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Boxers have fun slipping and sliding on pool cover (VIDEO)

Boxers Brock and Izzy love playing on the pool cover. They slip and slide and have a blast!  Related: Happy Boxer loves the trampoline and jumps for joy (video) Mom surprises her Boxers with a new kiddie pool. Their reaction is priceless. (video) Boxer has the silliest reaction to a piece of wood. This will make you smile (video)  
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Generous man leaves $1000 tip to help pay for dog's surgery

A bartender with a sick dog got an unexpected and amazing gesture of support from a stranger. Christina Summitt has a paw-print tattoo on her wrist which often leads to conversations with people about dogs. She has a dog of her own named Tucker, a Great-Dane/Labrador Mix, and volunteers with a pit bull rescue group. While tending bar at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, New Jersey, on Saturday night she chatted with a friendly couple...
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Detroit airport opens indoor restroom for dogs

Jello and Cricket check out the new Service Animal Relief Area. (credit: Marie Osborne/WWJ) Dogs passing through the Detroit Metropolitan Airport now have an indoor restroom inside the McNamara Terminal to do their business. Detroit Metropolitan Airport worked with Delta Air Lines to set up a special area for service dogs and officially opened the facility on Tuesday. The area is officially named Service Animal Relief Area and has been nicknamed "Central Bark" by some...
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Sweet dog tucks baby in for the night (VIDEO)

This nurturing dog gently tucks his little brother for a nap. What a sweetheart! I love how he looks at his guardian at the end as if to say "my job is done"! Related: Sweet dog covers baby with blanket (video) Sweet Chihuahua does the most adorable thing to make his baby human happy (video) Caring Golden Retriever comforts a baby with chicken pox (video)
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Toddler and Bloodhound sing adorable duet (VIDEO)

Harvey the dog and baby Kelly rehearse their musical duet in the living room! Note: high volume may be required. Related: German Shepherd sings along during playtime (video) Talented Bloodhound and harmonica playing toddler duet (video)
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Puppy with split nose that won hearts worldwide finally adopted

A homeless dog named Snuffles has finally found a home after many, many months over being overlooked because of his unique nose. Due to a birth defect, his nostrils did not fuse together and he has the appearance of having two noses! The Belgian Shepherd mix arrived at the Dogs Trust Glasgow Rehoming Centre when he was four months old. He had already stayed at four other shelters prior to his arrival at the Scottish...
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Dogs who love water (VIDEO)

Whether they're swimming in it, bathing in it or having a drink, dogs love water in one way or another! Related: Funny dog loves the water but won't swim (video) Corgi enjoys the water park (video) German Shepherd cruises the pool (video)
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Dog teaches baby to play fetch with him (VIDEO)

Baby Katie is learning how to throw the ball and gets a helping hand from her sweet dog! It looks like these two new BFFs will be playing fetch together for many years to come! Related: Sweet dog wants baby to play fetch with him Dachshund tries to teach baby to play fetch (video) Dog wants baby to play fetch (video)
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Trash heap dog goes from rags to riches (VIDEO)

It's truly a rags to riches story! Miley rescue touched the hearts of millions of people around the world. Rescued by Hope for Paws, the Husky needed several months of rehabiltation to recover from starvation and severe mange. She had been surviving on the streets by eating garbage. Miley went to The Fuzzy Pet Foundation where she was nursed back to health and a few weeks ago she found a wonderful new family. This video...
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Adorable baby foxes play in a garden with their mum (VIDEO)

It's play time for these fox kits! They look like they're having a blast running and hiding from each other in the bushes! Ben Clarke filmed the baby foxes playing in his garden in Sutton, England. What a lucky guy to have these adorable creatures in his yard! Related: Baby foxes fostered by Akit Inu Dog (video) Baby fox and rescued dog are inseparable best friends (video) Playful fox kit jumps over dog
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Dogs really love getting the mail compilation (VIDEO)

Dogs love to get the mail! When it comes they're right there to fetch it! Related: Naughty dog's strong reaction to junk mail (video)
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Springer Spaniel sees squirrel and makes the most unique bark (VIDEO)

I've never heard a dog bark like this! Rocco the Springer Spaniel has some words for his humans when he sees some squirrels but can't chase after them because he's stuck in the car. Related: Small dog has a very unusual bark (video) Shiba Inu is the cutest barker (video) Car-obsessed dog makes the cutest sounds (video)  
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Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies herd toy pig (VIDEO)

These 6-week-old Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies are curious when a "pig"  comes to visit. Related: Proud French Bulldog dad plays with his puppies (video) Baby goat tries to get puppies to play (video)
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Dogs given new legal status as sentient beings in France

Dogs are no longer personal property but living beings under the law in France. Nearly 700,000 signed a petition against the 1804 law that categorized pets as "movable goods" such as tables and chairs. The change to the law gives 63 million pets more protection against cruelty and brings the civil law in line with the penal code. The vote occured in the national assembly on Tuesday night still has to be approved by the...
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Dog and parkour athlete perform amazing stunts together (VIDEO)

Jumpy is already known for his amazing tricks and parkour so when he's joined by Alex Duong, a professional parkour athlete, it's time for some fun. I'm glad they filmed this in slow motion so I can enjoy all the incredible stunts the two do together! Related: Super smart dog performs amazing trick (video) Dog performs amazing parkour tricks (video) Smart dog's clever bag of tricks (video)  
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‘Spoiler Dog’ won’t stop talking during the movie (VIDEO)

Don't you just love it when you're watching a 'who dunnit' TV show and the person sitting next to you is convinced they know who did it. Nugget the "Spoiler Dog" is like that. LOL! Related: Talking doggies (video) Baby and husky have the cutest conversation (video) Major the talking dog: don't tell mommy I told you (video)
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English Bulldog puppy loves scrub brush (VIDEO)

Agnes is a 13-week-old English Bulldog puppy who loves the utility brush her humans got at the store. She can't get enough of the back scratches and playtime! Related: Best Day of My Life for English Bulldog (video) What this bulldog puppy does on a hill is the cutest thing I've ever seen (video)  Adorable English Bulldog puppy loves belly rubs (video)  
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Dog rescued from trash can is the most loving family member ever (PHOTOS)

Riley is a Collie mix with a very big heart. Rescued from the trash as a puppy, the 5-year-old dog is a devoted to his family and very affectionate, especially with his family's newest members.   "Riley was rescued from a garbage can, by a loving family when he was just 6 weeks old," Megan Di Caro told DogHeirs. "That family found Riley a loving home, with us."  Megan shared these adorable photos of Riley...
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Dog's hilarious reaction to surprise birthday treat (VIDEO)

This is hilarious! A Labrador Retriever can't contain his excitement when he sees he's going to get birthday cake!  
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