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10 inspiring dog rescues (VIDEO)

Stuck in an icy lake, stranded in a flooding river, or caught on the edge of a water fall, these 10 dogs all found themselves in dangerous, life-threatening situations until these amazing people came to the rescue!  
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Sheep dog takes care of unusual flock

Chip is a third-generation working farm dog who looks after more than 2000 animals. But his flock is not made up of the usual sheep or cattle. Instead he takes care of emus!  Photo: The Daily Telegraph The 8-year-old Kelpie looks after the birds and rounds them up for his Australian owner Jeff Long. Every morning and night Chip herds the emu chicks and rides with Jeff on a quad bike, guarding him from the...
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Goldendoodle takes foster dog for a ride (VIDEO)

Watch as Cooper the Goldendoodle takes his foster brother Teddy, the Shih Tzu, for a ride. 
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Dog discovered to be allergic to people gets a helping hand

When Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue saw a tiny black Labrador Retriever at their local shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana, they figured they would be able to help him. It looked like the dog, who they named Adam, had flea dermatitis. With regular medicinal bathing, proper nutrition and a stress-free environment, the rescue though Adam would be on the road to recovery.  Or so they thought! While they were nursing him back to health, they got a...
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Cute puppy has special way to get down stairs VIDEO)

Bracken the Labrador puppy figured out his own special way of going down the stairs. According to his parents, he still does it occasionally, but it's a bit less graceful! Related: Silly Boxer's funny morning ritual includes sliding down the stairs (video) Cute Pug's unique way of getting up the stairs (video)   Puppy surfs down stairs (video) 
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State Trooper saves Pit Bull puppy from traffic

A State Trooper came to the rescue of a Pit Bull puppy after the 2-month-old dog ran into a busy roadway in Somerville, Mssachusetts.  Trooper Brian Boike was on detail on Tuesday morning when he spotted the puppy named Bella run out into traffic. "Trooper Boike was able to corral the puppy and return her to her owner," wrote the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page. Thanks to Trooper Boike's quick thinking, Bella is alive and...
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German Shepherd waking up makes everyone laugh (VIDEO)

When Dex the German Shepherd wakes from a deep sleep he makes everyone smile and laugh with his funny face! He's so cute!
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Kitten and English Bulldog puppy love each other's company (VIDEO)

English bulldog puppy Nuysha and kitten Sonia are best friends! The cute pair love sharing time together exploring and playing!
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Funny Golden Retriever has a blast in pile of leaves (VIDEO)

Stella enjoys a romp in the leaves to fetch her ball! She also pulls out her classic "slide onto the grass" move, which made her become a viral sensation! (her funny way of stopping is just how she cools down on the grass). She looks like she's having a blast in her leaf pile!  Related: Stella the Labrador Retriever puts on the brakes when playing fetch (video)   Playful Siberian Husky does the most adorable thing...
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Stylish Shiba Inu loves showing off men's fashion (VIDEO)

This stylish male model turns heads everywhere he goes. He's handsome and he's a Shiba Inu. Bodhi the Shiba Inu lives in NYC and is better known as "Menswear Dog". Bodhi is a fashion model. Photo: Instagram His parents started dressing him up for fun and after posting pictures online they soon caught the attention of major brands! Bodhi's dad David Fung was surprised by the response and jokingly said, "Hey did we just become...
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Ailing elderly man reunited with his beloved dog at hospital

After they had exhausted all medical treatments, doctors for James Watham prescribed a non-traditional medicine for the ailing 73-year-old. Visits from his best friend - his dog Bubba - were in order. James has been hospitalized since September at Baptist Health Corbin. He had to leave his dog behind when he went to hospital. Bubba has been James' constant companion, after the senior was given the dog with one eye 5 years ago and he...
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Dog transforms the life of suicidal autistic boy and his family

Toby Turner's parents were at their wits end after he was kicked out of school for the third time. Suffering from autism, Toby would get overwhelmed in class and ended up kicking and hitting his teachers. The 8-year-old boy was so distraught at his own actions, he began to have suicidal thoughts. His mother, Vikky told the Mirror UK that he began to tell her she would have been better off if he had never...
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Girl's tea party with Newfie takes unexpected turn (VIDEO)

Sebastien the Newfie wasn't that interested in Sierra's tea party until she announced it was time for crumpets...I think you can guess what happened next! 
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Dog interrupts soccer match in Argentina to get belly rubs (VIDEO)

An unexpected visitor on the soccer pitch got an unusually warm welcome in Argentina. A black dog walked onto the field in the middle of a game between  Belgrano and Quilmes just before half-time, halting play. When he was approached by Quilmes player Sebastian Romero he rolled over and got a belly rub! Teammate Jonathan Zacaria then picked up the dog and carried it to the sidelines. It's wonderful to see how these players  calmly...
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Dogs having adorable arguments with their humans (VIDEO)

Sometimes dogs can be really stubborn, especially when it comes to asking for a speical treat or getting some extra attention. It's not so much that they're arguing with their humans as much as persuading....LOL! Related: Grumpy dogs argue with their owners (video)  Pug protests new sleeping arrangements (video)  Naughty Siberian Husky protests going to bed (video)
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Touching poem a tribute to the loss of best friend (VIDEO)

Writing about the loss of a pet can be very cathartic. Even years after we've lost our best friend, the memories are still fresh and writing about them helps a lot. AJ Barlow wrote this poem in memory of his childhood friend, Chevy, a Black Lab who was always there for him. AJ writes, "I hope this poem can bring comfort to anyone who has lost their pets."
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Scientific study shows why women may think of their dogs as their children

Calling our dogs our "fur kids" and ourselves "pet parents" may not be so far-fetched as some people may believe. Many people have a strong emotional attachment to their dogs. They often liken this bond to the same feeling they have towards their children. A recent scientific study reveals that women's brains respond in similar ways to dogs and children. The study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital and recently published in PLOS ONE scanned the brains...
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Dallas Ebola patient's dog will be kept safe while she undergoes treatment

A few hours after a Dallas health care worker tested positive for Ebola, her home was being decontaminated, neighbors had received notifications and her dog was shepherded to an undisclosed location to be quarantined.  Unlike the dog named Excalibur in Spain, who was euthanized by authorities over ebola fears, the mayor of Dallas told USA TODAY that the dog of Nina Pham will be "kept safe for eventual reunion with its owner". "This was a new...
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Golden Retriever wants to join girl on her pool float (VIDEO)

Milo the Golden Retriever wants to join Maddy on her pool float!  She gives him one but Milo doesn't really want his own float he wants to lay on top of her on "their" float!  Related: Clever dog floats in pool to get ball (video) Golden Retrievers knows how to relax in the pool (video)
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Golden Retriever teaches puppy how to get down the stairs (VIDEO)

Japan the Golden Retriever instructs his neighbor's puppy how to use the stairs. Japan's teaching style isn’t so much showing as it is telling, but he gives the little guy an encouraging paton the back and he gets down safely! Related: Boy teaches puppy how to go down the stairs (video) Sweet puppy teaches timid foster puppy how to get down the stairs Cautious dog's approach to climbing the stairs (video)  
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