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412875_429827203696857_78801582_o_thumb By Rana Soluri | October 08, 2012 | Comments (18)

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read our dire and desperate situation.

Our matter is URGENT in nature and can not be post-poned as innocent lives hang in the balance and is in a short time frame.  This is our plea for help in seeking justice as it has alluded my family and I for the past 6 years of living at our current home. My family and I have suffered at the "hands" of extremely bigoted and vindictive neighbors Lesley K Miller (11405 Pheasant Creek Drive, Fort Worth TX 76244) & Belinda and Jason Walraven (11501 Pheasant Creek Drive, Fort Worth TX 76244), ever since they had found out that I was of Middle Eastern decent and Muslim by faith.  My family and I suffered extreme psychological stress, property damages; resulting in I Rana, being diagnosed with PTSD, and my daughter suffering from extreme Anxiety condition.  Racial slurs, and derogatory term of  "Sand Niggers", "Devil Worshipers", "Terrorists" "practitioners Witch Craft", "Demon Worshipers" to state the LEAST.

My daughter and I have been called "turban head whores", dog fecal matter thrown at my daughter and I, and also rocks  thrown at our windows, our property has been vandalized, plants killed, dogs threatened and antagonized, physically threatened with bats swung by Belinda Walraven and Lesley K Miller and her daughter Angela Miller standing watch smiling. My little daughter called a "demon seed", being physically threatened by Belinda and Jason Walraven's Bull Mastiff, with Belinda Walraven as the enticing him to attack and fake charge her, while she is on her bicycle just getting off her training wheels at the tender age of 7. We have  witnesses that are willing to testify that their dog had already bitten a man unprovoked. 

Prior to the first President Obama elections, Lesley K Miller and I were friends.  She adored my dog Lilo and used to brag about how sweet-natured and loveable she is.

She even used to call whilst on vacation with her then boyfriend Giovanni, telling me that she just saw another blue pit bull but it wasn't anywhere near as cute and as beautiful as Lilo.  Then the elections started and things became ugly very quickly.  I started receiving hate emails about Muslims, radicals, about President Obama being secretly Muslim etc.  I then reminded Lesley K Miller that I am middle eastern and Muslim and I also backed president Obama.  At that point is where all the racial slurs, our property vandalism occurred and was told by her "they don't like the likes of me around here."  Lesley K Miller and her sons have on numerous occasions vandalized our property and have been very aware that their previous dog Kooda, and current dogs are destroying the joint fence between both properties.  In fact I have provided proof that we had contacted the subdivision HOA about her rotting out the fence along with pictures by her blocking the natural flow of rain water, by obstructing it with bricks thus causing to become structurally unsound.  In that email I specifically state that it is HER dog that continues to a break it trying to get to my dogs and I end up fixing it in order to keep the peace between us strictly out of our own pockets.

Numerous upon Numerous police reports have been made about the constant and persistent harassment about these people were filed by us. To the point that the Federal Bureau of Investigation got involved for racial hatred crimes, unfortunately they only labeled them as psychologically unstable.  NOTHING could be done until they PHYSICALLY ASSAULT me and/or us.  Yet ironically the local Fort Worth Police department are quick to jump on any false and proven false accusations they file.  When one unique police officer familiar with out situation was asked to be truthful in his opinion, should that tables had been turned and I was to commit 1/3 of the things I had suffered from their actions, and behaved like them where I would I have been by now, his exact response "JAIL".

These two neighbors have physically told other neighbors not to talk to us as we are awful, nasty people, and we medal in witch craft, we were muslim and worshiped in the devil.  Those neighbors that were told this are willing to testify as well to what they have been told  in court.  This is blatant harassment and defamation of character under the Texas Penal Code.

The properties here in the Villages of Woodland Springs have Joint fences.  With that it has lead to the recent event.  DUE TO Lesley K  Miller's   NEGLIGENCE by blocking and re-diversion of the natural flow of water, thus causing the problem of the rotting  out of the wood connecting fence, and upon the personal witnessing and statement of Fort worth Animal Control Officer Harley Davidson, "that even an small dog would have broken through it with no problem."

Which leads us to our current situation.  My car had broken down on the day of August 11 2012 in Arlington Texas.  So August 12 2012, a Sunday, I had left to get my car and a friend who has no experience with dogs came to my house to let my dogs out to do their business.

