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Answers To This Question - Heiry Question: Dog theft vs dog rescue

Just because Animal Control decided that the dog wasn't being abused or neglected, doesn't mean that the dog was okay. Animal control is only interested in making sure that a dog has adequate food, clean water, and shelter against the weather. As long as the basic needs are taken care of that is all they care about. There have been too many cases to count (all over the country) where neighbours have tried to get help for a dog that lived alone outside with very little contact with its owners, and nothing was ever done. They don't consider a dog being lonely or sad a reason for concern. I think that the emotional well-being of a dog is of little concern to most Animal Control facilities.
If you keep the dog in the house. You wouldnt run into this problem.
I understand what they are saying. We had dogs growing up but because of the farm animals my dad wouldn't let us take them out of the pen. It was big and they had toys and shelter, but they became very hyper and big time jumpers. That's why my dogs are inside with me! However, if the family was spending time with the dog and taking it out to play he is good. He has a lot more than dogs living on the streets. Maybe they should rescue them. Then for them to take the dog to the pound!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? What if Aspen had been euthanized? They are causing trauma to the dogs and the family and they need to rethink their priorities!
It's a tricky question. If the dog lived in a pen outside all the time and never came inside and the people didn't walk her or spend time with her, then yes, it's good that someone took it. BUT if the dog was outside when the people were at work or something and inside when they were home or they walked it a lot and spend a lot of time outside with it, then no, no one should take it. It all depends on the people. My brother and his girlfriend have 7 dogs, and some of them doesn't come inside a lot, mostly because one is a newfoundland, and it's waaaaay to hot for to be inside, she doesn't enjoy it, and my brother and his girlfriend are "outside people", they are almost only inside at night before bed or at meals. The rest of the time is spend outside WITH all the dogs, they play with them and walk them and cuddle them a lot, and they almost always sit outside chillin' with the dogs. The dogs are only alone when they are at work. Their dogs are happy and healthy.
Charmaine- it sounds like the people reported it a number of times, but the authorities were unable to do anything, because the dog was fed and watered.
This question can get tricky, but if the dog was truly outside always, he deserved better. Keeping a dog outside for a few days while you have guests in one thing, but a dog deserves better than spending his/her life alone. I've met dogs who love being outside, sure, especially big hyper dogs, but they do like to come in sometimes, and spend time with the family. If someone has a dog, and keep them alone outside always, they DO NOT actually need the dog at all, and the dog should go somewhere better. Outdoor dogs are one thing, but being outside, alone, always? Wrong.
"The son she never had." - Really? Dogs are companion animals. If you don't want a companion, don't get a dog. If you don't want a dog in your home, don't get a dog. These are not difficult concepts. I don't doubt that these people loved their dog, nor that they were not "abusing" him (which in reality just means that he had a doghouse, food and water - that's all abuse is defined as), but past that, love doesn't provide an animal with a good life - actual care and action does, which they were not providing.
I would not hesitate to free a dog from prison. There is no reason for a dog to be kept in a pen or chained. If you are not going to make your pet part of your family, don't own one. Dogs should be part of the family/pack, not a lawn ornament!!!
If he really cared about his dog, he wouldn't left the dog outside. He shouldn't be left outdoor day and night, hot and cold. Period!
We have 2 dogs.. 1 is very large and rambunctious...no amount of training has calmed him down when strangers come over. My 3 year old grandson is a "stranger" to him so, when my grandson is here (he lives 4 hours away) my dogs go outback. They are in a fenced in area with 3 buildings they can shelter in. They have plenty of food and water during their time outside. For the people that think this is cruel... I dont care what you think and if you DARE to try to steal them because you "think" you could do better by them, come on over...MOLON LABE!!!!

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