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Proposed New York Bill Would Make It Illegal For Landlords To Discriminate Against Large Dogs

Finding pet-friendly accommodation is a challenge for renters in New York already. But if you have a large dog, such as a Pit Bull, it’s even harder. One assemblyman, Ken Zebrowski, recently introduced a bill to try and make it easier for pet parents trying to rent. Assembly Bill A2065A would prohibit New York landlords from discriminating against dogs by breed, size, or weight. Zebrowski is a Pit bull owner himself. He adopted Ernie from...
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Great Dane loves being pampered with massage

Rosco the Great Dane is one pampered pup. He can’t make up his mind which leg he wants his dad to massage more. But dad is more than patient as Rosco switches them up. He gives his dog a big smile and a relaxing leg rub. I love how Rosco plunks down at the end when he’s all done!
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California introduces bill to allow people to legally rescue dogs left in hot cars

A proposed California law would allow people to smash out a car window if a dog is suffering inside a hot vehicle. The bill is in response to a growing number of incidents involving pets being left in hot cars. The bill, named the "The Right to Rescue Act” (Assembly Bill 797) would legally allow Good Samaritans to smash a window or use other means to rescue dogs who are left in hot vehicles. The...
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Golden Retriever Puppy Adorably Chases Her Leash In Circles

There comes a time in every puppy's young life when they discover the joys of giving chase, much to the amusement of everyone around them. Sometimes they chase their own tail. And sometimes, they do what this tiny Golden Retriever pup is doing. She just can't seem to catch the strange black thing that is going round and round the kitchen. It turns out she's just chasing her own leash! 
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St. Bernard does his best impression of a water buffalo

Sully is a 4-year-old Saint Bernard who has just discovered a huge puddle and has decided to do his best impression of a water buffalo, but not before he's had some fun first. He and a buddy can't stop running, jumping and laying in a big pool of muddy water! If you're wondering what pure happiness looks like, this is it!
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Golden Retriever caught red-handed stealing apple

While she wasn't looking, this woman's Golden Retriever named Maddy steals her apple and refuses to give it back! Watch Maddy's eyes as her mom tries to convince her to let go of the apple... they're hilarious especially when her mom tells her “It’s not a ball, it’s an apple!”. Either way, Maddie's not going to give up her treat that easily... Maddie's human, Janet Stahlman adds, "Although Maddie "stole" my apple she would have never...
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Well-trained Dobermans show off their skills

These four Doberman Pinschers are not only smart, they're also incredible students! Watch as they flawlessly show off their obedience skills. Whether they are heeling, sitting in a row,  or jumping into the car, these dogs know exactly what to do when asked.
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Two Pit Bulls who became best friends at rescue looking for forever home together

Jazz and Carrie both met at Detroit Dog Rescue after they were pulled out of Detroit Animal Control and “have started quite the friendship”. According to the rescue, the two young dogs follow each other wherever they go! Now, DDR is waiving their adoption fees to help the pair find a forever family willing to take the two together. The rescue writes: “They don't have to be adopted together, but we would love to see...
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Doberman puppies do the most adorable thing around their food bowl (VIDEO)

Mom has prepared a meal for these Doberman puppies to enjoy and as soon as they start eating they spin around the dish like a pinwheel! They apparently eat like this all the time. It looks like they all get their fair share ass they circle around the dinner bowl! 
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Hundreds of greyhounds looking for homes after Arizona passes law banning dog racing

Hundreds of Greyhounds are looking for homes after Arizona officially banned Greyhound racing from the state. Last week, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law a bill banning animal racing, which will mean the closure of the state's last remaining race track, the Tuscon Greyhound Park, by the end of the year.  More than 400 greyhounds will soon be freed from their small kennels and their lives of servitude. Instead, they will be able to...
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Dog and baby are mesmerized by duck on front lawn

These two buddies are both fascinated by a duck casually passing by the window. The unexpected visitor on their front lawn catches their attention and the two cuties are literally pushing each other (gently) to get a better look. So cute!
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Dogs separated by Fort McMurray fire find each other again in “miracle reunion”

Two little dogs separated during Fort McMurray fire found each other again at a rescue evacuation centre for animals. The dogs met by chance after becoming separated them from each other and from their family. One dog was seriously traumatized by the events and was being looked after by Karen Allen a veterinarian in Edmonton, Alberta. She took care of the small black and white spaniel cross when the dog arrived in the middle of...
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Two dogs terrified and alone at shelter desperately need help

Two terrified dogs are in desperate need of help at the Dekalb Animal Services shelter in Atlanta, Georgia. Urgent Animals at DeKalb County Animal Services writes on a Facebook thread: "Darcy and Patches are absolutely terrified here at the shelter and would love a place outside of this environment to decompress. When you enter their kennel, they both run to the corner and try their hardest to hide." "They are both scared, but have not...
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13 Dogs Who Much Rather Hang Out On Their Human's Bed

These dogs love their human's beds so much! They love to bounce and play on them, or have the bed all to themselves. Others want to take a nap and never get up. The dog at 1:05 is downright grumpy about having to get out from under the covers and the dog at 1:15 just wants to stay in his dad's arms! They'll likely never go back to a doggy bed ever again!  
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15 Funny Dogs Who Deeply Disapprove Of Their Human's Actions

I'm pretty sure you've experienced "the look". You know the one. The look of disapproval. The one where your dog levels their eyes at you and tells you how disappointed they are in you. That you didn't share your pizza with them... Or, you cut playtime at the dog park short. Or you ignored them because you were reading, cleaning, sleeping, etc. You know, basically doing anything other than paying attention to them. If you...
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Humane Society releases “The Horrible Hundred” list of puppy mills in the U.S.

Each year the Humane Society of The United States publishes a report about the dark underbelly of puppies for sale. The Horrible Hundred reveals the HSUS's compiled list of puppy mills across the country that have received citations from USDA inspectors. The puppy mills have been flagged for failing to provide the basic standards of care. The report describes terrible conditions documented at a number of dog breeding facilities that have been visited by the...
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Heroic man saves puppy from burning Fort McMurray home and reunites him with family

In the past week wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta have caused mass destruction and displaced over 80,000 people from their homes. When the evacuation order came, some families were forced to depart the city without being able to retrieve their pets from home. Stephanie Greene and her family could only post desperate messages on Facebook, pleading for help from anyone who might be close to her home to rescue their puppy Max. It turns out...
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Airlines bend the rules so pets can fly coach with their owners fleeing wildfires

Most airlines have strict rules when it comes to flying with pets, but in the wake of the devastating Fort McMurray wildfire, two airlines have bent the rules to allow families to fly with their pets in the main cabins along with their owners. As many Alberta families were forced to evacuate the city on a moment's notice, they were unable to grab anything from their home, including crates and supplies for their pets. The...
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Leaving a dog in a car could soon be a felony in Michigan

Leaving a dog in a vehicle in conditions that endanger his/her life could soon qualify as a felony in Michigan. Two newly-introduced Senate bills propose introducing stricter fines and longer prison sentences for people who neglect animals in cars.  The bills state that a person cannot leave an animal unattended under conditions "that endanger the health or well-being of the animal". This would apply (but is not limited to), heat, cold, lack of ventilation or...
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Adorable French Bulldog Claps Along To Song

This super cute French bulldog loves to clap along to his human singing "If You're Happy And You Know It". The way he smiles and claps, you just know he gets tons of love and attention.
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