I had stressed to him to put them back in.  He forgot.  Lilo and Stitch were playing out side and went through another rotted out part of the fence and into Lesley K Millers back yard.  She was as per her statement in her backyard with her dog.  Please remember that Lilo knows her, and she does Lilo as both played together before.  Lesley K Miller claimed that she was in fear that Lilo was going to attack her.  NOT TRUE Lilo remembers her very well; she claims that she got her dog which was in her back yard to go into the house  and so did she.  The backyards here are very small, and dogs are very agile.  If she was to have been "charged" as so she claims both dogs would have been by her before she had the chance to get in the house!  She called the police and animal control claiming she was attacked then changed her story to feeling threatened.  She nor her dog were hurt, scratch, bit, and nothing on her property was damaged. Animal control came to remove both dogs from her property, but she had opened her gate and let them out.   I had come back from Arlington to find animal control informing  me that my dogs are loose, I had run around my backyard to look for places where they may have dug and nothing was found and I saw they went through the fence between the two properties. Where it had been replaced the 8 months prior!

I was told by the Animal Control officer I was being given a ticket for Lilo being at large, and NOT BECAUSE SHE WAS DANGEROUS OR EVEN VICIOUS, SHE SPECIFICALLY SAID THOSE WORDS.  The Animal Control Officer stated that Lilo DID NOT show any aggression what so ever!  I ended up driving around and enlisted the help of neighbors in finding Lilo who was let out stitch was in my backyard.  Needless to say we found her.  I had contacted Officer Harley Davidson and asked him what to do as I have never been in this situation.

He said take pictures of the fence provide evidence that the issue was brought up to the HOA and he said I had a 'fighting chance' due to her negligence.  I was later informed that Lesley K Miller had filed an affidavit stating that they attacked her and she was threatened.  I asked again what do I need to do and he said we had to wait on the DA to make a decision as to whether he was going to take the case or not.  He did.  The DA talked to Lesley K Miller ONLY and not once did I get a phone call or letter from him.

Our court date was set forth on Thursday, September 27th 2012 at 3:00 pm at Fort Worth Municipal Court No. 9, 3741 S.W Loop 820, Fort Worth TX, in Judge Benita Harper's court.

I had brought all the evidence with me and had an attorney present.  NEITHER the DA or JUDGE saw my evidence of proof, nor have taken a moment to talk to me.  BOTH the Judge and the DA were outside the court room talking about personal issues prior to the case hearing.  During the court hearing the judge DID NOT look at my evidence nor did the DA.  Animal Control Officer Harley Davidson was put on the stand, and was asked if he had witness any aggressive behavior from both dogs, whilst in HIS custody and he said, " NO Not At all, they didn't exhibit ANY."  He later stated that he deals with aggressive animals on " a daily basis and both dogs DID NOT EXHIBIT ANY TYPE OF AGGRESSION"  he later stated, that he "checks on them on a daily basis and plays with them". The court took a brief recess and that is where I went to the public restrooms and I saw the DA talking to Lesley Miller and holding her hand.  He did not talk to me during that time either.  Court resumed and not too long after that point Judge Benita Harper  ruled that my dogs where "Dangerous".  I asked for an Appeal and was informed I had no right to one!

This is a GROSS VIOLATION OF MY CONSTITUTION RIGHTS!  I was NOT GIVEN a fair chance at fighting my case and I was NOT GIVEN the chance to show the burden of proof even though I had tried to present it.  THE ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS STATED THAT THE DOGS DID NOT HAVE ANY AGGRESSION DID NOT SHOW ANY AGGRESSION

DURING THE WHOLE TIME THEY WERE IN THEIR CUSTODY!  Later we found out that this has NOT, REPEAT NOT been the first time that this Judge and DA have done this in fact Below is an email we had received from one attorney.  I want justice

From: Randy Turner

Date: Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 5:17 PM

Subject: RE: Appeal Dangerous Dog Ruling in Fort Worth?

To: Thomas Soluri

Dear Mr. Soluri:

First let me say how sorry I am to hear about your experience in Judge Benita Harper’s court.  I have had similar experiences with her and, I regret to say, I am not surprised at the outcome in your case.

Unfortunately, there is no right to appeal a dangerous dog determination in Fort Worth.      In my opinion the Fort Worth dangerous dog ordinance is unconstitutional and there is a good chance it could be struck down if a person had the time and resources to sue the city in district court.   However, this would cost thousands of dollars in legal fees.  Other than suing the city in district court there is nothing else you could do.

The Animal Law Section of the State Bar of Texas is going to introduce a bill in the Texas Legislature in the upcoming session that will give people the right to appeal these dangerous dog determinations.

I am sorry I am unable to be more helpful.

