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Answers To This Question - Heiry Question: Trusted pet sitter takes dog to shelter, dog gets euthanized

The last time I would ever talk to that piece of sh..!
And then people want to know how can one appreciate an Dog's love more than a human. Hence; "Dogs are family for sure" Get another little pet companion that's similar and above all "Forgive." Why give the benefit of hurt and negative thought to someone that may never even know; "the feeling of love" xx Take care - You are special
That would have been her first and last pet of mine she would have had killed. You hurt or kill my baby, I swear on the Bible right now, I will kill their nasty A$$. Oh God I couldn't have delt with that with any kind of logical thinking. Two went fishing and only one come back.
She should have never taken your dog to that shelter. You need a better informed dog sitter in the future. Sorry that this happened to you and your dog. I would have never thought to take a persons dog to a shelter, especially without their permission.
yep, i would definately go to jail for that dumb broad. Hope you rot in hell you skeeze bag. if anyone ever even looked at my dog the wrong way... there would be hell to pay. dogs are family, and they should forever be treated that way.. lets throw her in the trash.
I would have taken the cousin out to international waters and thrown her overboard with a pair of concrete loafers and waved good bye as she sunk beneath the surface
Karma for Christi!! That was so wrong!
I'm working on an international business degree and will be going overseas in a few years for short study and intern periods. My father will be watching my two dogs during that time. But if I didn't have someone who cared about my dogs like he does, I'd have to leave them with a friend or other family member. And I can guarantee if they hurt or killed my babies, I would throw away all those college degrees and put the son of a bitch in the ground.
This story made me feel physically sick. I'd go to Jail for that monster!
If anyone did this to my dog. Not only would I sue but I would make it a public issue. Privately they might get 'lost' somewhere.

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