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robyn armfield
I am the lucky dog mother of Yogi and Abbie and they...
Guardian of: 2 dogs

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Abbie and Yogi are beautiful! Is BSL prevalent in Australia?
Unfortunately BSL is very active in parts of Australia at the moment, I live in South Australia where Pit Bulls are a restricted breed and must be muzzled in public and securely penned when at home but the authorities dont sieze them if they are being kept suitably. In Victoria at the end of September a new legislation was brought in to allow dog control officers to sieze and destroy any Pit Bull or Pit Bull cross that they feel is not registered as a dangerous dog or is being kept like a normal dog ie not penned and muzzled. We have been holding protests throughout Australia to try and halt the spread of BSL but the media is trying to whip up an anti Pit Bull frenzy.
thanks for your luving for my Sadie Lady .... sending luvs right back at you , Z

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