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Name: Laura Redhawk
About Me: I've been involved in training Dogs and Horses using Positive Reinforcement for over 30 years now. My current doggie girl, Hannah is a Search and Rescue tracking dog. Before Hannah I had Bossco, a huge (110lb, 36in at shoulder) Retriever mix who was a certified Therapy dog. Maggie, another Retriever mix was also a certified Therapy dog. I knew that while Hannah is a happy, friendly Shepsky, she is a bit too mercenary to be the outstanding Therapy dog my prior two were. She is about five of the nosiest dogs I've ever known, however. She always want to know WHAT'S UP, WHAT'S GOING ON! So, together we learned to track lost people. She loves "the game" so much, getting her biggest thrill out of finding the person. Although ten as of June 17, 2012, her focus and energy is still over the top. I look forward to her being able to successfully work for a good number of years yet.

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