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Funny Pit Bull Not Fooled By Vegetable Treat

This Pit Bull's mom attempts to outsmart her dog by sneaking a piece of broccoli into her treats. Nice try, mom! This clever Pit Bull knows exactly what to do with those vegetables. 
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Dog Hilariously Refuses To Have His Photo Taken

Do you have that one stubborn relative that doesn't like getting their photo taken? Well, this pet parent has that in Harvey. Harvey the Pit Bull has zero interest in having his photo taken and this hilarious clip shows it!
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Protective Bulldog Has Cutest Reaction When Watching Horror Movie

Khaleesi is a 4-year-old English Bulldog that loves kids and watching TV. So when she sees a little girl in a scary situation during the horror film 'Crimson Peak', she does her best to warn the character there's trouble near and she should run! Awwww.
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Sweet Boxer Does Not Want to Let Go of His Pacifier

Moose is a sweet boxer that still thinks he's a baby or, at least, he acts a little bit like one. That's because the playful dog really loves his pacifier and refuses to let go of it. Just watch his facial expression and his moving eyebrows - they are hilarious!
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Bulldog Puppy Tries To Wake up Mom For Playtime

Being a mom is tiring work but that doesn't keep Tilly's baby from wanting to play with her when she is taking a much needed nap. Watch as this English Bulldog puppy tries to wake up her mom by every means possible. Paw in the face, paw on the mouth, it seems mom is able to sleep through it all! 
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Cone of Shame Makes Dog Unrecognizable To His Buddy

Poor Max has to wear a cone because of some skin allergies and he really hates it, but not as much as his Lincoln the cat! She is very uncertain who this new animal is and doesn't recognize her buddy. It's the cone of shame two times over for Max!
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Firefighter Saves Pit Bull Puppy From Fire And Becomes His Best Friend

Their friendship was born out of a heroic rescue that would change both their lives. Jake, a Pit Bull mix puppy, was a victim of a house fire and was rescued by Bill Lindler of the Hanahan, South Carolina Fire Department. Jake was burned and in poor shape when Bill pulled him from the fire. He was taken to a local clinic for treatment and Bill discovered that Jake also had no family to go...
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French Bulldog Puppy Throws Cutest Tantrum

Bosley the puppy is not too happy being strapped in the back seat of the car. Much like a kid, he makes his feelings known. Listen to him throw a hilarious tantrum and keep an eye out for a surprise cameo at the very end!
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Cat Completely Relaxed Among Guard Dogs In Training

How come this cat is completely relaxed lying on the grass among 8 ferocious looking dogs? It turns out the dogs are all trained as family protection dogs by the dog training company Chaperone K9. As the cat gets up and walks in front of them, the dogs turn to watch her, but they look but don't touch. 
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Dog Learns How To Splash By Copying Kids In Pool

A Boxer puppy joins the kids in the pool to have some fun in the water. Watch what happens when everyone begins to splash each other...the smart puppy learns how to do it too!
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Two Newfoundland Dogs Fight To See Who Gets To Sit On Dad's Lap

Ralphie and Boss, both 18-month-old Newfoundlands, love to sit on their dad's lap. The problem is that these two are definitely not lap dogs!
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Bulldog Throws Funny Temper Tantrum For His Stolen Bed

This Bulldog is ready for a nap on the comfy dog bed but he's not too happy to find the bed occupied. Watch as he throws a bit of a fit that he can't have his favorite spot. He even looks back to his mom a couple of times, as if looking for some support. He grumbles and complains and just when you think he might give up, his persistence finally pays off!
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Dog Fascinated With Suitcase For Hilarious Reason

This dog is very curious about his human's suitcase and there's a reason why...it's not because his parents brought home gifts from their trip it's because the family's cat is hiding inside! The two pets are having a fun time playing hide and seek! 
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New Law Gives Voice To Victimized Dogs In Connecticut Courtrooms

Desmond was 6 years old when he was killed. Before he was strangled to death by his owner, the dog had been beaten and starved.  His owner, Alex Wullaert, admitted to the violence after he was arrested in Connecticut. However, he got accelerated rehabilitation and no jail time. His record has been expunged and it will be as if he never committed the crime.  That did not sit well with animal advocates or those that...
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New Vermont Law Protects Dogs In Hot Cars

So far this year 16 children have died in hot cars. The number of pets that have died hasn't been reported. But if one were to guess, the number would probably be equal or higher. That's why Vermont has a new law aimed at protecting pets and children left in hot cars. As of July 1, "Forcible Entry of Motor Vehicle for Rescue Purposes" is now legal in the state. The law allows a person...
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Bernese Mountain Dog Befriends 4-Week-Old Foster Puppy

A 4-week-old puppy named Gryffin takes on a huge Bernese Mountain Dog named Eiger! Gryffin is a Staffordshire Terrier/English Bulldog mix rescued from a very bad situation. He's taking a break from nursing to play with his beloved foster brother Eiger, who despite his size, is gentle and sweet with Gryffin. So cute!
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Couple Charged With Animal Cruelty After 310 Dogs Saved From Alleged Puppy Mill

A Maryland couple is facing a slew of animal cruelty charges in the wake of a raid on their property that saw 310 dogs rescued. Susan Murphy and her husband Robert Holliday Murphy face 84 counts of animal cruelty. Three months ago, the Wicomico County Humane Society and Sheriff's department went to the property and found the dogs living in deplorable conditions.   “Straight smell of ammonia. My eyes burned; it was that bad that we had...
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New Jersey Senate Passes Bill To Put An End Puppy Mill Sales In Pet Stores

New Jersey has just approved a bill that is a big step towards ending puppy mills. The state senate approved a bill in the first week of July that would would require all pet stores licensed after January 12, 2016 to only sell cats and dogs brought in from shelters. Senator Raymond Lesniak, who introduced the bill, said, “These puppy mills have gained a notorious reputation for putting profits ahead. Their mass breeding has created...
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Horse and dog friends reunite after 7 months apart

Last year Rita the horse ran away from home. A farmer caught her and refused to give her back, which resulted in a court trial, but after 7 months, she was returned home and reunited with her all-time best friend, Balu the dog! Balu looks equally happy to see his long lost friend!
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Husky Tries To Get His Favorite Bone Through The Doggy Door

This adorable husky just wants to bring his favorite bone outside with him but there's one problem. His doggy door appears to be too small for him to bring his bone with him! But this smart pup eventually figures out how to accomplish his goal!
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