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Two French Bulldogs have the funniest conversation (VIDEO)

Manny is showing his pal Frank how to speak like a French Bulldog. But he can't seem to figure out why Frank just keeps snorting. I love it when dogs talk! Related: Talking French Bulldog gives mom an earful (video)  Excited French Bulldog puppy welcomes his human home (video)  German Shepherd has cutest reaction to video of talking husky (video)   
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Dogs have feelings too: Heartbreaking video shows family burying dogs brother

Everyone has a different way of approaching grief and sharing the news with loved ones when a family member dies. One decision a pet parent can make is to show a deceased family pet to another pet. Will this help the surviving pet understand the loss? It’s difficult to know. In the case of this family, they decided to let their dog witness the burial of their dog. This dog is upset that his brother...
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Duct-taped dog abandoned in the desert defies the odds

Tundra was found in a field in the middle of the Coachella Valley in California. He had been abandoned and left to die in the extreme desert heat with duct tape wrapped around his mouth. Incredibly emaciated the Pit Bull/American Bulldog mix somehow found a way to survive about a week without water or food!  Coachella Valley animal shelter picked him up and named him Tundra because of his incredible resilience. The were unable to...
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English Bulldog puppy plays most adorable game of peek-a-boo (VIDEO)

Benny the English Bulldog puppy plays the most adorable game of peek-a-boo with his human! Related: Cute Dachshund puppy spies on guardian (video)  Dog's adorable peek-a-boo (gif)  Adorable Great Dane plays peek-a-boo (video) 
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Dogs making funny faces (VIDEO)

Some dogs can make the funniest faces! Watch these dogs crack a toothy grin for their humans! Related: Funny humans and dogs match expressions (photos)  17 of the grumpiest dogs on the Internet. They will make you smile but they dont' care.  
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Two dumped dogs comforting each other at high-kill shelter urgently need to find a home

Two dogs entered a high-kill shelter separately and had never met. But as soon as they were placed in a kennel together, the two frightened dogs looked to each other for comfort. A photo of the two dogs huddling together in Florida's Orange County Animal Services high-kill animal shelter is spreading online in the hopes of finding the two mixed breed dogs a home in time to save their lives. Second Chance Animal Rescue NYC...
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Funny Rottweiler purrs when he gets attention (VIDEO)

It sounds a bit scary at first, but this Rottie loves to purr when he gets hugged! 
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Cockatoo feeds Great Danes treats (VIDEO)

Spike the Umbrella Cockatoo feeds his best friends some Milk-Bones. Best friend ever!
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Adorable toddler and dog share a howl together (VIDEO)

Friends that howl together stay together! Chris and Shadow are best friends and know how to talk to each other. Related: Cute puppy learns how to howl from dad (video)  Adorable singing duet between little girl and Rottweiler (video) Talented Bloodhound and harmonica-playing toddler duet (video) 
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Formerly abused Pit Bull changing people's attitudes with his winning smile and loving heart

When Scratchy was rescued by Bully Paws Pit Bull Patriots he was severely underweight, with a severe case of mange and his ears had been cropped and mangled will scissors. The young dog had been found in a plastic-wrapped crate in a dumpster in Richmond, Virginia with another dog who did not survive. Ann-Marie Johnson volunteered with the Pit Bull group and after seeing how he was in desperate need of fostering, she stepped forward...
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Rescued Pit Bull saves 8-year-old from swarm of bees

A family is calling their rescued Pit Bull a hero after the dog helped save an 8-year-old from a swarm of bees. Jesse Cole Shaver was playing with his sister and friends near a creek when one of them stepped on a rotten log, breaking a bee nest. The kids tried running back up the hill toward home for help, but Jesse got stuck on the hill. “Hades saw me and came and dragged me...
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Dog pleads guilty when confronted with human's broken glasses (VIDEO)

After Stephanie Lynn's glasses went missing, she decided to look in the backyard after searching everywhere else. She found what's left of them and decided to ask her dog, Rooney, if he knew what happened to them. His reaction told her everything she needed to know! Related: Guilty Bulldog confesses in the cutest way possible (video) Guilty dogs compilation (video)
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Patio dining for dogs now allowed under new law in California

Restaurant goers have dined with their dogs on outoor patios in California for years, but it has not been legal until now. Dogs in California will soon be allowed to enjoy a meal with their humans at restaurants outdoors thanks to a new law signed by Governor Jerry Brown.  This week, the governor signed Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada’s "dining with dogs" bill into law. It allows restaurants to open their outdoor dining areas to people who...
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Adorable Jack Russell Terrier puppy sits on cat's face (VIDEO)

A newborn Jack Russell puppy named Murphy wants to say "hello" to Nunnie the cat and introduces himself. How he does it comes as a surprise to Nunnie! Related: Funny dog thinks he's being polite greeting cat (gif)  Puppy finds the most unusual place to sit (video)
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Dog tied up in bag and dumped in field gets rescued (VIDEO)

A dog tied up and abandoned in a field was luckily found by some men. One of the men is seen untying a bag and gingerly stepping back for safety. A few moments later, what appears to be a German Shepherd emerges from the bag and shakes himself off. The poster of the video did not share any additional information to what happened to the dog, but I'm hoping that the men (who were out...
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Boarding, The Musical! (VIDEO)

    Both of these amazing dogs were rescued from high-kill shelters and are now available for adoption. People who adopt dogs from Coastal GSR always ask the same thing- "How did this awesome dog wind up at a kill shelter?" Most of the time we don't know the answer to that, but we do know that there are millions of amazing dogs who have the same fate. While the shelters can only give them so...
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Pregnant mom lets her puppy know she’s going to be a big sister (VIDEO)

Stephanie Sayler has something important to tell her dog, Junie in this sweet video… she’s going to be a big sister soon!  Related: Husky meets family's newborn baby for the first time (video) Dogs meeting babies for the very first time compilation (video)  Sweet Beagle helps his human change baby's diapers (video) 
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Dogs sharing funny moments with their humans compilation (VIDEO)

When you have a dog in your life, every day is a day to celebrate! In this funny compilation to commemorate National Dog Day, these dogs help create wonderful, funny memories with their humans.
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Cute Basset Hound puppy learns how to howl (VIDEO)

Octavius the Bassett Hound is just beginning to find his voice and I think he's doing a pretty good job!
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Pit Bull plays with bubbles for the first time (VIDEO)

Diesel the Pit Bull sees bubbles for the first time and immediately wants to play with them. Note: His dad wants to reassure everyone that he loves Pitties and wrote, "i am a dog lover not a dog fighter." He added, "My dog lives a happy life and is friendly with everybody, especially kids." He also explained that Diesel's ears were cropped is something that happened a long time ago and he was not happy...
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