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Browse through articles to find the newest stories around the world about dogs, in depth articles about canine health issues, shared videos, and informative pieces and best practices guides on a whole range of dog-related issues, such as rescue, adoption, and advocating.

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Featured Articles

10 Before and After Photos that Show What Love Does to an Unwanted Dog

These 10 pictures of dogs before their rescue and after reveal what an incredible change comes over a dog when they are taken from a terrible environment and given love and care. It's beautiful to see! "Charlie wasn't eating or responding. He's in wonderful hands now and is most importantly, smiling!" "My baby Pepper, before and after I adopted her from the pound." "I think Leela likes her new backyard better than the Humane Society."...
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City sets "no-kill" goal for animal shelter and succeeds

No healthy pets were euthanized in a Canadian city after the city council made it a priority to create a no-kill, pro-adoption initiative. The city of London, Ontario directed London Animal Care and Control to meet a no-kill direction back in 2013 after animal welfare activists complained that the shelter was euthanizing too many healthy homeless animals. In response, the shelter set out to create a support network not only in the community but across...
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9 small happinesses that only a dog lover will understand

Do you ever have those moments when you realize the small ways your dog makes you happy? Maybe it's the way they look at you when they want a treat, or how they snore when they sleep. There's always that small gesture or behavior that brings on the feels. The ones that only a pet parent can truly understand!  1. You get to wake up with someone who is always excited to start the day!...
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16 Dogs Whose Expressions Will Bring A Grin To Your Face

Feeling "blah" about the day and need a "pick-me-up"? These 16 pictures of funny dogs will help. From puppies exploring the bathroom to a dog finding something unexpected on the front porch, their lovable expressions and funny antics show why you can always count on dogs to cheer you up! 1. A dog chillin' 2. A dog freaking out! 3. The look you get when a dog is not impressed by what you are doing....
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New Yorkers could face stiffer penalties for leaving dogs out in the cold

New York legislators are pushing through multiple proposals related to pet and wildlife welfare, one of which is directed at leaving dogs outside in extreme weather. Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal is advocating for the changes and pointed out that the current penalties are too lax. “It’s just common sense that when the temperature is below freezing and there is nearly 30 inches of snow on the ground, your dogs should be indoors, safe and warm,” she...
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Dog owners less neurotic than cat owners and happiest overall, says study

There's always been debate among pet owners about whether dogs make better than cats. A new study comes out in favor of dogs with some compelling evidence that suggests that owning a dog makes you happier and more satisfied with your life overall. "Dog owners were higher in well-being, more conscientious, less neurotic, and marginally more extraverted and agreeable than cat owners,” the study states. The researcher team at Manhattanville College in New York recruited...
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Musician’s new restaurant donating all profits to animal welfare groups

It’s not every day that you hear about a restaurant that donates all its profits to animal welfare organizations, but a new restaurant spearheaded by musician Moby does just that. His new restaurant, Little Pine, opened in November last year in Los Angeles, California and donates 100% of the profits to animal welfare groups such as The Humane Society, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Farm Sanctuary and Mercy for Animals. Moby’s hopes are to promote vegetarian...
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Authorities ask for help to find driver who shoved dog out of car into middle of the road

A dog was pushed out of a Jeep in the middle of the road only to be struck by another car while chasing after his heartless owner who was abandoning him. On January 18, 2016 around 4 p.m., a witness driving in Moriches, New York, saw an individual open the passenger side door of an older model Jeep Grand Cherokee and push a dog out, said Roy Gross, Chief of the Suffolk County SPCA. The...
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12 Pit Bulls Who Have The Perfect Pibble Smile

These 12 Pit Bulls know when to break into a smile. Their toothy grins will charm you into giving them treats, cuddles and that walk outdoors. It's what their humans call the "perfect pibble smile"! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
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23 dogs with heartwarming reactions to their new human siblings

Do you remember the moment you met your first dog? Or the moment your dog met the new baby in the family? Here are 23 pictures of dogs bonding with their human siblings. They'll warm your heart! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.
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600 animals seized from Haven shelter

