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Bernese Mountain Dog and cat have incredible journey together (VIDEO)

Much like Disney's Incredible Journey, this cat and dog have a story to tell. "Luna" the cat and "Brandy" the Bernese Mountain Dog were found wandering together on a remote road in Cranbrook, British Columbia a few weeks ago when they were spotted by Diana Magdalin's husband and friend. The men were going hunting when the thought they saw a bear (or was it a wolf) on the side of Ha Ha Road. But when...
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73 Irish Wolfhounds rescued from squalid conditions in home

A six-acre property in Santa Fe was raided on Friday and over 100 animals were seized, 73 of which are Irish Wolfhounds. The Houston SPCA assisted the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office in rescuing the dogs that were malnourished and matted. At the time of the rescue, the Houston SPCA posted a picture of one of the wolfhounds and wrote, “We are on the scene of a massive animal rescue in Santa Fe, TX. Initial reports...
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Newborn Pit Bull puppies found in box at a gas station looking for homes (PHOTOS)

Ten newborn Pit Bull puppies who were left in a box at a gas station in Indiana are getting a second chance thanks to a rescue group that took them in. The puppies were picked up by local police and taken to a large shelter, where their odds of surviving were slim without 'round the clock care.  Grace photographed by White Daffodil Photography The shelter wanted to give the puppies a chance and called Johnny...
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Family has emotional reunion with dog they thought had perished in shelter fire (VIDEO)

A mom had a tearful reunion with her dog she feared had died in a devastating fire at Manchester Dogs’ Home earlier this week. Dawn Bradbury thought she had lost her beloved Bichon Frise, Leo, after the 2-year-old dog went missing from her home earlier in the week. She and her kids had been searching for him and learned that he had been taken to the shelter. She was scheduled to pick Leo up on...
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Rescue dog experiences snow for the first time (VIDEO)

Link is a 2-year-old rescue dog from California who had never seen snow until a freak late-summer snow fell in Calgary, Canada recently. Link got outside to play in it for the first time. I think he likes it!  
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Sweet Beagle gives baby ball surprise (VIDEO)

Charlie the Beagle thinks his little sister Laura doesn’t have enough toys to play with so he decides to share some balls with her. What a sweet big brother! Related: Sweet beagle helps his human change baby's diapers (video)   
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Dog protects a hamster from other dog (VIDEO)

Having a hamster in the same house as a Border Terrier isn't without it's risks. But Nina the dog keeps a watchful eye on her terrier brother Henry. Look what she does to protect Dusty the hamster as he rolls around the house in his hamster ball. Related: Tiny dog attacked by coyote saved by unexpected hero (video)  Pit Bull loves hanging out with farm animals (video)  Cockatiel sings sweetly to dog while he eats...
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Community comes together after 53 dogs killed and another 150 injured in Manchester Dogs Home fire

Tragedy struck Manchester Dogs Home on Thursday evening after a fire tore through the building killing 53 dogs and injuring 150. The blaze began around 7 pm and staff and volunteers, as well as members of the public, battled to flames to rescue animals stuck in the shelter. Nearly 30 firefighters valiantly battled the fire that may have been caused by a suspected arson attack. A 15-year-old boy is currently being questioned by policce on...
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Corgi puppy and the mysterious moving bed (VIDEO)

Gatsby is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy likes to disguise himself as a turtle. "He loves to crawl under his bed and run around while I'm working," says his human. Could he get any cuter!
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Yorkshire Terrier sealed in tupperware container and dumped needs rescue from shelter

Teresa Donnelly pulled into work at the Miami Dade County Animal Services early on Wednesday morning when a Tupperware container caught her attention. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted the Tupperware container with the lid snapped shut. "Something about that container made her venture closer," said Dogs on the Move. And when she opened it she found a sweet Yorkshire Terrier inside! The 10-year-old Terrier was miraculously alive. "She popped up and...
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Clever dog and his human play unusual game of catch (VIDEO)

Jeremy Moff was visiting Bainbridge Island in Washington when he came across a dog and his human playing fetch in an entirely different way. Keep your eye on the ball! The dog also knows to stay off the road when playing this game. What a clever dog!  
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Scared and abandoned Pit Bull just wants to be loved (VIDEO)

Bunny's owners had abandoned her in a remote place to die. The Pit Bull was struggling to survive when Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws was called in to help rescue her. Armed with their trusty cheeseburgers, Eldad, Linda and Lisa set out to save her. Bunny is now looking for a forever home with sevadog.org.
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Teeny tiny dog is cute ball of energy (VIDEO)

Meet Tyson, a very tiny tiny dog who just may be Britain's smallest. Tyson is just five months old and stands at just 4 inches tall and weighs 13 ounces. The Chihuahua and Lhasa mix was so small at birth that he had a hard time getting his mother’s attention and was rejected by his siblings. He wasn’t getting enough food so Rosemarie McLinden took him in and fed him by hand. According to Rosemarie,...
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Dog upset that sibling won't share food (VIDEO)

Siblings can't always be trusted to share. Chai got a treat that she wasn't interested in eating, but she refused to share it with Waldo. Waldo decided to voice his opinion on the matter!
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Doberman puppy wants to join his friend in the pool (VIDEO)

Munich the five-month-old Doberman puppy wants to join his friend in the pool, but it's not without its challenges! As the Maltese dog floats away on an inflatable bed, Munich makes a daring move!
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Kitten wants Dalmatian to play with her (VIDEO)

Squirt the kitten has known dalmatians Louie and Lady ever since her family fostered her for the humane society, and she loves nothing more than playtime with the family dogs! In this adorable clip, Squirt tries her best to get Lady's attention.
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Puppy with bad crop job now has parvo, HELP!

This is me, Pip.   In August I was rescued from a Fort Worth area shelter. I was a sad pup at the time but still very sweet even though I had obviously been through alot with my previous "owners" whom had cropped my ears probably with scissors or a knife. I'm not sure why they didn't want me to have my cute floppy ears and had to make me go through so much pain...
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Grandparents surprised by puppy after losing their dog (VIDEO)

Six months after these grandparents lost their dog, their family decided to surprise them with a puppy. Brynnie was brought home at 6 weeks old after her mom abandoned her and her siblings. She gained social skills with the family’s boxer dog Lolly. I love the grandmother's reaction!
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Goma's Story: Part 3

Hi, I'm Goma! This is the final part of my story, for now. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 to learn how I came to be with DC SIR.  Well, I had settled in with my new family, and I thought I'd found my forever home, but things changed. I don't really remember when it started, but my family started giving me grain food. My joints started being all creaky again, and it...
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Goma's Story: Part 2

Hi, I'm Goma! I'm a senior Shiba looking for my forever home, and this is the second part of my rescue story. You can read the first part here. Even though the nice DC SIR lady was giving me the royal treatment, there were a lot of other dogs around too. Some of them were young, and I found them annoying. I don't care for hyper puppies and kids. They're so loud, and they get...
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