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Sharan needs your help

Image_thumb By Sangeeta | October 15, 2013 | Comments (0)


15th september 2013...........As I landed in India, I saw so many of my homeless stray friends on the streets living thier own way of life.......some scavenging for food, some running in packs, few of them barking to alert the neighbourhood about something and most of them siting in a corner waiting for someone to just walk towards them and reward them with food or a friendly touch......They are survivors, they truly are......as I reached Nashik, just at the end of the road near Jehan Circle I saw this gentle boy with painful swollen legs having difficulty to walk, totally emeciated and surviving just on some scrapes of fiod given by the bystanders.......I wanted to help him that very moment, so I contacted the local Non Profit Organisation called 'sharan for animals'. The name means Shelter, Refuge, Resort, Asylum for animals.....but due to their Vet leaving them, they were helpless......So I waited for a week to gather some funds and now today with the help of a volunteer and my freind Rishika from Sharan itself, we rescued him and took him to the shelter......


Well now the main thing starts......When i went the i came to know that, Sharan had only 1 part time volunteer and no vet.....it's only a guy who comes in the morning to clean up, gives them food, fills their bowls and buckets with water and the same guy comes in the evening to feed them. Most of the time when he comes, he finds a dead dog to be packed and taken off the property......My friend Rishika comes only once in 3 days that too only for few minutes because of her issues at work and home.....ultimately the dogs are actually on their own for whole time without any vet attention with worst skin issues and rickets...also we have one very young puppies almost like 1-2 month olds living in the same condition and re very vulnerable to the infections around them....kindly go through the pics below.....we are all animal lovers, try to keep the place for them as clean as possible, provide food, water and shelter but we really need volunteers, funds and a good vet who can give personal attention to each and every animal here......We can't see any more animals dying here only because of unavailability of a good Vet and Vet techs......all of these animals you see in these pics are pure survivors just craving for medical attention.....Please help us.......for more info on past work by Sharan please visit https://www.facebook.com/Sharanforanimals?ref=ts&fref=ts

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