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Ohio city council unanimously votes to revoke Pit Bull ban

Even though Ohio overturned their state law defining Pit Bulls as "dangerous and vicious" dogs, it did not remove Breed Specific Legislation from Ohio municipalities that had already enacted it. Youngstown, Ohio was one such town until last week, when they removed the BSL that made it unlawful for pet owners to bring a Pit Bull within their city limits. For those pet parents who already owned and registered their Pit Bulls prior to the...
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Shibasgiving Thanksgiving Feast!

Happy Thanksgiving from the rescues at DC Shiba Inu Rescue   Learn more about DC SIR and their rescues on the following media here:   www.dcsir.org www.facebook.com/dcshibainurescue www.twitter.com/DCShibaRescue www.pinterest.com/dcsir/ www.YouTube.com/DCShibaInuRescue www.instagram.com/DCShibaInuRescue   <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <!--[endif]-->
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Woman sentenced to year in jail for tossing her puppy out of car window

A woman who threw away injured 3-month-old puppy, which resulted in the dog suffering brain trauma, will serve jail time. Last year, Alsu Ivanchenko brought her 1-pound Maltese/Shih Tzu puppy named Snowflake to the vet where the puppy was diagnosed with a broken leg. However, rather than treat Snowflake, Ivanchenko took the dog and stuffed her in a plastic bag and tossed her out of her car window like trash. The puppy was found later...
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Amazing Dog Transformation

Saya is one of many rescue dogs transformed through DC SIR allergy program. She is now healed and ready for adoption!   Learn more about Saya and how to adopt from DC SIR here www.dcsir.org     Other rescue transformations at DC SIR   Saru's story - now adopted   Kitsune's story - now adopted  
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No-kill shelter desperately seeks help after fire tragically claims lives of 56 dogs and cats

A no-kill animal shelter in Paxton, Massachusetts suffered a tragic fire over the weekend that claimed the lives of 56 of their homeless animals (17 dogs and 39 cats). An electrical fire was the probable cause of the blaze that swept through the Sweatpea F.O.R. Animals shelter on Sunday night. Sweetpea put out an urgent plea at 8:49pm on Facebook writing: "SOS. Sweetpea is currently ON FIRE and we need volunteers to help MOVE animals....
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Judge hands down stiffest sentence ever against dog fighter - 20 Years

A man charged with dogfighting has just gotten the harshest sentence ever. A judge in Polk County, Florida sentenced Hewitt Grant to 20 years in jail. Grant will also have another 30 years of probation and has been ordered by the judge to not have any contact with dogs for the rest of his life, according to ABC Action News. It's the toughest sentence related to dog fighting to be ever handed down.  77 dogs...
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Delta Airlines Will No Longer Allow Pets To Fly As Baggage

Delta Air Lines has decided to ban pets from being able to be checked in like luggage. The airline stated on its website that it will no longer transport pets in the cargo hold of their passenger flights after March 1, 2016. The one exception will be if the passengers are members of the military with active transfer orders or require service animals. “Delta will no longer accept pets as checked baggage, but will continue...
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15 Cute Baby Animals That Are Too Adorable For Words

Looking at cute baby animal pictures not only brightens people's moods it can help you concentrate better. Scientific research has actually proven that looking at cute baby animals can have powerful effects on our attention and concentration. So be prepared to have your focus vastly improved when you look at these 15 adorable baby animals!   1. Reindeer 2.Koala 3. Mountain Lions 4. Flamingo 5.Walrus 6. Meerkat 7. Anteater 8. Bison 9.Wild boar 10. Prairie...
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Homeless dog eager to escape shelter and find a family

There's a dog at the Humane Society of North Texas who is eager to get out and find himself a home. So much so that shelter staff are now calling him the acrobat. When you see this picture you'll know why. HSNT wrote: "Frankie is so eager to find a forever family that he's decided to show off for our staff! This sweet goofball has a great sense of balance, don't you think? Frankie is...
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Dog who has been shelter's longest resident poses for selfies to find herself a family

