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Greyhound racing to end in Texas

Greyhound dog racing is ending in Texas. The last operating dog racing track in Texas, Gulf Greyhound Park, announced this week that it would be closing its doors on January 1, 2016.The track has one of the worst track records in terms of dog injuries in the United States according to Grey2K USA. The organization says that more than 2000 injuries have been reported at the Gulf since 2008. Many dogs suffer broken legs, head...
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Pet sitter caught on video allegedly hurting dog charged with animal cruelty

A dog sitter who was captured on film allegedly slamming a dog to the ground outside her home has been charged with animal cruelty after the shocking video surfaced last month. Peninsula Humane Society & Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received a video from the woman's neighbor in Burlingame, CA. They launched an investigation and released the video last week trying to seek more information about the case, including the welfare of...
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Family's terminally ill dog plays sweet role in couple's wedding

It was love at first sight for Cassidy Williams and her 5-year-old dog, Dood. Brought home as a puppy, Dood soon won over the entire family. So it came as a devastating shock to everyone when the Golden Retriever was diagnosed with bone cancer in July. The sad news put a damper on Cassidy's wedding plans. She and her fiancé, were planning to marry in Manzanita, Oregon in early August. But with Dood in Oregon...
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Proposed law would make dog flipping a crime in New Jersey

With an increasing number of dog flipping cases in New Jersey, a state senator there has introduced legislation to criminalize the act. Dog flipping or "pet flipping" is the practice of stealing a pet and then selling them on popular classified websites like Craigslist. Sometimes, the dogs are resold and used for backyard breeding or dog fighting. Currently, there is no law that specifically addresses stolen pets that are sold for profit and the crime...
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Animal Shelter Closes Doors For One Awesome Reason

There is a nationwide campaign called Clear the Shelters that is gaining in popularity and finding thousands of shelter pets homes every year. Now in it's second year, the campaign waives shelter fees in an effort to encourage people to come and adopt a homeless pet. Hundreds of shelters participate in the event (#ClearTheShelters) and there are many dogs who go home happy because of it! Held on August 15, the event was a great...
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Beverly Hills bans pet stores from selling dogs unless they are from rescues or shelters

In a move to shut down puppy mill pets from being sold in stores, Beverly Hills City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that prohibits pet stores from selling animals unless they are from animal shelters. Pet stores in the Beverly Hills may now only sell adoptable dogs, cats and other animals coming from rescue groups and animal shelters. "I am the biggest animal lover and feel strongly about giving them a voice of safety and...
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Gray wolf pups seen in California for the first time in nearly 100 years (PHOTOS)

For the first time in nearly 100 years, wild gray wolf pups have been spotted in Northern California. Trail cameras recorded five pups and their parents in the forest in August. It marks the first time that a wolf family has been seen within the state borders since 1924. "This news is exciting for California," California Fish and Game Commission (CDFW) Director Charlton H. Bonham said in a statement. "We knew wolves would eventually return...
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Service dog calls for help to save blind owner from fire (VIDEO)

A service dog is being credited with saving the life of her blind owner after a fire broke out in their home and the dog called 911. Maria woke up to her Philadelphia house on fire. Smelling the smoke, Maria could not breath. When she shouted "danger", her Labardor Retriever, Yolanda, immediately went over to their special phone and pressed 911, saving both their lives. Firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after and put the...
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Couple change their boring balcony into playground for their puppy (PHOTOS)

If you live in an apartment, it doesn't mean you can't dream big for your dogs and try and give them as many comforts as you can. This pet parents' apartment balcony was an empty space so they decided to convert it into a play area for their puppy, Franklin. They bought 8-foot length timber and cut them into strips. Having never used a hand saw in their life before it wasn't easy. Next they...
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Kind-hearted police officers working on their own time to help feed stray dogs

A group of police officers are working on their own time to help feed and care for stray dogs in Bogota, Colombia. Every Thursday night, they bring food and medicine and feed the homeless and sick dogs.. It's not part of an official program, but the policemen spend several hours, sometimes until midnight feeding the stray dogs they find around the city. BBC News reported that the excurions are spearheaded by Officer Andrey Pinzón Trujillo....
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Abused Pit Bull Found with Half a Face on Road to Recovery and Better Life

