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17 Funny Dogs Who Regret Getting Stuck

Has your dog ever managed to get themselves stuck into a tight spot that has you scratching your head? Maybe it's because they love exploring and didn't realize the consequences of their actions. Or maybe they wanted to say "hello" to another dog and got a little bit too overzealous. Sometimes the hilarious "disasters" happen when playing or when around the home. Here are 17 dogs who realize they've just made a huge mistake! 1....
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7-Week-Old Puppies Learn to Pee on Command

Who thought potty training could be so cute? These 7-week-old Waypoint Weimaraner puppies are getting an early start on their training. Not only are they very smart, but they're also great listeners and when their human dad tells them "go pee" they do...except for that one straggler. But we think he'll get the hang of it like his siblings before long. Susan Rueger writes, "Peeing on command comes in handy for house and crate training...
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Sad dog spends night on public bus after being left behind by his owner

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier appears to have been left by his owner on a London bus. Whether on purpose or by accident isn’t known, but bus driver Amos Paul Mak wants to make sure the dog gets help. Mak found the dog on board his bus on Thursday night while on his Leytonstone route. The dog was sitting all alone in the pram and wheelchair area. Mak posted a picture of the forlorn dog on...
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Owner Adorably Communicates With Puppy Only Through Barking

Arnie the French Bulldog has a full "conversation" with his owner in this adorable clip. They go back and forth and seem to fully understand what they're saying. Can anyone translate what they're talking about?
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10 Loyal Dogs Who Are Always By Their Human's Side

Dogs are our best friends. They’ll snuggle us when we’re sad, they’ll play with us when we’re happy and they never want to let us out of their sight. It doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping, cooking or in the bathroom…they want to be by your side. 1. A protective paw on your shoulder. 2. The look of love! 3. "I just want to hold your hand." 4. They’re with you for every special occasion. “My...
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48 Labrador Retrievers rescued from horrific living conditions at puppy mill

Forty-eight of America’s favorite breed of dog were rescued from an unlicensed breeding facility after a concerned citizen notified authorities.  35 adult yellow Labrador Retrievers and 13 puppies were seized by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office from horrific conditions at a property in Elmwood, Wisconsin on April 22nd. The Labradors were found all living indoors in small, dirty travel crates without access to food or water.  The ASPCA and Animal Humane Society (AHS) assisted authorities...
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Dogs can improve health for seniors says study

A new study by the University of Missouri reports that seniors’ health can greatly benefit if they have a dog. Benefits include a lower body mass index, fewer visits to the doctor, an increase in exercise, and more active social life. The team found that seniors also benefitted from the emotional bonds they form with their dogs. Seniors who have stronger bonds with their pets were found to be more likely to walk their dog...
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Little Girl Serenades Foster Dog So She Doesn't Miss Her Mom

It's not easy for families when a loved one has to go to a far away place to work and leave everyone behind. It can be especially hard for pets, who wonder where their humans have gone for long periods of time. For Laila the Pit Bull and her mom, Petty Officer Second Class Baez, their separation was going to be especially difficult. Baez was facing a difficult situation after her foster plans for Laila...
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Rescued dog has been waiting 3 years for a home to call his own

Tully is an American Bulldog mix who came in to Hempstead Animal shelter as a stray and was then rescued by Road to Home Rescue after he was put on the euthanasia list. That was 3 years ago and since then he's spent his life in a boarding facility. A Home For Tully wrote, "Look at Tully's ADORABLE face! But the reality is Tully has spent his entire life in a cage and we are...
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Firemen take off their shirts to help rescue puppies and shelter pets

Everyday, firefighters help rescue people and pets in countries around the world. And many firefighters also donate their time to help raise funds for charities, including  animal rescues. That's what this group of firefighters in Australia are doing by stripping off their clothes and being photographed for the annual Firefighter’s Calendar Australia! This year, the handsome hunks were joined by some furry and adorably photogenic rescue puppies! That’s because the proceeds for the upcoming 2017...
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20 Funny Dog Memes That Will Have You In Stitches

There’s just something about dog memes that make me laugh so much more than other memes. Maybe it’s because they mirror what life is like with a dog - they always make me smile.  Check out these 20 memes that are sure to tickle the funny bone! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. \ 18. 19. 20.
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Adorable dog learns to give hugs to his little human

The only thing better than a dog is a dog who loves to hug! This adorable Boxer just has to hear the magic word and he instantly gives this little boy a big hug!
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"World's Oldest Dog" thought to be 30 years old has passed away

Maggie the Australian Kelpie just might have been the world's oldest dog. Thought to be 30 years old, the dog died peacefully in her sleep. Her owner, Brian McLaren, said he believed Maggie was 30 years old (200 years in dog years), but hadn't been able to prove her age because he lost her original paperwork years ago. But he remembers getting Maggie when she was 8-weeks old and his youngest son, Liam, was 4....
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Pit Bulls no longer automatically deemed "vicious" in Ohio town

The town of Newark, Ohio no longer designates Pit Bulls as a vicious breed thanks to the Newark City Council approving a proposal that removes breed-specific language from the city’s dog ordinance. The new ordinance is now behavior-based. Previously, the ordinance automatically labelled Pit Bulls as vicious and affected a number of dog owners in the town negatively. The new ordinance goes into effect in 30 days and marks a vicious dog as any dog...
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64 Pit Bulls saved during dogfighting bust

64 Pit Bulls were rescued after a suspected dog fighting ring was raided by authorities this week. The joint effort between the ASPCA, Rock Island Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Quad Cities Federal Gang Task Force saw a year-long investigation culminate in 10 search warrants being executed in Rock Island, Illinois. “After search warrants were served Thursday morning by the FBI, responders discovered dogs tethered on heavy chains and training devices consistent...
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Puppy Mill dogs no longer to be sold at pet stores in the U.S's fifth largest city

Philadelphia has joined other U.S. cities such as Boston, Los Angeles and Phoenix in banning the sales of puppies and kittens at pet stores. This past Thursday, the nation’s fifth largest city unanimously passed legislation banning the sale of commercially bred pets at retail stores as well as at flea markets and roadsides. The decision is meant to restrict the sales of backyard breeders and puppy mills. Pennsylvania is known as one of the largest...
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Dad sweetly lulls baby girl and puppy to sleep at same time (VIDEO)

When it comes to getting his baby girl and pup to go to sleep, this dad has it figured out. This absolutely precious moment captures baby and puppy falling asleep at the same time while dad reads them a bedtime story. 
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16 Bulldog Puppies that are the Definition of Cuteness

Those bellies, those wrinkles, the cuteness! There's something about Bulldog puppies that just makes you want to tickle their belly buttons and squeeze them close!  Check out these 16 adorable hunky, chunky pups! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.    
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17 Unique Mutts Who Are Lovable No Matter What

Whether you call them a mixed breed, mutt or mongrel, dogs of two breeds are lovable no matter what. Here are 17 unusual mixes who probably turn heads wherever they go! As adorable as these dogs are, please help support your local spay and neuter programs and remember that you will find many unusual and lovable mixes like these ones at shelters and rescues! 1. "Pitsky" (Pit Bull and Husky) 2. "Cocker Pei" (Cocker Spaniel and...
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Digging Dog Gives His Brother A Dirt Shower

Don't mind me! A dog in Thailand is so busily digging a hole in the backyard and doesn't even notice that he's covering his sleepy brother in dirt! What's even funnier is how the other dog reacts!
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