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About "Flash"

Name: "Flash"
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Color: Tri Color
Sex: M
Date Of Birth: 2010-04-01

Flash is a 1 year old Cavalier King Charle Spaniel.  He has been showing symptoms of SM/CM since he came home with me at 12 weeks of age.   At 6 months old we had an MRI done.  His is current diagnosed with "COMS" or Chiari Malformation (CM).  His neurologist said his MRI  is actually realitivly "nomal" for the breed.  He has mild herniation of the brain and a kink in the medulla (brain stem).  Current research shows that 90% or more of all Cavaliers have this malformation.  Sadly though he is showing extreme symptoms that have progressivly gotten worse. His neurologist wants to see him back for another MRI within the next year or two (sooner if  symptoms get worse).  She said she would highly expect him to show SM on a this future MRI.  We are currently managing his symptoms with medication 3 times a day. Overall he is the happy and hyper puppy I should have had all along.  We know it is probably only a matter of time before we will have to think about surgery.

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Kennel Club: American Kennel Club
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