Randy Turner


Now I am having to find ways to get my beloved dogs out and I am a single mother.  This all occurred because of the vindictiveness of one very bigoted and vile person.  Now 2 innocent lives are going to be lost if I don't get them out.  HOW is this fair I ask?  There is a history of hatred towards us from these people, and now my dogs are gone.  My daughter is heart broken, I am heart broken.  If it is not hard enough being a single parent, now I am restricted where I can live and where I can take my dogs.  I don't have the funds don't know where to get the funds, most of my money when to my radiation treatments; and now I can't afford that and I have to get my dogs, my family, my little family.  I am pleading for help, pleading for the hands of justice just this once to work for us.  I am pleading for someone to help.  This is the United States of America where justice was supposed to be fair, where humans had rights, as well as animals.  I ask you where is the justice here?  Other cities give you the right to appeal why not Fort Worth?


North Richland Hills, Texas, Code of Ordinances >> ARTICLE VII. - DANGEROUS DOGS >>



(CODE 1975, § 4-235) DOGS [25]


So now I am asking for help.  I need Help.  This is gross injustice and abuse of power on Judge Benita Harper's and the DA's part. Neither the Judge Harper or the DA gave us a chance to plead our case and provide our evidence or present our witness.  THIS IS NOT JUSTICE!  I  was not given the right to a fair and unbiased trial, as per court documents and her previous record the decision was already made prior to the court session!

Any other dog that has been labeled as a dangerous dog has either attacked a human or another animal.  LILO  & STITCH did NEITHER!  It is based on one woman's testimony with no other witnesses and that has NO PHYSICAL INJURIES OF ANY SORT, ON HER OR ON HER ANIMAL, BUT BECAUSE SHE FELT "THREATENED"; A WOMAN WHO HAD A PROIR HIDDEN, SELF SERVING AGENDAS.  Also about Laws that are too vague, and are open to exploitation by people like her.

I want my dogs back, WE want our dogs back! With NO LABELS, LABELS THAT THEY DID NOT DESERVE!

Thank you for taking the time to read our heart break.



