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Answers To This Question - Heiry Question: Risking arrest for refusing to surrender your dog

We actually have a plan in place should BSL ever hit our city, even though it's unlikely. Although our muffin would never hurt anyone, we also have a plan in place in case anyone tried to seize him for another reason. Anyone with a breed of dog that is discriminated against should. Remember what happened to Wicca the pit, who was secretly put down in Canada because someone claimed she aggressively scratched them. No one would ever take our muffin.
There's no way in hell that any cop or AC officer would ever take one of my babies from me, or my home. I would literally die first! As to the people who say let them take them and fight them from outside a jail cell, I say, 'go do some research on how many people who've fought it from the outside have been successful'! Maybe about 1%!! Once they've been taken, your chances of saving their lives, and/or getting them back is next to nil. You bet your ass I would fight anyone trying to put their hands on, or take away, my babies. I'd gladly take a bullet for any one of them...actually, for ANY animal being treated unfairly/abused, for that matter. I've done the same for humans too, although they are not nearly as deserving in most cases of the protection from their fellow man. And the cop that does the shooting of me better make damn sure that I'm dead because if I'm not, I will definitely get back up and continue to fight for my loved one. NEVER underestimate the power of love, whether that be for a human OR an animal!!!
My question is wouldn't everyone? Seems to me that this polls question is kind of silly, don't you think.
they'd better have a warrant, otherwise nobody's even getting into the house, let alone let any of them abduct any of my furbabies... and I like the advice of not even answering the door if a cop is there.
I would be arrested for my pets. I would want ACTUAL PROOF it was my dog. They immediately jumped to it HAD to be that dog with no investigation. If someone accused my dogs of that I would have to laugh at them.
No way in Hell is anyone taking my dogs from me.
If I knew my dog was not in the wrong and could prove it,there is no way in hell I would give them up! I most certainly would go to jail for my dogs!!!!They are more family to me than some actual relatives!
I have made it very perfectly clear that I would go to jail for my dogs. I will protect them because to me they are my children and beloved family members and no way in hell will I ever let anyone take them from me, tell me to surrender them, try to take them fro me I will leave the state before that happened. being without them is not an option nor is it negotiable. I would die for them and I mean that
Without a moment's hesitation
The officers had no business impounding a dog that had been under the owner's control the whole time and was not responsible for the bite. If this dog had a prior history of running the neighborhood, that would be one thing, but if the dog was responsibly kept, these owners and their dog should not be subjected to the trauma and possible sicknesses involved in impounding into a shelter. I'm all for animal control but I believe that often times animal control officers overstep their bounds when they do things such as this. I believe more research should have been done before running out and grabbing someone's family member.

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