A Pit Bull found with half her face missing has been saved thanks to kind-hearted rescuers who want to give her a second chance. The disfigured Pit Bull was dumped in a woman's yard and reported to Orange County Animal Services on August 6, 2015. A rescue coordinator asked Passion 4 Pits if they could help this special dog in tough shape and they took her in. Khaleesi is around 2 years old and not...
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Family posts impactful warning sign after losing their dog to speeding drivers

One family's attempt to get speeding drivers to slow down in their neighborhood after they lost their dog is getting attention after a photo of the sign they put on their lawn was posted online. The striking sign reads, “We buried our dog last week because you won’t SLOW DOWN...If you hit 1 of my kids your family may be burying you.” Source The sign sparked debate among viewers and commenters as to whether the...
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Pet stores must sell rescue dogs in Phoenix after judge upholds law aimed at curbing puppy mills

Pet stores must sell rescue dogs in Phoenix, Arizona after a federal judge upheld the city's law aimed at curbing puppy mills. Phoenix introduced an ordinance banning the retail sales of dogs and cats in stores unless the pets come from animal shelters or nonprofit rescues in 2013. And with this week's ruling the law is  here to stay.Phoenix introduced the law in order to curb puppy mill businesses. It was challenged in federal court...
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These Gigantic Dogs Traditionally Protected Farm Animals From Wolves (PHOTOS)

When I first saw a photo of a Caucasian Shepherd Dog I thought it was photoshopped because the dogs were so big. As it turns out the pictures weren't. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are one of the oldest breeds in the world and one of the largest. The big-boned molossers were traditionally used as a working dog to guard cattle and other livestock, protecting farm animals from predators such as wolves. Also known as Caucasian Ovcharka,...
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Husband explains how being married to a vet means you might end up with a blind Rottweiler puppy

Sometimes, new pets join our families under unusual circumstances or when we least expect it. In the case of this husband, he might be not be as surprised as some people because he's married to a veterinarian, and vets are often on the front line when it comes to seeing needy animals. The husband shared the following story on Imgur, explaining how they ended up with a new addition to their family. "When you marry...
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Husband shocked when their tiny "terrier" turns out to be giant Great Dane

When Sue told her husband Robert she wanted to get a puppy, his one stipulation for her was that she bring home a small dog. When Sue saw Yogi Bear she immediately fell in love with a small puppy. She brought Yogi home and told Robert Yogi was a Jack Russell Terrier. That was actually a "little white lie", because it turns out Yogi was, in fact, a Great Dane. As months past, Yogi grew...
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12 Interspecies Hugs That Show That Love Is Universal

Everyone loves a good hug! These unusual interspecies friends must not have gotten the memo that they're really not supposed to get along. Instead, they embrace each other and demonstrate that sometimes love really is blind and universal to us all! 1. Dog and Cat 2. Elephant and Dog More on this photo here. 3. Fox and Rooster 4. Bear, Lion, Tiger 5. Bird and Kitten 6. Squirrel and Kitten 7. Chimp and White Tiger...
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Pets Get Their Very Own Cabins on American Airlines

It looks like some dogs will be traveling with a little bit more style thanks to American Airlines introducing the first-of-its-kind "pet cabin". The airline has just announced the offering of their "pet cabins", which has been nicknamed "Cuddle Class" and will allow pet owners to keep their pets in a larger, private space versus being kept in a carry-on under the seat. The pet cabins have vented doors and will be able to fit...
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Leaving pets in extreme weather now against the law in Illinois

It's now against the law to leave pets outside in extreme temperatures in Illinois. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed legislation which makes it against the law to leave pets in hot and cold weather that will cause them injury or death. Lawmakers had already passed the bill through the state Senate and the Illinois House earlier in the Spring, and the bill was awaiting the governor's signature. If a pet is hurt or dies as...
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7 reasons to consider adopting a senior dog

Older dogs are golden in more than just their years. They may be past middle age but senior dogs have a lot to offer in the way of advantages and love to families who take a chance and adopt them. Why adopt a senior dog? Here are some reasons! 1. Senior dogs have been potty trained. Senior dogs don’t need the time or energy a puppy requires. That's because they've gone through their chewing phase...
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