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Man Is Standing By The Pool When All Of A Sudden His Dog Makes Everyone Laugh

Toyo the Labrador Retriever loves to help people in the pool. Not by life-guarding but by pushing them in! As soon as someone goes to the edge of the pool, he’s right behind them to shove them in! It’s pretty obvious that Toyo gets a lot of joy out of this activity. He does a victory lap around the pool every time he dunks someone!
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Heartwarming dog and baby reaction to the new puppy

Whoever said you can't buy Happiness forgot little puppies.
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Bengal Kitten Absolutely Adores Labrador Retriever

We absolutely adore friendships between dogs and kittens. So when we saw what this tiny Bengal kitten approaching Tucker the yellow Lab, our hearts melted. Tucker must be very familiar around cats because he’s completely un-phased by all the affection he gets from the tiny cat.
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Dog Adorably Poses For A Selfie When Her Dad Pulls Out The Camera

It turns out humans aren’t the only ones who like to take selfies. Austin Morreale uploaded a SnapChat video of him and his dog Nelly with the caption “PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO OF MY DOG”. I usually steer clear of anything in all caps, but I am so glad I made an exception. Wait until you see how adorable she is when she sees Austin about to take a photo and leaps into a pose....
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Clever German Shepherd Dog Figures Out How To Get A Drink All On His Own

This is what happens when you have a dog who is just too smart! Max the German Shepherd no longer has to concern himself with a water bowl or waiting for it to be refilled. He’s figured out how to get water all on his own!
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Cute Puppy Has Figured Out How To Fill Up Her Pool All By Herself

Maddie the Labrador Retriever puppy may only be 6 months old, but she’s already smart enough to know how to keep cool in the summer. She’s figured out that the garden hose is what fills up her kiddie pool! How clever is that? Of course, like any kid, she can’t sit still and just let it fill up…that wouldn’t be any fun.
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Little Girl Has Adorable Pool Party With Her Three Huskies

A little girl helps fill the kiddie-pool with water for her three Siberian Huskies so they can all enjoy a pool party! There's almost too much cute to handle while watching the toddler splash and hold the hose for the huskies to play with. The dogs look equally delighted to be cooling off and playing with her in the water. And in case anyone is wondering why, the shirts the dogs are wearing are cooling...
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Cute Dog Goes On Bike Ride With His Mom And Hilariously Joins In

This adorable little dog loves to "peddle" alongside his mom while they enjoy a bike ride together. Just look at his tiny legs go! What cute "pupper". In case anyone is interested in the harness the dog is in, it is a Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack available on Amazon.
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Yorkie's Perfectly Timed Jump Into The Pool Has Whole Family Laughing

A tiny Yorkie and his pal were playing fetch in the pool with their human when he did something that made the whole family laugh and cheer! A young woman is in the pool and coaxing her dogs to come in and "get it", the it being a toy to fetch. The big black dog goes into the water first and starts swimming to get it as the tiny Yorkie barks from the edge. Not...
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The most adorable dog life story

Charlie showed us how babies and dogs can be the best of friends and he demonstrates that he is an important part of our family and the unconditional love and and joy he provides is immeasurable.
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This Dog Leans In For A Kiss, But That's When Baby Gives Her An Icky Surprise

One month old Benjamin was spending some quality time with Liberty the Boxer when the dog got a surprise that is making everyone laugh. As you’ll see, dad is filming the adorable pair on the carpet of their home and the first few minutes of their time together is simply precious. Liberty rolls onto her belly and looks adoringly at the infant and Benjamin extends his tiny hand and pets Liberty. But Liberty gets an...
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Adorable Puppies Try To Squeeze Into One Dog Bed

There are puppy piles and then there are Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy piles! These puppies want to take a nap but their bed is a getting a little crowded! But what makes this video even funnier is when the camera pans over and you see that there is an empty bed right next to them!
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German Shepherd Dog Helps Kitten Get Up The Stairs

Tennyson the German Shepherd is teaching a tiny kitten named Moo how to climb the stairs. The dog watches closely as the kitten follows him, and encouraging him to climb the steps. And when he thinks it’s getting too much for his new “baby”, Tennyson gently picks up Moo and carries him safely to the top. What a protective papa!
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Axel was found hit by a car... (video)

Axel was found hit by a car and picked up by animal control. We rescued him when his owners didn't claim him from the shelter, as the facility didn't have the means to help him and we didn't want to see him put down. Axel's leg was so badly shattered, there was absolutely no way to save it. It's sad when we have to make a tough decision to amputate a leg, but it's amazing...
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Jack Russell Terrier Adorably Splashees His Friends With Garden Hose

Rover the Jack Russell Terrier really knows how to throw a party. When he had a few friends over for a dip in the pool, he knew exactly what to do to make the party a whole lot more fun! He jumps into the pool, grabs hold of the garden hose, and turns the pool into a splash park!
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Big Great Dane Goes On Kayak Ride With Dad

Families all want their turn enjoying a paddle on the lake, including the dogs. Margaret Emiliani filmed her huge Great Dane going on a short ride around the lake dock with his dad in the family’s one-man kayak. You have to give dad credit for giving it a go and not tipping over!
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Multiple Brands of Rawhide Chew Products for Dogs Due to Possible Chemical Contamination

United Pet Group is voluntarily recalling multiple rawhide dog chew products due to possible chemical contamination. The company first announced the recall on June 10, 2017, but announced an expansion of the recall on June 19, 2017 that includes several private label brands. They have initiated the recall because they identified that some of their rawhide chew manufacturing facilities located in Mexico and Colombia and Brazil were using a quaternary ammonium compound mixture as a...
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Nevada Makes It Against The Law To Leave Dogs In Hot Cars

The state of Nevada has made it illegal to leave dogs in hot cars this summer, passing a bill on June 4, 2017 that strengthens the pre-existing laws.  "Senate Bill 409 passed in the last legislative session raised the penalty for leaving a pet in a hot, locked car to the same level as leaving a child in the car," says Cathy Brooks, owner of The Hydrant Club. Anyone found guilty of leaving their dog...
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Giant Wolf Cuddles With His Favorite Person

Imagine walking in the snow and being approached by a giant wolf! That’s what happens when Danielle, who works at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. In this video, she is greeted by Kekoa, who “loves his ladies, especially Danielle” it says in the video description. The center is a sanctuary for wolves and wolf hybrids. They not only take care of wolves and foxes they also actively participate in species survival programs to help...
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Dog Terrified Of Carpet Conquers His Fear With Hilarious Solution

Artie the Labrador Retriever has a small problem with getting from room to room. That's because he really doesn't like to walk from hardwood floor to the carpet. Maybe it's the floor transition that spooks him, or maybe it's the doorway. Either way, with some positive encouragement from his human, Artie figures out a way to conquer his fear and get safely to the other side. That'll work, Artie!
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