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48 small dogs locked in cages their whole lives rescued from puppy mill

48 dogs have a brighter future ahead after being rescued from a puppy mill in Tennessee, the United States of America. Animal Rescue Corps was called out to assist Gibson County Sheriff's Department after the dogs were found living in horrendous conditions at the breeding facility in Gibson County, located about two hours west of Nashville. The dogs were living in their own urine and feces and in various stages of neglect, which violated both...
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Puppy taken for first swim with his caring dad

It's cuteness overload! This adorable little puppy is having his first swimming lesson with his dad. Dad makes sure to comfort and reassure his puppy as he gets wet and takes a few tentative doggy paddles in the water. He's going to need a few more swimming lessons, but we think he’ll get the hang of it. Dad's got his back!
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Woman sings her dog to sleep after bath time

Watch this little Yorkie being preciously sung to sleep with "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" after her weekly bath time. As you can clearly see, she loves being rocked to sleep.
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How This Dog Greets His Dad Every Day Is So Heartwarming

This dog's human shares adorable footage of how his dog welcomes him home every single day. Best welcome home ever! 
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Corgi is ecstatic to be reunited with owner

This Corgi and his human are each others' biggest fans. You can tell by the fact that dad wears a Corgi tshirt and is eager to see his dog after being two weeks away. And the way the Corgi reacts when he sees his dad? The sweetest! Their precious reunion will definitely brighten your day. Cue the music!
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Cat Breastfeeds Puppy Who Lost His Mother

Sometimes animals find their family in the most unlikely places. In the case of this puppy in Brazil, he found an adoptive mother in the family's cat. As the person who posted the video wrote, "The puppy in this video lost his mother a few days after he was born, and seeing that our cat just recently had kittens, we decided to put him in the litter of kittens as well. The cat immediately took...
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Talkative dog has hilarious conversation with his family

At his little human's prompting Charlie starts a conversation with his family and has a lot to say. What do you think he's telling them? All we can hear is "blah, blah, blah". :-)
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Water-loving Westie refuses to exit pool

Christy the Westie loves, LOVES, her pool. When she's not diving into the water, she enjoys paddling around with her mom. But don't you dare put her out of the water! She'll just turn around and jump back in!
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Newfie thinks he's tricked his owner until she tricks him back

Samson the Newfoundland pretends to bring his human her boot, but he has an ulterior motive. He wants to play tug-of-war! Samson's human is caught off guard, but watch his face when she turns the table on him. Hilarious! These two are so sweet.
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French Bulldogs Get Adorably Excited When They Hear These Magic Words

Every dog has their favorite place. For many dogs it's the dog park. Take these two French Bulldogs. Their human just has to say the words and they start anticipating all the fun they are going to have. As their human says, "I have to be careful not to say 'dog park' around my French bulldogs because they get a little too excited." Watch what happens when he says the magic words...adorable!  
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Golden Retriever goes crazy for yoga ball

Like most Golden Retrievers Jasper loves to fetch balls. Unlike most dogs, however, Jasper loves playing with a really big ball, a yoga ball in fact. Check out Jasper's impressive skills with the ball at his home in Webster, New York! He looks like he's having so much fun!
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Husky puppy has the time of his life in baby pool

As soon as the baby pool is filled with water, Tripp the Husky gives it a try and by the looks of it, he absolutely loves it! 
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Lazy Bulldog only gets up for one thing

Does Maverick get up for a walk? Cheese? A toy. No. No, he won't. How about for daddy or a trip to the beach? Nope. Maverick, does, however, have one passion in life that he will get up for and it took us completely by surprise. Apparently, his owners can't even spell the word out anymore because Maverick will immediately know what they're saying! We have a feeling Maverick gets a lot of treats and...
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45 Rescue Dogs Go For a Run in Their New Pen

We all know dogs love to run free. That's what makes this video so special. Here, a rescue pack is about to be let into their new outdoors enclosure for the first time.  Mark Stamer with Some Dogs Are Angels rescue writes, "We live with 45 dogs and a Grey Wolf. A new 4-acre play enclosure had just been built for them and the video shows them first being let loose to play in it." ...
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German Shepherd puppy's first swim is cutest sight ever

It's Kimber the German Shepherd's first attempt at swimming at 8-weeks-old. Just wait 'til you see how she does. She's a natural and has no fear!
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Westie makes magnificent pool dive in slow motion

Christy the Westie loves to swim. She also loves to dive into the pool and shows off her best form in slow motion below. How would you rate it? For a little dog I think she's got a lot of technique!
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9 Dog Photos That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Dog just have a way of making us smile. Take these 9 dogs. A few have gotten into unexpected situations. Others have the cutest expressions. All are hilarious! 1. "This is why you shouldn't leave your kids alone with the dog." 2. "The best dog you'll see all day" 3. "human wtf is this little ugly dog doing on me" 4. "I don't think she likes that particular mask." 5. 6. "Always thought this blanket...
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German Shepherd puppies adorably tilt their heads

These two cute 10-week-old German Shepherd puppies have heard a noise that's caught their attention. So much so, that they adorably tilt their heads in unison to get a better listen!
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Clever dog uses bodyboard to retrieve ball from the pool

Abby the Labrador Retriever knows that there's a way she can fetch her beloved ball in the pool without even getting wet. Watch her strategically navigate her bodyboard directly to the exact location of the ball!  In case anyone is wondering, she jumps onto the board herself too! Watch the video below to see Abby jump onto the board to fetch her ball!  According to Abby's humans, she loves her bodyboard and will play in...
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Arizona city passes anti-tethering law to protect dogs

The city of Phoenix in Arizona has passed an anti-tethering law to protect dogs. The Phoenix City Council passed the ordinance on Wednesday June 1, 2016 which will ban cruel tethering and aid law enforcement in pursuing animal cruelty cases. “Every year we have animals who die on a tether because they couldn’t reach water or they couldn’t reach shade,” said Chris West, field operations manager for the Arizona Humane Society. The new law prohibits...
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