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Answers To This Question - Heiry Question: If your partner sold your dog without your knowledge

Have to leave him...This surely wouldn't be the first indication he was a selfish...etc...but it would be the last.
Minimally, we would separate, until he divulged where my dog was. If he didn't, the trust would be gone, and so would the marriage. I'm not kidding - what a betrayal!
I would get the information out of him and then solve the problem of him permanently
Justifiable Homicide
In the early 70's my husband gave away my Saint Bernard while I was out-of state due to family illness. I divorced him. Never was able to locate my dog. Now I am proud mom of 3 great dog buddies.
First my partner would never do this as my dog and I come as a package. But if for some reason they did, they would help me find him and get him back, then they go missing. If the authorities found the pieces well ... lets just say it would be a huge search.
The man would be totally GONE from my life!... hopefully through me remaining sane enough to merely end the relationship! AND, I would sue him for as much as I could get for the pain and suffering of him selling my dog and not telling me to whom -- if he told me to whom before we got to court and I was able to get the dog back, I would drop the suit, but only then. There had to be warning signs of this sort of thing. But, we never want to believe that someone would be that terrible. Well, he wouldn't get another chance to hurt me or anything I loved.
My story is worse than this. A few days after leaving the martial home with a pending divorce, my daughter told me that her father had taken the family dog and was going to put her to sleep. She was distraught as he left her a note telling about it and took my youngest son with him. I called every shelter to see if she was there and the circumstances if they were to arrive there, but never found them.
he would be kicked out and then would need to sleep with one eye open for the rest of his life or until i got my dog back
No brainer for me! Split! This isn't the first abusive act of this man....

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