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Guardian of: 4 dogs

Kari's Dogs


Sedona is a sweet and sassy JRT puppy right now. She joined our pack 1 week ago. Very smart already and all 4 pounds of her is already running up the steep bedroom stairs without any problems. Gonna be jumping soon.
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Jasper Troy

Jasper C. Troy joined our pack when he was 2, rescued from an awesome shelter 'Northern Chatauqua Canine Rescue'. He weighs 15 pounds. He is JRT mixed with chi. He has some issues with occasional fear based aggression that we are always on top of but he has a big heart and loves to snuggle. Highest jumper in the house (5 feet).
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Spice is our Brat. She is the alpha of the house. We got her when she was one, and she came with alot of fear issues that we have worked through as best as we can. She is 11 pounds of pure muscle, very strong and sleek.
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