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Comments on this Article

I am so sorry you have experienced such bigotry, Rana. Personally, I can't imagine being a non-white and living in Texas. The state is seriously out of step with most of the country. It sounds like you have been having a terrible time. I hope you are able to resolve this issue.
Thank you all so much. I did not know that about PETA! How could they and they are for animal rights?! Hypocrisy. I thank you again all so much for your support and advice. To say the least its a very trying time, putting it nicely. Yes we do have a petition site. www.saveliloandstitch.com legal trust fund donations http://faithinmichigan.chipin.com/save-lilo-and-stitch just copy and paste
You should fix your fence as best you can even with chicken wire if you don't have a lot of money. You should also consider a security camera or 2 first. If you catch them in the act you will have some proof as to their intent. I had problem neighbors once, legally made them stop, but the animosity continued. I made the move and what a relief. Life is too short to live like that, and I like my new home way better. Maybe putting up the number for your local media on Dog Heirs and a couple a thousand calls later, they might take interest?
Rana: Don't bother messing around with PETA. They are against pit bulls and FOR the euthanisation of all of them, puppies too. When you are all done with this mess and have your dogs back, you can join the rest of us bully lovers in boycotting them. And someone else mentioned that Austin loves pit bulls, but I remember reading about three of them that were killed a couple of weeks ago there because a dog that was off leash ran over to them, while they were tied to the bumper of their owners car and started a scuffle. They were euthanized with no opportunity for the owner to appeal the charges. So...... maybe that statement is not quite true....You should not be forced to move out of your home. The neighbors should be forced to stop harrassing you. You probably don't read the Bible but this is a verse that applies to you: Matthew 7:3 NIV "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? " (replace brother with neighbor) All you can hope is that "what goes around, comes around" in their case.
Rana, I saw your comment and I want to warn you about PETA--they believe that all pit bulls should be dead (Ingrid Newkirk, their director, believes in killing them, her reasoning being that she was attacked by some according to her). You should contact Swaylove via Facebook, "I'm Not a Monster," "BAD RAP" (which helped the Vick dogs)...ANYONE but PETA, HSUS, and ASPCA, because they are all kill organizations.
Media doesn't always jump on a story, sadly. There are times you have to persist to get their attention, get many DIFFERENT people to go to them, to show that there are others that want this exposed too. It is not a short and easy road to get justice in these situations, and that makes it all the scarier when lives of loved ones are on the line. I have promoted on facebook and twitter, plurk twice and requested help of friends that are local to you or HUGE pitt fans. I wish there was more I could do.
Is there a petition? There definitely should be. Change.org and thepetitionsite.com are good places to start. Create one on each, make the language clear with no misspellings or syntax errors (so it will have lots of credibility with the signers and the government agencies we're petitioning) and share it on Dog Heirs!
I am sorry I forgot to address the local media and ACLU points brought up. I have contacted local media, and no one is interested. As we all know how pit bulls are demonised. As far as I knew the Fort Worth Star Telegram was going to print our story; but unfortunately we think someone stopped it. I have contacted the ACLU alot of times, including PETA and haven't heard back from anyone at all.
Bruni I'm sad to say you can not reason with someone who has no reason and already dislikes you for shallow meaningless reasons. First and foremost please accept my apology for not being here often. As anyone can tell going through a lot, and unfortunately it isn't a story but a reality. All evidence of the incident, ex-friendship and witnesses where made available and ready during court. But we were not given or allowed the chance the plead as unfortunately we found out that the judge was notorious for deeming dogs dangerous with insufficient proof. It is easier to say move, and I want to. But I'm a single mother barely scraping by and just when you feel you are not drowning something happens. I have contacted the Lexus Foundation and they are on board. They have hired an attorney and today Monday 10/15/2012 the Attorney will be filing paperwork. The Lexus Foundation has set up a chip in fund for the legal representation of Lilo and Stitch. This fund is not for the use of my family but for the court and attorney costs. We also have a Facebook Like page as well besides our site. Please help spread the word, and you can donate that would be wonderful. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read. We were in dire need to tell everyone as soon as possible so I copied our issue off of our website. Adding the links here : https://www.facebook.com/SaveLiloStitch http://faithinmichigan.chipin.com/save-lilo-and-stitch http://saveliloandstitch.com/
I sent this article to the wfaa investigation department. Hope it helps. As much as I despise the ACLU for stomping on my rights, I think they might be necessary in this case.
I agree with Dianna that you should most definitely contact on of your local news stations. I know here in Austin many of the local news stations have a "team" that investigates stories just like this and they typically have resources or contacts that enable them to get you help. I also think threenorns has a great idea about the fence but I would go one step further and make it a electric fence. Perhaps if you contacted some local retailers they would be willing to help you out on the cost. The world will continue to be filled with idiotic, vile people like your neighbors but I continue to hope that something will happen in your favor. All my thoughts are with you and your precious family. Move to Austin - we love pit bulls!!!!!
If you have any documented proof of your previous relationship with "friends" in question, please use it. Any text messages or e-mails talking about how sweet and wonderful your dogs are are EVIDENCE that their fear is fabricated. I am spreading the word about this, but I only have a few friends in Texas so there's only so much outreach I can provide. I hope you see JUSTICE and I hope these people get what they deserve for their hate crimes. I agree with Bruni that this nightmare might only be solved if you GET OUT OF THERE as soon as you can. Sad to say, with neighbors like those it might be the only solution. The news should be alerted of your situation, support should be gathered to help you fight this! Those things do come with backlash though, and you could be subject to even more harassment if you don't get out of there and put a fire under the neighbors that are wronging you for nothing but a difference in political views and race. (Both against you and your dogs, if your dogs are "dangerous" because of their breed only.)
I agree, contact the ACLU & thanks Dog Heirs for giving her a platform. Good luck.
Contact the ACLU and see if you have enough to challenge the ruling on discrimination or bias in the legal process. The Lexus Project evidently does a lot of good work up there, but if the ACLU can take the case, the judge will not ignore procedure.
Thank you Dog Heirs for sharing this story, it needs to spread far and wide. This is wrong. Just as bad or worse than the case in Colorado a few months ago with Dre'. Lexus Project helped them and I understand from your facebook page that they are helping you but need donations to continue.....spread the word people
one suggestion: build a second fence. it will cost you a bit of your yard, but build a second fence inside the joint fence - make it something like chain link or black locust - wood that does *not* rot in the wet. then go ahead and let the joint fence rot away - you will have incontrovertible proof of her malicious neglect, your dogs will be safely contained, and - best of all - you might have the opportunity to trap her dogs within your property line.
Have you contacted the Lexus Project? They take on many of these cases when animals lives are on the line. They may be able to help you with the case against your dogs. You can find their info on Facebook. As far as everything else, I can't believe how horrible some people are. I wish you were able to move somewhere safe for you and your family. I pray things get better for you. Karma will catch up to your awful neighbors soon. Best of luck to you!
This is a nightmare and I am sorry to say that when no one in the community is willing or supporting you, please leave. Is it worth it? I agree with you 1000 % but I have to consider the impact this is having on you and your family. Yes it is very unfair. There are organizations that you can contact that might be willing to support your cause especially the hate crime. Isn't there a muslim temple that can advise you legally? There are also goverment agencies too but none are crossing my mine. What would Rev Jackson or that other muslim leader say? They are black but will address bigotry. ok, thinking on a more simple and humble term......How would you feel if you act as the better person and humbly approach her and apologize for whatever the dog did even if he didn't do it. You did say you were friends before Obama. Then weigh all your options. It appears that legally everything is against you even if you are innocent. I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you and your family. I am hoping that other members have additional input and maybe some solution to your problem. Good luck and let us know what happens?
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