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Girl takes a selfie with her German Shepherd when all of a sudden...

This girl was taking selfies with her German Shepherd when nature called and he farted. Hmmmm. I'm not entirely sure that the dog was the culprit!
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Blind dog found alive after 2 weeks lost in Alaskan wilderness

If it hadn't been for a dog with a bell on, Ed Davis may never have seen his dog Madera alive again. 11-year-old Madera is blind and wandered away from her home in Ester, Alaska two weeks ago during a cold snap. Her owner, Ed Davis, said his wife had let her out to relieve herself, and usually she comes quickly back inside, but on this day she ventured farther away and got lost. Temperatures...
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Truck driver saves puppy on fire in dumpster

Truck driver Clayton Van Wert was at the dump on Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota when he heard a sound coming from a dumpster that sounded like whimpering. Peering in, he saw a tiny Husky Mix puppy inside engulfed in flames! He immediately rushed to help the puppy and donning gloves he reached in and pulled the puppy from the burning dumpster. Van Wert found the puppy on February 20, 2015 and told media outlets that the...
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Retired cop saves small dog

Retired police officer Tom Carey came to the rescue of a small dog after the pet was swept out to sea. Tom was fishing at Jupiter Beach in Florida when he heard a woman screaming. Martha Brox, the dog's owner, was in a panic after her  8-year-old Brussels Griffon, Oscar Wilde, had been washed away by a wave and resurfaced "floating". She told WPBF News that she feared the worst.  Tom immediately sprang into action...
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Firefighter Causes Social Media Firestorm After Posting Photo Of Dog Shooting

Dog lovers are outraged after a volunteer fireman in Texas allegedly shot two dogs on his property and posted a photo on Facebook. The post appeared on Tim Conaster’s Facebook page on February 24, 2015. In the photo, two dogs appear to be dead on the ground, with blood visible near one. The caption reads, “Somebody didn’t put any truth my warning. Keep your damn dogs on your property.” The post immediately went viral and has...
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Helpful dog shovels the backyard ice rink all on her own (VIDEO)

Elsa the Labrador Retriever is not going to let a bit of snow get in the way of the family enjoying the backyard ice rink. The Canadian dog does what many other Canadians do in the winter. She picks up a shovel and goes to work! She looks like she's really enjoying herself - her tail is wagging the entire time! Related: Dogs helping their humans shovel snow (video) Super smart German shepherd dog helps...
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Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened - Dr. Seuss

Every dog deserves to know the kindness of humanity, even if it is for a short time before they pass. DC SIR rescue Maemi was with us for only a very short time.  It's with heavy hearts we share the news that Maemi has crossed the rainbow bridge. This is hard for all of us, but we want to thank you all again for supporting our sweet Old Girl.From the moment we shared her story,...
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Dogs being lovable jerks

I love these hilarious photos of dogs not on their best behavior. Pretty much every dog lover will say that dogs are lovable, loyal and "man's best friend". But even dogs can be jerks sometimes. In their defence, they really don’t know they’re being mean or that they’ve done anything wrong until a human tells them. Usually, they’re just looking for a comfortable place to sit, or they get bored or anxious and have to...
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DC SIR Video Contest

DC Shiba Inu Rescue entered a video contest sponsored by Best Bully Sticks! We are competing against 6 other wonderful rescue organizations. Top prize is $500 which DC SIR could use to continue to rescue senior, special needs and homeless Shiba Inus! All you need to do is select yellow "VOTE" button under DC Shiab Inu Rescue! Don't forget to watch the video and share! DC Shiba Inu Rescue, Yoshi plays with his foster sister,...
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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Beneful Dog Food

A man has filed a class action lawsuit against Nestle Purina Petcare Company alleging that Purina's Beneful dog food includes toxic substances which are capable of killing dogs. According to TopClassActions.com, the lawsuit alleges that Beneful dog food contains toxic substances that have caused serious illness or death in thousands of dogs, including one of plaintiff's own dogs. It was filed in a California federal court by plaintiff Frank Lucido on Feb. 5, 2015. Lucido,...
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Sick dog helped by tiny camera capsule that films dog's entire digestive tract

