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Ask questions you have about your dogs or dog-related issues. You can also help answer by respectfully expressing your opinion, sharing your experiences and providing your best care tips!

Note: Any advise shared between members is followed at the individual's own risk and should not be a substitute for the advise and expertise of a licensed veterinarian or professional.

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Recently Asked Questions

Cure for Diesel's Paws

Hi Everyone, My sister's dog, Diesel, has been suffering from some kind of a fungus infection on his paws.  It's been a couple of months since he has been dealing with this unknown disease.  It's literally eating away the skin. My sister took him to the vet and none of the testings reveal the exact cause and so far no cure.  Lately, she has been applying garlic and has noticed some improvement but I want...
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Dogs won't since my surgery

So, I had surgery a week ago and had to return to the hospital due to some setbacks. Our dogs, three Chis,are being looked after by my husband and in-laws who is helping us out. But they are not eating as much. Whenever, I'm home they lay next to me as usual but seem saddened by the situation. Any ideas to support them at this time? Thanks.
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Go fund me reqeuest

Is there anyway that you could share my go fund me link on your Facebook account. I am trying to raise money to get my dog a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in her intestine. If you can I would be so gracious the link is www.gofundme.com/helpvegaswithcance  let me know if this is something that you are able to do. Thank you so much!!   Laura Thomas  
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Convenia given to lactating dog

Bought a golden retriever from a careful breeder, in the business for 30 years. When puppies were born the mom was given Convenia after her section. The puppies got sick . When the breeder learned that Convenia had been given innapropriately, she took the puppies off the mom, and another mom fed them. My puppy is 6 months old, just had bloodwork done and his levels were completely horrible. Had fluids, untrasounds, urinalysis. His kidneys...
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would like to donate 7 puppies to be trained to be servic dogs
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Popular Questions

Heiry Question: Man tattoos his dog; is it an act of animal cruelty?

A man in North Carolina who tattooed his dog has caught the attention of animal lovers after he posted a photo of the dog on Facebook. Tattoo artist and Army veteran Ernesto Rodriguez tattooed his 5-month-old Pit Bull, Duchess, on the underbelly at his basement parlor in Pinnacle, NC. Animal lovers who saw the photo have criticized his actions. In response he told WXII12 News that Duchess was not just "plopped on the bed" and...
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Heiry Question: Dog theft vs dog rescue

Adriana Perez's Alaskan Husky named Aspen was recently stolen from his pen in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The thieves who took Aspen left a note explaining why he was taken. Adriana told news media that the letter is a 'slap in the face' and her family miss him and want him back. The note accused the family of neglect and said the dog was taken for his own good and stated that dogs need to be around other dogs or...
Poll Do you believe the thieves were justified in taking Aspen from his family? Vote now!
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Family fighting to get lost dog back from stranger who found him

A Seminole County family is fighting to get their Boxer dog, Edgar, back from a stranger who found him. The person who has Edgar says he isn't healthy and is refusing to give him back until he is. David Harrigan says Edgar is well-cared for by his family, who all miss him and want him back. Edgar the Boxer went missing on New Year's Eve 2014. As David Harrigan describes it, "During the late evening...
Poll Do you think Edgar should be returned to his family? Vote now!
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Should you let your dog's runny nose runs its course?

Hi! I have a one year old mix and this winter she has developed a runny nose and now sneezes quite a bit. When I first noticed her sneezing more and more, I went to my vet and he gave me medication that will help break down  the nasal discharge but it was not an antibiotic. Now a few days later, she is still sneezing and trying what I think is blowing her nose. I...
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Heiry Question: Risking arrest for refusing to surrender your dog

Imagine you are at home and an animal control officer comes by and tells you they are going to impound your dog for having bitten someone. However, you know your dog has been in a kennel and is innocent. If you don't give up your dog to Animal Control, police say you could be arrested for interference with official acts. Would you go to jail to protect your dog? William and Naomi Shimer did. Police arrested...
Poll Would you go to jail to protect your dog? Vote now!
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