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Browse through articles to find the newest stories around the world about dogs, in depth articles about canine health issues, shared videos, and informative pieces and best practices guides on a whole range of dog-related issues, such as rescue, adoption, and advocating.

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Funny dog splashes in the pool like a little kid (VIDEO)

These two dogs entertain themselves in the family's swimming pool. While one plays fetch the other splashes the water like a little kid. He's so cute! Related: Dog and kids have splashing competition (video)  Corgi enjoys the water park (video)
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The two shelter dogs who comforted each other and became Internet sensations are adopted together

The two shelter dogs pictured lovingly hugging each other in their bed have been adopted together! Kyra and Delaware were unexpected roommates when they arrived at Fulton County Animal Services in Atlanta, Georgia last month. Kyra, a 1-year-old lab mix, found friendship with Delaware, an 8-month-old Pit Bull mix and the two homeless dogs were photographed sleeping together in their cot. The photo of their tender moment went instantly viral and touched hearts around the...
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Cute piglet is best friends with Pit Bull (VIDEO)

Three-week-old Pigalina loves rescue dog Levi as her best friend. Pigalina is part of Melissa Susko's PIGS Animal Sanctuary in West Virginia. After being rejected by her litter, Pigalina will now live among the other animals on Melissa's farm. Related: Adorable photos of cat and dog capture their super close friendship  Two-legged Chihuahua and rescued chicken have the most heartwarming friendship (video) Abandoned fox kit finds friendship with hound (video) 
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Rottweiler has friendly meeting with sheep (VIDEO)

This Rottweiler is curious and affectionate with a sheep! He can't get enough of sniffing and licking it! Related: Kangaroo and Rottweiler become best friends (video)  Rottweiler teaches Beagle puppy how to play (video)   
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Man rescues emaciated puppy tethered to a tree; from forgotten to loved in 58 days. (PHOTOS)

Matt was in a rural town in north Florida for three days supervising drilling for his work when he spotted a puppy. He noticed the puppy was emaciated and tethered to a tree next to a mobile home. She only had about 7 feet of room to move about. He did not notice anyone come outside at first, but when he did see the inhabitants of the trailer he knew they were drug users and...
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Homeless dog is cared for by community while he waits for his owner to recover from brutal attack

A Pit Bull belonging to a homeless man who was recently brutally attacked is being looked after by the community while his owner recovers. Shawn Kurtis Jack and his dog Chico (who he rescued) could often be seen around Northy Sydney, Nova Scotia, where the pair camped near a grocery store parking lot. Shawn is known in the town as "street dad" because he always looked out for the teens on the streets and told...
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Dog passes out from overwhelming joy after family remember returns home after 2 years (VIDEO)

Casey the Schnauzer was so happy to see Rebecca Ehalt return home after working in Slovenia for two years, she passes out with excitement. The dog's family said in all fairness to their dog, 2 years is 14 years in dog years. She had everyone worried there for a moment! And on a sidenote they took the dog to the vet, the vet saw the video and everything is fine!
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Got Grass? (Video)

Dexter didn't lead a cushy life before finding Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. We don't know exactly what he'd been through before being saved from a high-kill shelter, but we do know that he's a sweet boy who has learned to trust again. After a short while in your company, he starts to open up and relax, flashing his million dollar smile and leaning against your side. There's nothing this handsome boy loves more than to...
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Chihuahua puppy born with no front legs gets ingenious cart made from toy parts (PHOTOS)

A Chihuahua puppy named Turbo who was born without front legs is getting a new lease on life thanks to a vet clinic that took him in. After Turbo was weaned from his mother, the other puppies weren’t letting him near any food. His owners grew concerned for him and went to several veterinarians looking for help. They didn’t want the puppy to be euthanized and eventually the Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis took him in. Turbo's...
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Abandoned Dachshund ecstatic when rescued from the streets (VIDEO)

Kramer was abandoned and living at a baseball diamond and parking lot when J.J. Woofin' Paws Rescue Agency came to save him. He was scared and didn't want to approach them, but with patience and kindness, the rescuers convinced Kramer they meant know harm! Kramer was rescued last year and was adopted into a home with another rescue dog a few weeks after. The rescue wrote, "He is happy, healthy and adored by his new...
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Pug wins playful wrestling match with guardian (VIDEO)

"When pugs attack" laughs Mrs. Mo as her pug Maxine playfully tugs at her hair and tries out a few wrestling smackdown moves on her!
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Bane, Snoops and DM

Banes fight against this illness has already been shared on Dog Heirs, it is heartbreaking that we now share his litter sisters subsequent loss to the illness that is DM or CDRM in the UK. I have waited over a month since she passed to update this, purely because her loss is palpable and a physical pain, and it has induced grief for both dogs. Its been three years of intensive looking after these dogs,...
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Man accused of torturing and decapitating 5 dogs he bought off Craigslist faces felony charges

Warning: This article contains disturbing descriptions of violence.  A man has been charged with torturing and killing five dogs after their dismembered and decapitated bodies were found in his motel room. Jason Brown, 24, is believed to have bought at least two of the dogs off of Craigslist and taken them to a Super 8 Motel in south Reno, Nevada. His gruesome crimes were discovered after a maid entered his room and found a dog’s...
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Husky chased by cat and likes it (VIDEO)

Espurr the cat and Growlithe the Husky have an unusual sibling relationship. When Growlithe pesters the cat to play with him, she decides to oblige and chases him around the yard!
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What looks like any other Weiner dog race turned into something special for one Dachshund! (VIDEO)

Anderson Pooper is out to show that he can do what any other Dachshund can do including race around the track at Emerald Downs Weiner dog race!
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Grandmother gets the most precious surprise gift ever (VIDEO)

Grandma got a extra special present for Christmas....a gift that every dog lover knows is the happiest moment in their lives! Related: Woman cries tears of joy when she receives the best gift in the world (video) Little girl waits two years to get best surprise birthday gift ever (video)
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Homeless man who sold sketches of his dog on the street and is now popular artist says his dog transformed his life

John Dolan, 43, was homeless and struggling with poverty and drug addiction. But the artist is now has is own art show, published a book, and gone clean off of drugs thanks to his Staffordshire Bull Terrier, George. John said that one day a homeless woman gave him George as a puppy. She had traded the puppy for the price of a can of beer. John told The Guardian that he formed a deep bond...
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Abandoned dog left alone for a year after owner died gets rescued (VIDEO)

After Woody's owner died, the family sold the house and left him behind. For a year, the small dog lived under the shed waiting for his owner to return. Neighbors left Woody food and water while searching for someone to save him. Eventually word got to Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, who came out to rescue the abandoned Poodle!   Related: A terrified neglected dog gets rescued and receives the most unexpected rehab (video) ...
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Police smash car windows to save cowering dog on hottest day of the year (PHOTO)

Police were forced to smash the windows of a car to save a dog's life. Officers were called to Finsbury Park in London, England after people reported a dog locked inside a vehicle on the hottest day of the year. Temperatures were 89.6 F (32 C) and even hotter inside the car. The dog was clearly desperate to get away from the heat and was cowering in the footwell on the driver's side of the...
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Dog is overjoyed to welcome her sailor home from deployment (VIDEO)

This is one sailor who is welcomed home with plenty of hugs and kisses! When daddy comes home from deployment this dog can't contain her excitement.  Related: Huskies give army dad returning home a big warm welcome home (video)  Pomeranians welcome home mom with tackle hugs (video)  Mini Schnauzers give soldier dad a big welcome home reception (video)
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