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His Wife Has Alzheimer's. So He Decided to Get Her A Dog and Something Wonderful Happened.

What this husband did for his wife is so touching. Bruce Anderson was looking for a way to help his wife, June, who suffers from Alzheimer's. After some research, they decided to get June a Alzheimer's service dog. When the day arrived for June to meet Sadie, the question remained would Sadie be right for June? As the video shows they needn't have worried.  
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Special needs puppy gets around with help of special 3D printed cart (PHOTOS)

A teacup Chihuahua born without front legs is getting around much easier now that he got his own specially designed 3-D printed cart. Turbo Roo was rescued by a veterinarian when he was under a pound in weight. The tiny dog needed a way to get around so the staff at the clinic built him a makeshift cart out of toy parts. It would have to do for the time being. But Turbo Roo's newly...
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French Bulldog puppy jumps into his human's arms (VIDEO)

Rocky is just 8 weeks old but already is already a fun-loving, brave little fellow! Related: Cute French Bulldog puppy protests having to go to sleep (video)  Micro the French Bulldog plays hide and seek (video)
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Great Dane and Chihuahua puppy have cutest meet and greet ever (VIDEO)

Lilly, a 12-week-old Chihuahua, meets Vago the Great Dane at the dog park and the two hit it off right away! Related: Great Dane loves to give big hugs (video)  Chihuahua steals treat from Great Dane (video)  Adorable Great Dane plays peek-a-boo (video)
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Rescued Pit Bull's short life a gift to many (VIDEO)

"To the beautiful pup who simply asked if she could make us happy. In the short four and half months when she got that chance, she came through in ways that no one could ever have imagined. She was and is a gift to the world. May she be resting now with the knowledge that her short life affected so many. We are humbled by you Lexi. Peace sweet child." So begins a eulogy to...
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Corgi enjoys a relaxing massage (VIDEO)

This Corgi enjoys a relaxing massage. He sure looks relaxed. Related: Shiba Inu enjoys a soak in the tub with rubber duckies (video)  Relaxed dog loves his bath (video) 
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Adorable Pit Bull cleans rescued baby bunny (VIDEO)

Sharky the Pit Bull found a wild baby cottontail bunny in the backyard and adopted him. First thing to to is give the bunny a bath! This is so sweet! Related: Pit Bull loves hanging out with farm animals (video)  Gentle Pit Bull shows unconditional love for all of his friends (video) 
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Stray dog hit by a car finds shelter under homeless man's cart (VIDEO)

A stray dog was hit by a car and found refuge with a homeless man, who found the injured dog. The little dog was hurt and needed medical attention. LA on Cloud 9 is an organization that helps homeless people. When they found out about the dog they contacted Hope For Paws and asked for help. What happened next is simply wonderful! The dog, now named Jackson, is looking for his forever home through Cuddly...
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Baby and dog out for a jog are adorable (VIDEO)

Is the dog taking the baby for a jog or is the baby taking the dog for jog? Related: Toddler takes dachshund for walk (video) Sweet Shar Pei and toddler share adorable moment on walk together (video)  Best buddies' playtime in cardboard box (video) 
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Neglected dog chained to road sign rescued by town councillor (VIDEO)

A town councillor on his way home form an event ended up saving the life of an abandoned and abused dog. Richard Bartley was driving home on Thursday when something lying in a ditch by a road sign caught his attention. The councillor in the Canadian town of Whitchurch-Stouffville decided to pull over to investigate and what he found shocked him. A dog was chained to a sign post. She was severely emaciated, riddled with...
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Dog mimics crying baby (VIDEO)

This dog's reaction to his little human crying is so sweet. Every time the baby lets out a cry he can't help but gently howl in response.  Related:   Samoyed puppy and baby are partners in cute (video)  Gentle dog and baby share tender moment (video)  Caring Golden Retriever comforts a baby with chicken pox (video)    
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USDA raises standards for puppy mill imports in effort to crack down on flow of sick puppies for resale

The rules for importing puppies into the United States are about to get a whole lot tougher in an effort to stem the flow of puppy mill puppies coming into the country. Foreign breeders have gone unregulated for years and as result puppies that are too young or are sick are dying before even reaching a U.S. import.  The new regulations will require foreign breeders to meet stronger health and safety standards for the puppies...
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Dog befriends baby horse on farm (VIDEO)

Jessica caught this incredible moment on camera when visiting her grandma in Olathe, Colorado. Her dog and a one-week-old baby horse met on the farm and bonded immediately. I think they’re gonna be friends for life! Related: Dog and baby horse play together (video)  Horse and dog love playing together (video)   
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Golden Retriever takes his Blankie everywhere (VIDEO)

Otus the Golden Retriever shares a lot in common with the Peanuts' Linus...he loves carrying his blankie everywhere! Otus' parents write, "Most every morning our Golden Retriever, Otus, drags his blanket out of the bedroom, and takes it outside with him to lay on. He's just about mastered the technique of walking without stepping on the blanket." Dogs are so sweet and funny!   Related: Corgi carries around blanket even when fetching (video) Smart dog...
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Dog transforms into "mud monster" at the park (VIDEO)

Brego the Pit Bull viisted the park and found a wonderful place to have some fun - a mud puddle. As humans and dogs looked on, Brego transformed into a "hippo-pig-alligator"!  It sure looks like Brego had a lot of fun rolling around in the mud. It was a different story for his human. She describes the aftermath as AWFUL. "Like a nasty combination of swamp-ass and dog poo. Even after two baths and a...
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Dog becomes town's newly elected mayor (VIDEO)

A dog in Minnesota town has been elected mayor in what the town is calling a “landslide” victory. Residents could vote for anyone they wanted in the 5-week campaign-less election. The twelve people who live in the small town of Cormorant each paid a dollar to cast their votes.  Seven-year-old Duke won by a wide margin. "He doesn’t know how to handle this publicity," said resident Tricia Maloney jokingly. The Great Pyrenees was treated to...
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Surveillance camera captures street dog's rescued from canal (VIDEO)

A street dog fell into a canal and had no way to get out until a Good Samaritan came to his aid. A surveillance camera in Guayaquil, Ecuador caught the entire dramatic rescue on camera. The video shows the dog stuck at the bottom of the canal and unable to climb up on the steep embankment. People walked by until one passerby noticed the dog in trouble and climbed over the railing to get the...
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Dog super excited to meet new family kitten (VIDEO)

Kip the Rat Terrier gets really excited meeting the newest member of the family - Lizzie the tabby kitten. Related: Friendly Husky wants to be friends with cat (video) Retired military working dog meets his first kitten (video) 
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French Bulldog tries to reach his tennis ball (VIDEO)

So close and yet so far!!! Blanky the French Bulldog wants his ball but it's frustratingly out of reach. Come here ball! Related: Adorable French Bulldog puppy wants to get up on the couch (video) Cute French Bulldog puppy protests having to go to sleep (video) 
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Kitten kicks Dachshund out of cat house (VIDEO)

When this kitten notices the Dachshund in his house he demands the dog get out!  Related: Cats stealiing dogs beds (video)  Dog steals blanket from cat (video)
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