It’s one of the ASPCA's largest rescue operations in 150 years. At least 600 animals have been seized at the 100-acre Hoke County animal shelter known as “The Haven - Friends for Life”. Linden and Stephen Spear, owners of The Haven, ran the shelter/rescue in Raeford, North Carolina and have been charged with abuse after the ASPCA helped authorities conduct a raid. Authorities found 300 dogs, 250 cats, 40 horses and several other farm animals...
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Ohio town votes down proposed Pit Bull ban

The city council of Shaker Heights in Ohio voted down proposed legislation that would ban Pit Bulls from the city. After five public hearings over four months, City Council voted it down 5-2 on January 12, 2016. The ban was proposed last November after an elderly woman was killed by a Pit bull in July. 71-year-old Annie Williams of Cleveland was mauled to death by a pit bull out front of a relative’s home. The...
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City pays $262,500 to family whose dog was fatally shot by police

A dog owner who 3 years ago was hoping for justice for his dog Chloe after police shot and killed her has been awarded one of the largest financial settlements in U.S. history for the death of someone’s pet. The city of  Commerce City has paid $262,500 to Gary Branson, the owner of the chocolate lab-mix named Chloe. She was killed by police while she was at a relative’s home in Commerce City, Colorado after...
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No-kill shelter in "big trouble" after blizzard

A Baltimore animal shelter is begging for help after being buried by snow from the blizzard (snowstorm Jonas) that hit the Northeast United States. Wendy Goldbland with the Baltimore Humane Society told ABC news that they were in "big, big trouble" on Saturday after snow caused a number of problems for privately-run no kill shelter, which depends solely on community support. With only a staff of six, and over 100 animals, the shelter had no...
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Dogs in the bed could be good for your sleep

Does your pet interrupt your sleep or help you sleep better? A recent study set out to answer this question and the results turned out to contradict earlier studies. Although a 2014 Mayo Clinic study found that more than half the patients visiting its sleep clinic were pet owners whose sleep was disturbed by their cats or dogs, a new study has revealed exactly the opposite. That is, that sleeping with your cat or dog...
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14 pictures that perfectly sum up life with a furry pet

When you get a furry pet, you better be ready to live with the consequences. Never will your black wool sweater be without an embedded hair or two. Your socks will collect fur balls from the floor better than your vacuum cleaner. And no matter how hard you try, you are going to find that hair in your food at least once or twice a week. Just get used to it, like these pet owners...
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Pet owners in Maryland face $500 fines if they leave animals outside during blizzard

With extremely cold temperatures sweeping into Maryland over the next several days, the Montgomery County Animal Services announced it would be enforcing their executive regulation that requires dogs to be brought inside during weather emergencies. If dog owners violate the ordinance, they could face a $500 fine. A blizzard watch has been issued in Maryland, with up to 2 feet in snow forecast for the weekend.The enforcement of the regulation goes into effect during periods...
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20 Adorable But Naughty Pet "Criminal" Duos

Let’s face it. If you’re going to do something naughty, like steal food or poop in the wrong place at the wrong time, then it’s better to have a partner in crime. They can watch your back, come up with a plan to hide any incriminating evidence or enjoy the spoils along with you. They’ll also keep you company if you’re caught and shamed. Take these pets, for example. I bet they’re pretty happy that...
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Dog owners must bring dogs inside when temperatures drop to 20 degrees in Indianapolis

Dog owners are now required by law to bring their pets inside when it's 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 C) outside in Indianapolis. WWTV reports that the Indianapolis Animal Care and Treatment Ordinance, which defines the extreme low and high temperatures at which point dog owners must bring their dog inside, added the new rule last year and it took effect this year. The ordinanace also specifies that an owner must bring a pet inside if...
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Volunteer pilots have helped save over 87,000 shelter dogs

Did you know over 87,000 shelter dogs have been saved from euthanasia thanks to volunteer pilots? If not for the generosity of thousands of volunteer pilots who have coordinated missions of air transport for at-risk shelter dogs these dogs would likely have been added to shelter statistics of euthanized pets. source: Pilots N Paws Organizations such as Pilots N Paws and Wings of Rescue have been working for years flying death-row dogs from shelters with...
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