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Naughty dog's strong reaction to junk mail (VIDEO)

Calvin loves when the mailman comes but he really, really doesn't like junk mail.  Related: Naughty Shih Tzu waits for mail to be delivered (video) Dog helps mailman with postal delivery (video)  
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Dogs out for a ride share a family moment together (VIDEO)

The Barkleys go out for a drive, when something catches the entire family's attention in this funny TV commercial. Related: The funniest thing happens when this family of dogs goes for a ride. This video is so hilarious!   
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Dog sees newborn kittens for the first time (VIDEO)

This dog is curious about the new kittens who've recently arrived and wants to get a closer look. It's his first time seeing the babies, but I love how he knows to be gentle and quiet. Related: Retired military working dog meets his first kitten (video) Cautious dog meets tiny kitten for the first time (video)    
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April Showers (VIDEO)

Spring is here, but tax season and spring break shall soon be a memory. What never ends? The homeless dogs in need of rescue. Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC has been slammed over the past few weeks with dogs in need of medical attention and rescue from the shelter.   Jessie's owners must've seen that she was getting worse and decided the solution was to take her to the shelter, which is a death sentance...
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Cat doesn't appreciate friendly Husky (VIDEO)

Oops! This friendly Husky tries to touch the cat and gets an "earful" back! Related: Karma strikes cat attempting sneak attack on Husky (video) Playful Pug and his owner gets slap happy (video) French Bulldog takes on cat (video)
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The funniest thing happens when this family of dogs goes for a ride. This video is so hilarious!

The Barkleys go out for a drive, when a poodle crosses their path and causes a bit of trouble! This funny TV commercial aired at this year's Super Bowl. Related: Car obsessed dog makes the cutest sounds (video) Dog is best friend for lfe's journey (video)
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Funny dog barks at herself barking at herself (VIDEO)

Holiday watches a video of herself barking at a screen and barks, which makes for a very "meta" experience. Related: Talkative dog chats with another dog on Internet (video) Alaskan Malamute sees a video of himself for the first time (video)  
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Mom's photographs of her rescue dog and little boy are simply the CUTEST!

All that Zoey and Jasper have to do is sit next to each other and wear matching hats and they instantly become the cutest BFFs in the world! Zoey is a 7-year-old rescue dog from Taiwan and Jasper is he 10-month-old son of Grace Chon. Grace said that Zoey is very shy so it took a bit of time for her to warm up to Jasper, but once she did, she became the best big...
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Playful puppies smother man with puppy kisses (PHOTOS)

Fostering animals for rescues is a rewarding experience. And one major bonus is you get to experience things that ever dog lover would envy. For instance, getting smothered by puppies giving you puppy kisses. That’s what happened to Bryce when he went to visit his fiancee’s family recently and got to visit with the puppies they were fostering.  "This is probably the closest to heaven I’ll ever get…and I’m OK with that," joked Bryce. "Watch...
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Massachusetts Police no longer need search warrants to rescue endangered animals from homes

The photo above is of a puppy named Gracie, who was found inside a filthy, flea-infested apartment. She was weak from starvation and neglect by Boston Animal Control after another puppy living in the same home, jumped out of an apartment building window in a desperate search for food. In Gracie's case, Animal Control would have been issued a search warrant before being able to enter the home and save her life. But police in Massachusetts no...
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Gentle Springer Spaniel watches over chicks and other farm animals (PHOTOS)

Jess is an unusual farm dog. The Springer Spaniel has been known to help nurse orphaned lambs with a milk bottle. She also regularly patrols the farm yard to ensure all the animals are safe. Her mom, Louise Moorhouse, said that Jess loves rescuing wandering animals in the yard and makes sure they get home safely. She trusts her dog with all of the animals on her Devon farm, including the chicks. "Last year Jess...
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Dalmatians love looking after foster kitten (VIDEO)

Dalmatians Louie and Lady enjoy fostering the kittens their guardian, Jennifer Pogue, brings home. Although 6-week-old Squirt looks a little unsure of her guardians at first, as soon as she's nestled between the paire, she begins to relax and fall asleep! Squirt really took to Louie and gave him lots of kitten kisses. Squirt liked being with Louie and Lady so much that they get to keep her!
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These 30 Photos of Dogs Tilting Their Heads Will Brighten Your Day

You know you have your dog's undivided attention when their ears perk up, their eyes fix on your face and then their head tilts to the side. The famous head tilt - it's one of the most adorable gestures dogs make. Dog behaviorists have not conclusively come to an agreement on why dogs tilt their head to the side. It could be because they're trying to see a person's face more clearly, or perhaps they're...
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Faithful dog waited 8 days outside hospital before reunited with homeless man (VIDEO)

A homeless man’s dog waited 8 days outside of a hospital for his owner's return. Seco is the faithful and loving companion of Lauri Costa, who lives on the streets of Passo Fundo in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Over a week ago, Lauri was violently assaulted and hit was stone in the face. He was taken to emergency hospital and Seco followed him. While being treated, Lauri was diagnosed with skin cancer and...
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Animal lovers demand apology from police after dog left dying in street for nearly 90 minutes

Denver Police are under public pressure to apologize after a dog hit by a car lay for nearly 90 minutes on the road unattended until he passed away, minutes before animal control arrived. Denver resident Ross Knapp said that on Wednesday night, police prevented him from helping the dog who was gasping for breath. Knapp said he gave the dog some water and tried to assist him several times but police turned him away. "I...
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Search and Rescue Bloodhound elected as new mayor of town

A bloodhound named Pa Kettle was elected mayor of Divide, Colorado, after an intense mayoral election between Pa Kettle and a slew of other animals including several other dogs, a cat, a wolf, a hedgehog, and a horse.The town has a population of around 130 and doesn’t have a human mayor. Instead, every year they hold elections online between local animals to help raise funds for the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter. People can vote...
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Life is about the journey! (Video)

Jax waited patiently for the perfect family to come calling.  Not everyone is looking for a blind and deaf dog, but he knew the right family would present itself at the right time and he couldn't have been more right!       This is Jax's original article:   While just seven months old, Jax was found wandering the streets of Yucaipa, CA.  He had an obvious vision impairment and couldn't seem to hear anything,...
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Shih Tzu puppy learns an adorable trick (VIDEO)

Cooper the Shih Tzu learned this adorable trick when he was just three months old. What a smart little guy! Related: Border Collie sticks out tongue on cue (video) Cute Dachshund puppy sticks out tongue while sleeping (video)
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Dog's funny reaction to visiting the vet (VIDEO)

Watch what this dogs does every time he goes to the vet! What a cutie pie! Related: Helpful dog at vet's office gives out receipts (video) Dog's funny reaction when she realizes where she is Dog has different feelings about going to the vet vs the park (photos)
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Mini Bull Terrier's funny zoomies on the bed (VIDEO)

Ripley the mini Bull Terrier gets a serious case of the zoomies! Related: Playful dog gets the zoomies and flies around the house (video) Energetic dog bounces off couches (video) Playful Old English Sheepdog has the zoomies (video)
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