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Ask questions you have about your dogs or dog-related issues. You can also help answer by respectfully expressing your opinion, sharing your experiences and providing your best care tips!

Note: Any advise shared between members is followed at the individual's own risk and should not be a substitute for the advise and expertise of a licensed veterinarian or professional.

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Recently Asked Questions

My Angel Tess

I keep having this recurring dream. About 8 years ago I had to get my angel Tess euthanized and I was too upset to take her to the vet, so my mum took her for me. as soon as she left I felt so guilty and knew I had made the wrong decision to not be there with her when she passed. Anyway, a few years ago I started having this dream. I dream that...
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Post on Facebook

Hi...  I sent a couple articles...  one about my one dog turning 16 years old and the other article about my blind dog and neither made it on facebook...  I tagged it shareable...  ???  Could you tell me why they didn't make the cut???  Thanks Rosemary
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Biting paws

Why does my pit chew on her rear paws? They always appear red, often smell funny. Vet had no concrete dx.
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A doggy Christmas

We've had to put down two of our babies this past year.  And with Christmas coming up I miss them even more even though they were older dogs.  Next year I would like to do a different type of Christmas tree.  Would it be possible to ask other dog heirs members to send me pictures, stories about special doggy friends that have crossed over the rainbow bridge so that I can include a Christmas tree...
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In September my dog had surgery  to remove a 3 1/2 lb fatty mass off  his right back leg   I applied for care credit and was accepted  the surgery was done it was suppose to be a 6-8 week recovery he is  healing well and it  has been long  since he has very dry sin   the graft is taking  but there is an issue with the hock  so the Dr is wanting to...
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Popular Questions

Bed dog or bed hog: the realities of sleeping with dogs

These photos say it all!!! Do you allow your dog(s) to sleep with you in bed? If so, what do you put up with? Myself, I have been fortunate enough to experience the ninja paw, nose spray in the face, the silent deadly (and sometimes not-so-silent deadly) and suffocation by fur to name a few...! If you have a photo of your bed dog or bed hog, upload it here and tag the photo "bed...
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Dry skin/scabs after bathing

A few months ago I took my 1 y/o Black Lab Mix (rescue) to a "Bathe-it-yourself" place.  She hadn't had a bath in a while, and had been playing a lot with her best friend (lots of mouthing each other) so she stunk!!  I used their shampoo & their rubber shampoo brush and thought I did a great job. Since it was cold outside, I made sure I dried her thoroughly.  As a volunteer at...
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Heiry Question: Trusted pet sitter takes dog to shelter, dog gets euthanized

Imagine having to leave your dog in the care of someone you trust while you are away for an extended period of time. Then returning home to discover that your dog is dead because the caregiver took your dog to a shelter, where eventually euthanized your dog. What would you do if your dog was euthanized while under the care of someone you trusted? That's what U.S. Navy petty officer Emily Valenzuela said happened when she left...
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Why does my dog always rub her nose on the floor before she eats?

I always wonder why my doggie rubs her nose on the floor before she eats. So basically when I give her food everyday, she'd rub her nose on the floor and push the bowl away. She continues doing that for maybe a couple minutes and then she'll start eating. Can someone please advise? Thanks in advance :)
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Heiry Question: Woman who died of cancer had guide dog euthanized and buried with her

An Indiana woman who died after a long battle with cancer on March 8 requested that her dog accompany her to the grave. Sheila Stadler, 68, made the unusual decision to have her healthy 5-year-old guide dog, Toffee, euthanized and buried with her. According to WTHI News 10, the decision has proven controversial, although it is legal. The original news piece on the broadcaster's site has since been removed, but other news sites referencing the...
Poll Would you carry out a relative's dying wish to euthanize their healthy dog? Vote now!
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