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Name: Sandy Davis
About Me: I am an animal advocate

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Malnourished Yellow Lab needs rescue!- San Diego, CA

Hi I need help please! On June 8th, I found a stray yellow lab retriever. He is malnourished, full of dog bites i think on his head and i think mange he has lots of scabs too all over his body and hind legs. I found him near the USA/Mexico border. I went to the go see the event in San Ysidro for the 5k run and saw him just wondering around the crowd, being...
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He is listed as a stray but I know his story!

  He is listed as a stray but I know his story. This is a male pitbull in San Diego's Southern Region Shelter. He has been there since November 1st, by the end of this week it will have been a month already! Most dogs in San Diego Shelters are allowed to live one month before PTS, meaning that his time is almost up!! He is listed as a stray but that is not the...
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My Comments

Hi Sandy, is the Animal Pad rescue San Diego based. You should ask them to join the site so if anyone else from San Diego comes looking for help here they would have a place to start. It's great what you did for this dog well done!
Hi Natalie! As of now, The Animal Pad rescue will take him and is currently looking for a local foster in San diego, so we need a local foster in San Diego so they can take him to a vet and get the medical attention he needs, thank you! below is the link to their facebook page and there you will find the post asking for foster, you can share that! thank you! https://www.facebook.com/theanimalpad?ref=ts&fref=ts
Hi Sandy! Has anyone reached out regarding the stray yellow lab? It just hurts my heart to see that and I wish I could help but my landlord does not allow pets. Please let me know of any good news! I'll keep him in my prayers.
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Love animals, especially dogs. I'm between fur friends presently.

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