Monroe wandered off. The owner contacted CageFree to let them know the next day. On 1/31/12, CageFree contacted NinjaDog Concepts to take on the case. The owner became unavailable for undetermined reasons. CageFree and NinjaDog Concepts forged ahead. On 2/2/12, we learned that Monroe's home is on Estrellita Way, 90049, which is closer to the 405 and Moraga, and that puts her in the Bel-Air/Brentwood border. Also, Monroe's name is now HEDDY, which is probably what is on her tag. We have decided to keep everything labeled as "Monroe," because the URL has been shared across many channels by now. Should someone find her, they will see her tag and be able to call the owner. So that's where we are now.

About Monroe/Heddy

Name: Monroe/Heddy
Breed: Dachshund
Color: Black with brown markings
Sex: F
Date Of Birth:
Description: Doxie mix.
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Contact Monroe/Heddy's Guardian

Registration Information

Microchip number: AVID 066*068*077
Tattoo number:

Tag Number:
Licensed in Municipality/City of:
Expiry Date:

Comments About Monroe/Heddy

This dog has not been found, sadly...
any update? was this dog found?
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