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Montreal's New Rules Will Make Half The City's Dogs Into "Criminals"

Thousands of dogs and their owners were out in full force to protest proposed legislation in Montreal, Canada, that would see Pit Bulls banned from the city. “I think they should come out of their house and come see our dogs and see how they are,” said pit bull owner, Lynn Groulx. “Maybe, that might help change their ideas and how they see things.” She is referring to the breed-specific-legislation that the Canadian city proposes...
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Shelter Dogs Happily Try Out Their Newly Gifted Recycled Beds

Now here's a recycling program dog lovers can get behind! When people recently visited the RSPCA in Victoria, Australia to buy a new bed, the animal charity asked if they could donate their old beds in return. More than 100 shelter dogs and cats got new beds as a result and from the looks of things they loved getting them! Some are curious what their new bedding is all about, but all enthusiastically try them...
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15 Dogs Enjoying The First Day Of Fall

Nothing says it's the first day of fall quite like a giant pile of leaves to jump into! These adorable dogs are all having so much fun playing in the leaves with their ilttle humans that we're sure they don't want fall to ever end!
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Cute Bulldog Desperate To Befriend Bulldog Wine Holder

This adorable Bulldog can’t understand why the puppy on the counter won’t come down to play with him. He tries whining and to reach "him" but he doesn't realize the miniature dog he's trying to play with is actually a wine holder!  
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Sweet Pit Bull Teaches Baby How To Play Fetch

Kora the Pit Bull is teaching baby Holland how to play fetch. Watch as she lays the ball down gently in front of Holland so she can throw it for her. Holland is not big enough yet to throw it, but with Kora's teaching one day she'll be able to!
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This is how I roll- Cute dog enjoys car ride

Maybe one day this dog will learn how to drive a car, but for now he only knows how to choose his favourite music and open the window. But the most of all he really knows how to enjoy car ride
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Newborn Puppy And Baby Snuggle With Each Other

This is one of the most heart-warming snuggles you'll ever see! Watch a newborn puppy crawl onto this baby for a precious moment captured on camera.
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Emaciated Great Dane Rescued With Duct Tape On Her Mouth Has Found A Forever Family

After the Darlington County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina received an anonymous call about a dog wandering the streets they went to find the dog and found a Great Dane with her head and mouth duct taped shut! The deputies were able to catch the dog and safely remove the tape and took her to Darlington County Humane Society to be looked after. At the time of her rescue in April of 2016, Darlington County...
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Canine Carpool Karaoke is Howling Good Fun For The Whole Family

It turns out that we humans aren't the only ones who love to sing our hearts out in the car! When this mom starts the "howl chain" during their carpool karaoke, her adorable dog quickly joins in! Seconds later, baby joins in on the fun too. Or maybe, that's the baby's way of telling them to cut it out! :)
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Cute Dog Sings His Heart Out In Musical Duet

Is there anything sweeter than the bond between a child and a dog? We think not. Watch as this boy and his dog share some quality time together honing their musical talents. While the boy plays the accordion, his canine companion sings along, belting his heart out! Too cute!
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Dog Has Hilarious Reaction To Whistling

While most dogs respond to a whistle by running over to see what a person wants, this dog's reaction is completely different and one we've never seen before. When his human whistles the little dog jumps up onto his dad and gets up close to his face, and by close we mean "climbs on top of it". He is very determined to find out where exactly that whistling sound is coming from!  
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Woman Shares Heartbreaking Snapchats Of Dog’s Last Day

The day arrived when Hannah's mom had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to her. After 11 years, Hannah's body was giving out and Kyle Amick knew it was time to let her beloved dog go. She decided to share photos of their last day together on Snapchat and as a keepsake of their time together, something she could always treasure. Hannah had been having seizures for several months as a terrible side-effect...
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Pit Bull Puppy Receives Her First Bath At New Home

This is the very first day that 7-week-old Lucy has arrived at her new home. And what's the first thing to do? Take a bath! 
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Dozens Of Pit Bulls Left To Starve To Death Getting A Second Chance

Animal Control Officers were alerted to a home in Riverside, California after a neighbor reported a foul stench was coming from the house. But the officers were not prepared to find 40 abandoned Pit Bulls who had been left alone for months to starve and die. Riverside County Animal Services found the malnourished Pit Bulls in a disgusting, dirty home in July 2016. 11 dogs were already dead and those still living were so malnourished...
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Dalmatian Affectionately Watches Over His Foster Kittens

Louie the Dalmatian is no amateur when it come to kitten rearing. He has helped bring up numerous litters of foster kittens and is always a doting, affectionate foster dad. So when his most recent "babies" arrive, he's no different. Watch this sweet dog look after these kittens in an incredible display of affection. 
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Curious Cows Investigate The Dog Visiting Their Field

A herd of cows is curious about the visitor in their pasture and go over to say “hi”. The dog, on the other hand, is more interested in continuing his game of fetch! He is an exceptionally well-trained family protection dog. Good boy!
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Lazy Puppy Is Most Definitely Not An Early Riser

Despite a valiant effort by her human, Lulu is insisting on sleeping in. It sure looks like the Shiba Inu puppy does not like getting up in the morning. Just look what she does a 1:23 - she turns her head into the pillow to catch some more "zzzz's". Hilarious!
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Adorable Puppies Give Each Other Loving Kisses

Maverick and Tori are two youngsters who are not embarrassed with Public Displays of Affection. These two are already the best of friends and love to give each other kisses!
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Bulldog Gives Team of Dogs Swimming Lessons

You know how in rowing there's the coxswain who sits in the back and barks at the team what to do. That's Harry The English Bulldog when it comes to this pack of dogs. He likes to bark at the dogs as they swim giving them instructions. And when they don't get it, he shows them how it's done. Watch Harry make a splash!
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Adorable English Bulldog Puppy Takes On His Roomba Nemesis

English Bulldogs are known for their balancing skills. Skateboards. Surfboards. Roombas. 2-month-old Oslo shows off his balancing skills while he takes on his greatest nemesis, The Roomba. What started as a bark fest has turned into a full on rodeo. This is his very first time riding the Roomba and from the looks of it Oslo has conquered his fear!
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