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Dog Loves Taking A Soak In The Hot Tub

Nearly everyone enjoys a nice soak in the hot tub, especially when the jets are on and you can get a massage. It turns out Cuzzie the dog likes it too. "Cuzzie loves the jet in the hot tub against his back," wrote Danny Sam, describing his dog. "He doesn’t mind the hot water and will press against it and croon his pleasure. This time he was at it for five minutes."
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Sweet Dog Refuses To Leave His Little Human’s Side

Keira and Humphrey’s mom was taking care of her two babies when Humphrey the Boston Terrier jumped in Keira’s crib. You can tell he’s so happy to be close to his new best friend and playing with his mom! Years later, Keira and Humphrey are “best buds” and he still hangs out in her crib!
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Little girl loves her dog more than anything

My parents taught me how to love animals and I wanted to do the same thing for my daughter. Now I know that she loves her dog more than anything. The world could be a better place for animals if all parents did the same.
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Labrador Retriever Knows Exactly How To Cool Off On Hot Day

When it comes to cooling off on a warm summer's day, Shannon Dyer’s dog, Ace, knows exactly what to do  - he takes a refreshing dip in a pedestal water fountain! You can tell Ace thinks it’s pure bliss!
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Dog Has Adorable Encounter With Baby Bunny Rabbit

What happens when a Yellow Labrador Retriever named Meg meets a wild baby bunny? You’re about to find out in this super sweet video. Meg encounters a tiny baby rabbit and the rabbit is instantly smitten with her. No wonder David Jackson, who uploaded the video, entitled it “Are You My Mother?” after the classic children’s book. Meg is very gentle with the baby, but seems a little bit uncertain of how to behave around...
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Two Fishermen In Disbelief When They Rescue Pair Of Kittens In the Water

Two Alabama fishermen on the Warrior River couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted a kitten swimming towards their boat. The one man reaches into the water and lifts the kitten into the boat and that’s when his friend says he sees another kitten in the distance! With the two kittens safely stowed on board, the surprised animal rescuer can’t help but shake his head. “There’s a first time for everything,” he says. Talk about...
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Great Dane Scared By Tiny Visitor

Duke the Great Dane doesn’t know what to think of his grandmother’s Chihuahua when the small dog comes over for a visit. All he knows is he's a bit intimidated by the small visitor! His human writes, “I’m just glad Duke wasn’t as scared as he was when he first met a baby chicken, since he pooped on himself at that time.”
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American Bulldogs Use Teamwork To Retrieve Tire From The Pool

When it comes to achieving their goals, American Bulldogs, Bandit and Shiva, work together to achieve their goal! They want to play with their tire but the problem is it's at the bottom of the pool. So they use some old-fashioned teamwork to get their toy!
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Every child should have a dog

These times we hear more and more stories where people are giving away loved dogs. Our family would like to dedicate this to all the people who have to separate from their dogs for any reason.  You have to remember your child might miss on a character-building opportunity if he/she doesn't have a FIRST BEST FRIEND at home. We can't imagine our daughter Laura Olivia growing without Charlie. He is the first she wants to...
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German Shepherd Helps His Little Human Get Ready For Bedtime

Baron is an exceptional German Shepherd, one who loves to help out his family with parenting duties. In the video below, Baron helps his little human, Zander, get ready for bed. There’s a lot to do before going to sleep – including helping Zander clean his room, saying prayers and tucking him in to bed. And that’s not even the cutest part!
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Golden Retriever Puppy Adorably Reacts To Seeing Rain For The First Time

Brandon Rochelle’s Golden Retriever puppy Jack loves water, so it makes sense that when the puppy saw rain for the first time his little doggie mind was blown!" Rochelle wrote, "[he] couldn’t understand how it was coming from the sky” and caught the precious moment on camera
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French Bulldog Loves Getting 'Attacked' By Tickle Monster

Parent love to tickle their kids and kids love getting tickled. Tickling is seen as integral to social and familial bonding. Charles Darwin theorized on the link between tickling and social relations, arguing that tickling provokes laughter through the anticipation of pleasure. That must be why when Winston the French bulldog gets attacked by a tickle monster he loves it!
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3-Week-Old Boxer Puppy Adorably Howls With His Human Mom

Tobias the Boxer puppy may only be 3 weeks old, but he’s already pretty good at howling. While kissing mom’s nose, mom lets out a howl, and he mimics her with his own adorable little howl!
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Smart Dog Keeps Freeing Puppy From Her Kennel When Mom Isn't Watching

After setting up a video camera, Julie Taylor figured out how her her Maltese puppy, Sofie, kept escaping from her kennel! And the reason is so sweet! “I recorded this to make sure that I wasn’t forgetting to latch Sophie’s kennel after I stuck her in it – I kept noticing her running around with our German Shepherd Twitch soon after I would stick her in it”, she explained. “Turns out, I was latching it…”
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Compassionate Bikers Save Fox Stuck on Barbed Wire

When these bikers noticed a fox was stuck on the barbed wires of a fence, they stepped into action. Together with some teamwork and tools, they were able to set the fox free! As soon as they see him scamper off they cheer, happy to have helped save his life.
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Golden Retriever Has Adorable Friendship With The 'Ice Cream' Man

"Zack our Golden Retriever loves his ice cream that much, he goes and gets his own!” says Zack’s dad, Jon Hubble. Watch as Zack’s tail wags like crazy when he races to the truck. He’s so happy with his task and no doubt with his creamy reward!
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Adorable Puppies Storm the Castle To Get to Their Dinner

For 16 Golden Retriever puppies, it's time to "storm the castle" for dinner. They have to go down a slide and jump over a plushy wall to get to their food. It may seem like a lot to do, but the obstacle course is part of their socialization program to help them with recall and we bet it’s a confidence builder too! Watch as they all meet the challenge and adorably charge through the task...
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Cute Boxer Has Hilarious Response When She Has To Leave The Park

Every dog loves to go to the park and they usually aren't shy about sharing how happy it makes them. And sometimes they’re equally vocal when it comes time to leave. Like when this guy leaves the park with Felony the Boxer to watch the a sports game and Felony s exactly how she feels about it!
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Dog Outsmarts Supposedly Dog-Proof Food Container

Gil Jacobs got a special food container so that his Australian shepherd, MeMe couldn’t steal any dog food. It’s supposed to be doggie-proof, but no one told MeMe that! Look what Jacobs caught on camera!
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Pug Really Loves Getting A Relaxing Shower In The Sink From His Dad

We've never seen a dog enjoy a bath as much as Barry does! David Stanton decided to take a break from his day job as a carpenter and cool down his pug, Barry, during a heatwave in Australia by giving him a shower. Within seconds, it's clear that Barry loves it and loves his dad too.
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