A sweet Pit Bull named Abby Rose has been waiting for a very long time to be adopted and the shelter where she's staying isn't sure why. After a stay at the shelter for almost a year, the shelter has launched a special campaign to help her that involves "selfies"! Abby Rose found herself homeless when her family was involved in a domestic dispute where the husband was incarcerated and the rest of the family...
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16 "Sleeping Beauties" Making Faces Only A Parent Could Love

We've all slept with our mouths open, gotten squishy faced lying on our pillows, and have had our eyes roll in REM sleep. It's not always a pretty sight but our family love us anyway. The same thing happens with our adorable dogs. When they're exhausted and deep in sleep they make all kinds of funny faces! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
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Veteran entering nursing home forced to surrender sweet Yorkie; rescue looking for foster

It was a sad situation that had the shelter workers in tears. Louie Lee's owner is a United States veteran who has recently had to move into a nursing home. As he could not take his beloved Yorkie with him, he went to a shelter in Atlanta, Georgia and gave him up. The little Yorkie was quickly picked up by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. They posted a plea on their Facebook page, asking for...
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Friendly blind dog needs a home after tragic passing of his owner

Ray Snarles is looking for a new home after tragedy struck and his owner was taken away from him. Ray's owner was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and asked dog trainers Christopher Brauer and Brittany Robinson if they could look after the cattle dog. They agreed, but sadly Ray's owner passed away in November. Since then, the couple who run K9 Guidance to Inclusion, have been taking care of Ray and have been searching...
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Police seek help identifying woman who left emaciated dog at shelter

Police in Pennsylvania are looking for a woman they said dropped a severely emaciated dog off at a shelter in the middle of the night. The small poodle mix, who rescuers have named Annie, is in awful condition, suffering from malnutrition, anemia and numerous illnesses. The dog was left outside the Peaceable Kingdom Animal Shelter in Whitehall Township early Thursday morning. According to one of the shelter's managers, Suzy Sora, Annie weighed only 6 pounds...
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Dog who has spent 452 days in shelter needs a family

Baby Girl is a 8-year-old Pit Bull. She's mellow, keeps her kennel clean, walks well on a leash and she's been waiting 452 days at a shelter for someone to adopt her! Baby Girl arrived at the Humane Society Tinton Falls in New Jersey last summer, after her owners were evicted from their home and couldn't keep her. Since then, she's been overlooked by potential adopters and shelter staff wonder why and are growing concerned...
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20 Dogs Who Do Not Know the Meaning of Personal Space

Have you ever had your dog in your face, literally? Dogs love being sociable and being by their family's side, which sometimes means they take over your personal space in outrageous ways. They're not doing it to be annoying, it's just that they love you so much! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
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Former TSA Explosive Sniffing Dogs And Ones Who Flunked Training Looking For Forever Families

Looking for an active, energetic dog whose played a role in protecting civilians and serving their country? The Transportation Security Administration (or TSA) has announced it will be adopting out their bomb-sniffing dogs who have either retired or failed out of the explosive detection program. The dogs, usually German short-haired pointers, Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retrievers, or German Shepherds will range in age from about 2 to 10 years old.  There are on average usually about...
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Luck finally changes for dog who went from tied up and abandoned to on shelter's urgent list

In her two to three years of life, Dolly has not had a good run of luck. Her owners chained her up in their backyard with no food or water and then moved away, leaving her behind to die. No one knows how long she was tethered there, but when she was found, she was emaciated and fighting for her life. Dolly did not mind going to the San Bernardino City Shelter at first because she had...
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Homeless man's dog saved from wombat hole after 3 days thanks to "people power"

A homeless man's dog, who became stuck in a wombat hole for three days, was freed because a community came together to save him. Brooklyn became stuck on Tuesday after he chased a wombat into its hole at Nowra in southern New South Wales, New Zealand. The American Bulldog belongs to a homeless man named Charlie Griffith who reportedly lives in a tent on the town's showgrounds. Authorities responded to the emergency and included local...
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Tennessee will soon have first statewide animal abuse registry

Tennessee has passed a new bill to maintain a public registry of animal abusers - it will be the first statewide animal abuse registry in the United States. The registry, which will go into effect on January 1, 2016, and will be open to the public. People can check to see if they live near someone who could harm animals. First-time offenders will remain on the registry for two years after their conviction. If they...
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