A sick dog in Arlington was helped by a tiny camera capsule that he swallowed and pooped out a few days later. The tiny device with 4 cameras is revolutionizing veterinary technology and helping treat sick dogs with digestive tract problems. When a dog named Sparky began vomiting a month ago, his owners took him to an emergency clinic. A week later he got sick again and they took him to their regular vet. After...
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Authorities ask for help after man seen punching dog on CCTV cameras (VIDEO)

Disturbing CCTV footage of a man beating his dog has been released by the RSPCA in the hopes that a member of the public will come forward with information. The unknown man is seen reaching down to put a leash on his dog, who was wandering loose. Before putting the lead on the collar he violently punches the dog four times in the head. The British animal charity said it was not sure about the...
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Good Samaritan Rescues Dog And Posts Powerful Facebook Message

I just got so angry and sad reading this but I felt it is important to share, not only in recognition of a wonderful Good Samaritan but also in the hopes it maybe, just maybe will help a dog or two not suffer the fate this young dog did. Heather Mozingo shared this on Facebook on February 14, 2015: "Dear Irresponsible Dog Owner, "Is this your dog? Some kids told me he lived on Main...
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This is what every dog feels when their family comes home (VIDEO)

One of the moments dogs love most is when their humans come home. Whether you're away on a trip or just for an hour, your dog misses you when you're gone and is overjoyed when you walk through the door. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC created this commercial featuring real rescue dogs to highlight the special moments that happen when you come home to your dog.  The ad also kicks off the "Home for Dogs...
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U.S. inching closer to allowing dogs on trains

Travel options for dog owners in the U.S. may get a huge boost if legislators in Washington pass a bill that would require Amtrak to develop a pet-friendly policy that would allow dog and cat owners to ride certain trains with their pets. The Huffington Post reported that the pilot program would call for: at least one car in passenger trains be made available for ticketed passengers to transport a pet; the dog or cat...
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Senior blind dog with little hope of adoption finds a life “surrounded by smiles” (VIDEO)

Spunky was 15 years old and almost blind in both eyes when he ended up in a shelter. Chances of him finding a forever home were slim but he got rescued and given cataract surgery and a whole new life opened up to him! And the best thing is he ended up with a human mom who knew exactly what he was going through. That’s because she had cataracts too! As the saying goes "every...
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Cute little dog determined to take horse for a walk (VIDEO)

This tiny dog is determined to take this large horse for a walk. It's as if he’s telling the horse, "You, come with me!" and the horse happily complies.
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Stray German Shepherd rescued off the streets (VIDEO)

Anna the German Shepherd was spotted roaming the busy streets of Houston eating garbage to survive when Unity For A Solution were out looking for stray dogs. Kurt Guerdrum helped catch her with the assistance of Angela Madeksho. Anna looks like a sweet, young dog and her rescuers believe it should not be difficult to find her a home!
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Heroic Neapolitan Mastiff Honored For Saving 17 Horses From Blaze

When Gilles Godbout's equestrian centre caught on fire, the 30 horses inside were terrified and refused to move. They were trapped inside until Godbout's Neapolitan mastiff, Popeye, came to their rescue. Despite the smoke and burning flames, Popeye did not think twice before running into the stable and help his owner user the animals to safety before flames razed the building to the ground.  "Popeye knew what to do," Godbout told the QMI Agency. "I...
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Heroic Pit Bull saves girl from rabid raccoon (VIDEO)

A Pit Bull came to the rescue of an 11-year-old girl when she was about to be attacked by a rabid raccoon. Savannah Vanase was inside her family's chicken coop in Norwich, Connecticut and Tank, the Pit Bull was nearby. She was unaware that the rabid animal was nearby until it began to attack the chickens and Tank leapt to her defense. "All of a sudden he comes flying over, barking, and I look under...
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