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My Details

Name: Sangeeta
E-mail: Jean.cyclops@gmail.com
About Me: I love animals....can't live without my hubby, my son Joy and my dogs Cookie and Casper :)

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Sharan needs your help

15th september 2013...........As I landed in India, I saw so many of my homeless stray friends on the streets living thier own way of life.......some scavenging for food, some running in packs, few of them barking to alert the neighbourhood about something and most of them siting in a corner waiting for someone to just walk towards them and reward them with food or a friendly touch......They are survivors, they truly are......as I reached Nashik,...
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My Comments

i lost my baby nikki in a house fire four years ago. i loved him like he was my own child!! i still miss him so much!!! i now have two dogs emma, a cattle dog, and ace a black lab.they are my new babys. i love them very much. my best advice to anyone who has lost a dog is to get another one right away.they dont replace, but they sure do help with the healing.
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