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Featured Articles

Adorable Golden Retriever Gets Carried up Escalator

Antonio the Golden Retriever knows that when he is out with his mom and dad, he's going to be well looked after. While visiting the mall, they had to go up the escalator to protect his tail, they give him a lift.  
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Awesome dog helps owner with the chores

Watch this amazing clip of a very intelligent and adorable beagle doing housework. It's amazing! Charlie really is a big help and his human completes his tasks in half the time. Plus, isn't anything better with a pup by your side? Absolutely!
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Daddy Dog Asks To Say 'Hello' To His Puppies

This sweet new dad wants to say 'hi' to his puppies, but is very polite and asks mama first. Just watch what he does to see if it's okay to approach his babies.
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Dog Has The Cutest Reaction When His Favorite Song Comes On The Radio

As soon as this puppy hears his favorite song, ‘Let It Go’ on the radio he wakes up and starts singing! That makes it official. I think it’s safe to say there isn’t anyone left on the planet who hasn’t sung along to Frozen’s hit song in the car! I love how the puppy’s ears perk up when he first hears it.
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Family's Motley Crew Of Rescue Animals Adorably Line Up For Treats

Erica Griffith has a wonderful “motley crew of rescues”. Watch as she calls in her pets one-by-one for a treat. There are her dogs Macho, Rex, Maya, Dave, Bella. Her cat Twiggy… and then there’s George. When he walks in we couldn’t stop laughing!
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Naughty Dog Tries To Charm Her Way Out Of Trouble

When this guilty dog gets caught chewing up her dog bed, her reaction is is so sweet! After catching his roommate’s Border Collie chewing up her dog bed, C.J. Huffman told the dog he was going to tell on her. C.J. didn’t yell or get angry, he simply had a serious talk about it with her. And this is what happened! Isn’t she the cutest?
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Adorable Little Dog Belts Out 'Power Ballad' With His Dad

When this adorable dog named Nanu sings, he sings with all his soul. Watch as he belts out a “power ballad” with his human, Charles Garand, accompanying on piano. What a cutie!
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Dog Finds Perfect Stick But It's Attached To A Tree

This human's German shepherd was in search for the perfect stick at the dog park and found one. There was just one small problem - it was still attached to the tree. Watch as the determined dog grabs hold and tries to get "her" stick. Her frustrated bark as she's holding on made us smile. With all that effort, we have a feeling she'll get it one day!
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Puppy's Adorable First Experience With Air Conditioning

It's a hot day and this puppy is getting his very first experience of air conditioning in the car. Much like a dog who hangs out of a car window, this puppy realizes there's cold air blowing on him and he adorably opens his mouth as if to lap up as much of the cold air as he can. Too cute!
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Rescue Dog Shows Off Her Clever Soccer Skills

Becky the rescue shelter dog shows off her clever soccer skills. She catches the ball in her mouth in the traditional doggie manner, but then she passes it back with her paw when her human asks her to "kick it"!
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Sweet Dog Gives His Little Human A Wash

Mother Leyna Ambron captured the sweetest moment between her dog Bix and her baby daughter. Bix washes the baby just like she was a puppy as they sit together! They are so cute together and are sure to be friends for life.
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Funny dog on his first car ride

A dog headed to the park or on a roadtrip with its head stuck out of a car window is the perfect picture of happiness.
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Mom Can’t Find Her Glasses, Then She Notices What Her Dog Has Done and Can’t Stop Laughing

Dogs always have a way of bringing a smile to the faces of the ones they love. Dexter the cockapoo puppy steals his mom’s reading glasses, but when he walks into the room with them, the entire family bursts out laughing at what he's done.
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Kindhearted Men Save Dog Stranded On Ice Floe

Russian fishermen were out on the water when they spotted a dog stuck on an ice floe and drifting down river. In the video clip, the kind-hearted men can be seen making their way over to the stranded dog. But the frightened and damp dog takes some convincing and paces nervously on the narrow piece of ice before the men are able to coax him over to their boat. Thankfully, they are able to convince...
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Dog Loves Taking A Soak In The Hot Tub

Nearly everyone enjoys a nice soak in the hot tub, especially when the jets are on and you can get a massage. It turns out Cuzzie the dog likes it too. "Cuzzie loves the jet in the hot tub against his back," wrote Danny Sam, describing his dog. "He doesn’t mind the hot water and will press against it and croon his pleasure. This time he was at it for five minutes."
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Sweet Dog Refuses To Leave His Little Human’s Side

Keira and Humphrey’s mom was taking care of her two babies when Humphrey the Boston Terrier jumped in Keira’s crib. You can tell he’s so happy to be close to his new best friend and playing with his mom! Years later, Keira and Humphrey are “best buds” and he still hangs out in her crib!
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Little girl loves her dog more than anything

My parents taught me how to love animals and I wanted to do the same thing for my daughter. Now I know that she loves her dog more than anything. The world could be a better place for animals if all parents did the same.
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Labrador Retriever Knows Exactly How To Cool Off On Hot Day

When it comes to cooling off on a warm summer's day, Shannon Dyer’s dog, Ace, knows exactly what to do  - he takes a refreshing dip in a pedestal water fountain! You can tell Ace thinks it’s pure bliss!
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Dog Has Adorable Encounter With Baby Bunny Rabbit

What happens when a Yellow Labrador Retriever named Meg meets a wild baby bunny? You’re about to find out in this super sweet video. Meg encounters a tiny baby rabbit and the rabbit is instantly smitten with her. No wonder David Jackson, who uploaded the video, entitled it “Are You My Mother?” after the classic children’s book. Meg is very gentle with the baby, but seems a little bit uncertain of how to behave around...
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Two Fishermen In Disbelief When They Rescue Pair Of Kittens In the Water

Two Alabama fishermen on the Warrior River couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted a kitten swimming towards their boat. The one man reaches into the water and lifts the kitten into the boat and that’s when his friend says he sees another kitten in the distance! With the two kittens safely stowed on board, the surprised animal rescuer can’t help but shake his head. “There’s a first time for everything,” he says. Talk about...
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