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Adorable English Bulldog Puppy Takes On His Roomba Nemesis

English Bulldogs are known for their balancing skills. Skateboards. Surfboards. Roombas. 2-month-old Oslo shows off his balancing skills while he takes on his greatest nemesis, The Roomba. What started as a bark fest has turned into a full on rodeo. This is his very first time riding the Roomba and from the looks of it Oslo has conquered his fear!
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Newfie Puppy Knows Who His Best Friend Is

Boomer the Newfoundland puppy may be young but he already knows who his best friend is. Watch what he does when his mom asks him. So cute!  
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Dog and Guinea Pig Share A Slice Of Watermelon

Oliver the guinea pig doesn't mind sharing his watermelon with his buddy Nova. These two cuties are clearly the best of friends!
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Funny dog wants to trade baby toy for human's breakfast

Charlie quickly realizes that if he wants his human's sausage and egg breakfast, he's going to have to do some serious bartering. Luckily, he has a plan and quickly suggests a trade.
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Mom Catches Her Dog And Baby Sharing A Sweet Nap Together

Mom caught an incredibly sweet moment between her baby and Corgi as the two enjoy a peaceful nap together. What a precious pair!
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Dalmatian Puppy Enthusiastically Takes Horse For Walk

This amazing 12-week-old Dalmatian named Phoenix helps get the horses ready for work by escorting them to the proper location. There's no rule that says he can't have fun while doing it and this horse doesn't seem to mind Phoenix's enthusiasm at all! Dalmatians have a long history with horses. The two animals are very compatible and dalmatians were easily trained to run in front and beside horse-drawn carriages. In fact, the reason the dogs...
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Adorable Dog Completely Confused By Screenless Door

Sophie the dog isn't silly, she's just cautious, especially when the back door seems to have changed somehow. Watch how she reacts to the empty screen door while her human was in the process of replacing the screening. Even though she could step through, she waits outside for her dad to open it. Despite his gentle coaxing, Sophie won't step through. When he puts his hand through the door and pats her on the head,...
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3-Legged Puppy Conquers The Back Door Step All On His Own

Since getting Ollie at 8 weeks old, his humans say his biggest challenge has been getting in and out of the back door due to the larger than normal step. It's taken a few days of gentle coaxing and encouragement to try and get the 3-legged pup to try and get up on his own. But today just might be the day he rises to the challenge! Way to go Ollie!
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Huskies Refuse To Leave Pool Of Ice, Don’t Want The Party To End

These pet parents planned a fun summer “husky party” at the park and brought along a portable pool and filled it with ice. Needles to say the huskies LOVED it. The comedy begins, however, when it’s time to pack up the pool but the huskies aren’t ready for the fun to be over! Check out the hilarity at 1:38 as one man tries to fold up the pool but the huskies “swarm” the pool of...
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Dog Who Was Thought To Be Dead Makes A Miraculous Recovery

When David Loop passed what he believed to be a deceased dog in the middle of the road, he decided to stop and move her to the side of the road and then call animal control to pick up the body. But as he set her down on the sidewalk and said a silent prayer, one of her eyes blinked and he knew she was still alive. He rushed her to the veterinarian and she...
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Adorably Confused Puppy Meets Newborn Baby For First Time

Zayla is meeting her 2-day-old newborn baby sister for the first time and her tail won't stop wagging. She gently walks around the bed sniffing when it dawns on her she hasn't got a clue who this little being is. What an adorable moment!
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Angry Birds in real life with crazy dogs

Our daughter loves Angry Birds so we decided to show her that this game can be more fun in real life than on your phones. Of course our dogs were there with us and we had great family day :)
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Rescued Boxer Dog Wants Dinner On Time And Isn't Shy About Asking For It

Meet Tyson, an adorable 10-year-old rescue dog who really loves dinner time. In fact, if his dinner isn't ready promptly at 5:30 he'll be sure to remind his humans. According to his parents, he's had it pretty rough time over the past year - he was previously abandoned in a mall parking lot and he was in very bad shape health-wise. But as you can see in the video, he's fine now and not shy...
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Cute dog turns this little baby's crib into a ballpit

Check out what our cute dog learned this time to surprise little baby Laura.He did ballpit for her.  I hope it will brighten up your day, whether you are an animal lover or not.
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Cute French Bulldog Lovingly Gives Horse Kisses

Sir Nero loves his horse friends and wants to get a boost up to their level so he can give them kisses! And it looks like the horse with the hairdo loves the attention too!
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Corgi Adorably Confused By Glass Table

Kimchi the Corgi seems to be a bit confused by the invisible force field he has encountered when sitting with his mom in the living room. He paws at it. He tastes it. He squishes his face against it, but he just can't seem to get through. Dogs are so funny sometimes!
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Dog Tries To Befriend Horses He Meets In The Park

This Golden Retriever is visiting the park when he sees a pair of very unusual dogs. Well, actually, it's a pair of horses! He is thrilled to make new friends and tries his best to say "hello" in doggie fashion. 
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Husky Throws Hilarious Tantrum When Asked If He Is Ready For A Walk

Zeus is one stubborn Husky. When his human asks if he wants to go for a walk he throws a hilarious tantrum. Maybe he's singing the song of his people? Or he loves the sound of his own voice? His human says that although he loves going out for a walk, he enjoys a little drama sometimes!
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This Schnauzer Loves Mud So Much He May Be A Pig In Disguise

To say this dog loves mud is to put it mildly. Otto, the Giant Schnauzer LOVES mud. He rolls and burrows in it with so much delight you might mistake him for a pig. What his human says to him while watching Otto get more and more muddy? Hilarious!
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Rescue Dog Experiences a Bed For The First Time

Millie is a 7-year-old Bull Terrier who went into foster care after she was rescued from a home where she was neglected. Her past neglect left her with minimal vision in her left eye but it didn't dampen her sense of fun. "She is such a sweet dog who loves to cuddle and has a huge personality," wrote Pibbles and More Animal Rescue . "She is quite goofy and is always entertaining." Watch as she experiences being on...
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