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Cute Dog Has The Most Adorable Reaction To Going On A Road Trip

This is only 6 seconds long, but we wish it were longer! Quincy the dog has the most adorable reaction ever when he hears the words “Road Trip”!
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Black Bear Plays With Kid's Swing Set And Toys In Backyard

Imagine looking into your backyard and seeing this! Alaskan Melissa Wagner caught a black bear having a blast playing not only with her daughter’s inflatable toy, but also her swing set! It’s like a reverse Goldilocks! And the bear came back for more fun.  
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Couple Out Walking The Dogs Capture The Most Unexpected Moment On Camera

This couple was out for a walk with their dogs when something completely unexpected happens that leaves them both in stitches of laughter! The woman is such a good sport about the whole thing and she certainly made her partner laugh! No wonder they humorously call this "the best dog walk ever"!
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Naughty Little Dog Pranks Cats Distracted By Birds

Watch what this naughty little dog does when he sees his three cat friends absorbed in watching birds outside. They’re too distracted to notice him sneaking up behind them...
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Bull Terrier Jumps On The Bed And What She Does Makes Her Human Laugh

Every morning starts with a good laugh for these dog owners because Lili the Bull Terrier insists on doing this every single day! She gets the "zoomies" and loves jumping onto Renate Ernst's bed and re-arranging the sheets and pillows, terrier style.
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Funny Great Dane Tries to Get Comfortable on Couch with Dad

This Great Dane is going through what his humans like to call his "nightly motions" which include joining his dad on the couch. The only thing is there doesn't seem to be enough room for the two of them. What follows is pure comedy gold as the giant dog tries to get comfortable and cuddle at the same time. Just wait until you see what he does at 2:14. What a sweetie pie!
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Dog Frowns At His Owner But Then Does The Goofiest Thing

In just 9 seconds, this dog shows how to "turn that frown upside down" and brighten his human's day!
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Dog Hilariously Doesn't Want To Woof

When it comes to woofing, this Golden Retriever rather grumble than bark. When his mom asks him to "woof" he humors his mom and made us laugh!
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Naughty Dog Embarrassed When He's Busted For Eating Entire Bag of Treats

When mom discovers all of Cooper the Golden Retriever's treats eaten on the floor she hilariously confronts him, only to find him adorably hiding his head in shame after getting busted!  
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Dog On Treadmill Suddenly Realizes His Friend Is Not As Fully Committed As He Is

Have you ever had that moment when you and your BFF are working out and one of you looks over to the other and realizes only one of you is fully committed? Yeah, these two dogs are having that moment. Maggie the dog recently took to the treadmill to get exercise with Havok the German Shepherd at Valor K9 Academy when dog trainer Amy Pishner caught this funny moment. She explains that the treadmill training...
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Little Boy Starts Crying When He Meets This Chihuahua For The First Time

This little boy can't contain his emotions when he gets to hold a tiny Chihuahua puppy. When his mom lets him hold the pup, he starts bawling and when his mom asks him why he sputters out “she’s so cute…she’s so beautiful”. And how sweet is that puppy, licking away his tears! Let’s hope this boy's mom gets him a puppy very soon, any dog would be lucky to have him as a their human....
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Cat Can’t Contain His Excitement When He Sees His Dog Best Friend After 10 Days Apart

Jasper the cat missed Bow-Z the dog so much when he was away for 10 days! As soon as Jasper sees his friend, he can’t hold back how happy he is to see pal again! Bow-Z seems a bit embarrassed by all the attention from his friend, who just wants to hold on to the special moment for as long as he can!
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Denver the Guilty Dog Has Hilarious Reaction When Told She Has to Get Her Ears Cleaned

Denver the Guilty Dog always has an expression that makes me laugh when she’s caught doing something naughty. It turns out she has the same reaction when it’s time to clean her ears. Her dad writes, “Denver hates getting her ears cleaned and medicated from all the creek play time. Here’s what we get….” Aww. Don’t worry Denver, it’ll be over soon!
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Siberian Husky Goes Adorably Nuts When She Reunites With Her Human After Nearly 2 Months Apart

Wait until you see how this husky reacts when she sees her dad again after what must have seemed like forever for her. When this young man returns home after being nearly 2 months away, his best friend is waiting to greet him at the door. And she doesn’t just greet him, she pins him down with hugs, gives him nose kisses and whines happily!
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Dachshund Takes A Bath In The Sink And Has The Most Precious Reaction

Bath-time must be easy for this tiny Dachshund’s family. Just watch what he does when he’s put in to the bathroom sink. I think his owner installed a special faucet just for showers. I love it!
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Golden Retriever Does the Cutest Thing When His Human Comes Home from College

Any college student will tell you that leaving their dog behind at home can be heartbreaking. But there’s always visits home to look forward to and that’s what Jared Beale captured on film when he walked through the door. Just look at how Quest the Golden Retriever reacts! Some of you might think Quest has separation anxiety, but no, Beale says “Quest lives in a loving home with 3 other people and 2 dogs. He...
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Dog Has Incredible Reaction When She Sees Her Human After 2 Years Apart

While Nathan Beck was away on a Mormon missionary trip in Russia for two years, the family’s dog, Bailey was very sad. According to Nathan’s dad, the Beagle-Coonhound mix kept looking in Nathan’s room for him. So you can imagine Bailey’s excitement when Nathan comes through the door after 730 days away!
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Jack Russell Terrier Adorably Hunts For Her Ball In Deep Snow

Simon’s little Jack Russell Terrier, Kia, doesn't let a big pile of snow stand between her and her ball. She faced a challenge trying to find her tennis ball after it disappeared in a park covered in snow but that wasn’t going to stop her from ploughing through the snow to try and find it. Simon says, “She is absolutely obsessed with it and just won’t stop fetching it. No matter what (sun, snow, water,...
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Bulldog Adorably Protests Wearing Life Jacket

Basil the Bulldog loves going for boat rides but she hates wearing her life jacket and decides to protest the purple, cumbersome device by by turtling. Sorry, Basil, but your family is just looking out for your safety.
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Dog Hears His Little Human Having a Tantrum and Does the Most Adorable Thing

Why is Doey the Corgi called the "tantrum stopper" by his family? Well, when Dooey's little human is bawling her eyes out, he jumps into action. Just look what he does! This is why dogs are THE best! 
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