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Loving Bernese Mountain Dog Welcomes Newborn Baby Home (PHOTOS)

Welcoming a newborn baby into the home is always a joyous occasion. And for many couples, because their dog is their first baby, they make sure to provide extra love and reassurance to their pet so that they will bond with their new little brothers or sisters! For John and Morgan Powell they knew their one-and-a-half year old Bernese Mountain dog would be the best big sister for their newly-arrived baby girl, Kylie. John told...
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Adorable Dachshund loves to play in the snow (VIDEO)

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is no stranger to the adventure. He's not a dog who wants to sit by a cozy fire until after he's played in the snow. His humans says that it's a common misconception that weiner dogs are like lap dogs and do not like the snow or cold. They write: "Wiener dogs (dachshunds) were bred to hunt badgers, so can stand up will to the elements when raised in this environment....
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Man rescues stray dog trapped under bridge (VIDEO)

Some young men saw a dog stuck on an island under a bridge in Serbia and wanted to help. But they didn't feel they had proper equipment to carry out the rescue safely and called around looking for help. One man answered the call. Saša Pešić is a champion for stray dogs in Serbia and rescues and shetlers hundreds of homeless dogs. He didn't hesitate to climb down the bridge rescue the stranded puppy. Zox Raymaker...
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Dogs patiently wait for mom to Say Grace before dinner (VIDEO)

Four Australian shepherds and a Rough collie wait patiently for their mom to Say Grace before eating their food. They know exactly what word to hear when to start eating. What a well-behaved pack!  
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Lonely stray "mop dog" makes a friend (VIDEO)

This recent commercial from Dr. Pepper tells a sweet story of a delivery man befriending a stray "mop dog" (or Hungarian Puli). It’s not what I’d expect from a soda company, but it’s certainly a message any dog lover can get behind.
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Dog Has The Sweetest Response When Going To See Grandma (VIDEO)

Samantha Magowan's dog LOVES Nana! This is what happens every time Nana's name gets mentioned... Samantha posed a question to the DogHeirs community, asking, "Does anyone else have a dog who get so excited to see their human nana? Love him!" We're sure nana loves him a lot too!  Do you have a fun video of your dog that you would like to share with DogHeirs? If you have a video that captures something special...
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Man rescues German Shepherd lurking in the woods and reunites him with family

Jim Phillips loves stories where dogs return home and shared one of his very own with us here at DogHeirs. The dog showed up at his farm one day and Jim explained what happened next: "We had a German Shepard hanging around our farm for several days, staying in the woods but not wanting to approach. While having some work done on our porch, he came up to talk with the workers. "We had been...
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9 dumped dogs found in shocking condition; RSPCA appealing for information

Nine dogs were abandoned in such terrible condition that they could not see or stand properly. The dogs were found wandering aimlessly in various locations around the Hampshire community in England with no clues as to who did it. The dogs were so dirty and matted that the RSPCA officers could not determine the dogs’ breed. Three of the dogs were found at Upham, three at Morestead Road near Winchester, two at Owslebury and one...
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English Bulldog loves playing pinball (VIDEO)

Chubbs the English Bulldog absolutely loves his family's pinball machine. When his human asks if he wants to play he can't wait to run downstairs to the basement for a game. As soon as the pinball machine starts, he leaps up and watches all the action. You can tell it's a regular activity for the family!
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Golden Retriever puppy takes a nap in his water bowl (VIDEO)

Andy the Golden Retriever puppy is so sleepy! The cute five-week-old puppy wants to take a nap, he doesn't seem to mind that both his feet still in the water bowl.
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Adorable dog helps man doing push ups (VIDEO)

Khali The Aussie helps her mom's boyfriend with his workout routine with a little bit of encouragement and weight during push-ups! Related: Cute Chihuahua practices yoga moves with guardian (video)   
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Dog left behind by family after they sold their house gets rescued (VIDEO)

A family sold their house, moved away and left their dog behind. If it hadn't been for a kind-hearted realtor who knows what might have happened to this sweet dog. The realtor called Eldad Hagar with Hope For Paws for help and he and Lisa Chiarelli came to the empty home to save her and help find her a new responsible, loving family!
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Adorable Great Dane Tells Mom Not To Take Away His Teddy Bear

This Great Dane loves his teddy bear so much! That's why when his mom tries to take it away he tells her he's not done playing with his favorite toy yet. I love how wraps his paws around Teddy and protects him. Hands off, mom!
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Kids Get The Best Surprise Gift Ever

After planning months in advance, Sarah Taylor surprised her children with the last thing they were expecting...a puppy! Sarah told DogHeirs, "We lost our last Rottweiler, Max, 3 years ago and we miss him dearly." That's why when dad first brings in Rottweiler puppy Benny all three kids react with stunned silence at first. That is until mom explains what dad is holding! And Benny's reaction is equally sweet - he immediately wants to give...
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Dog found frozen on the ground as puppy gets new legs (VIDEO)

Hector is two-years-old but he's never been able to play outdoors or go on walks like regular dogs. That's because he has no rear legs after a crippling accident when he was a puppy. His mother was a stray dog living in northern Saskatchewan and gave birth to him in the dead of winter. It was so cold outside that his tail and feet became frozen to the ground. His mother tore them off trying...
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Police dog promoted to detective

A police dog in California no longer has to go on regular patrol duties now that she's been promoted to detective. K9 Jena has become the first police dog in the Escondido Police Department to earn such a promotion. The decision is seen as a win-win for the department as Jena does not yet need to be retired and detectives have access to a narcotics detection dog when they need one. The 8-year-old German Shepherd...
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Fearless puppy challenges Doberman Pinscher (VIDEO)

An adorable puppy named Kyra goes up against Boss, a much larger Doberman Pinscher, while playing in the family backyard. She's fearless and Boss is so gentle with her! Related: Japanese Spitz puppy protests older dog taking her blanket (video) Alaskan Malamute plays with puppy friends (video)  
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Sweet dog whose owner had an unexpected stroke needs help finding a new home

A beautiful 8-month-old Shepherd/Retriever mix named Luna is looking for a home after her human had an unexpected stroke and is sadly in intensive care and not expected to recover, according to a post by the group trying to help the dog. Luna's owner's family cannot keep the dog themselves and reached out to Guardians of Rescue for help. Guardians of Rescue wants to find the young dog a home, or a local rescue in...
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Yorkie dognapped during vacation found thanks to concerned citizens and police

An Alberta couple are rejoicing after Memphis police found their stolen dog with a little help from a stranger in Canada. Lorie and Terry Traviss were visiting Memphis, Tennessee on January 7, 2015 to celebrate Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday and brought along their Yorkshire Terrier, Dixie. But their trip soured when they came back to their car after eating at a restaurant and found someone had broken into their vehicle and stolen Dixie. Surveillance footage...
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"In Dog We Trust" mistakenly printed on Florida sheriff's rug

For many dog lovers "In Dog We Trust" is a motto that is easily embraced. For a Florida Sheriff's department, the motto came as an unexpected surprise when it was discovered on their rug. The Pinellas County sheriff's office recently ordered a new rug for the sheriff's administration building that was meant to say "In God We Trust". A mistype resulted in the rug displaying "In Dog We Trust" instead. The forest green rug with...
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