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Answers To This Question - Heiry Question: Woman who died of cancer had guide dog euthanized and buried with her

No way.. i wud never do that.. lady y dint u want ur son to b euthanised instead..Even he loves u nad he must hve missed u.. Such a selfish women ur to kill a healthy dog..No matter wt...
I think my Little girl, Ange, "Spaniel" will really want to be with me the day, Our good Lord takes me home; however it will be very selfish of me not to let her live her natural life to the full and once she passes on her ashes can be gently scattered over our grave, by will. Xxx
Eva Ladrach....by your standard, you should have been buried with Toby. See you some Sunday very soon. Have 500 flyers to pass out of the conversation we had on FaceBook the other day. Very interesting reading.
This is just wild! Smells like some Egyptian Pharaoh! What a selfish, cruel woman! The dog was not her property and she had no right to decide his life or death (if he was a healthy dog). And nobody would know about life of a dog after an owner passes. Lots of them have normal life. I knew terminally sick people who till the last breath were trying to find loving homes for their pets. What a sick idea!
I could never do this, because no matter how much a dog loves you, it is still a dog, not a human, and we can't project our human understanding of life onto a dog and call that fair. What about a human baby that lost the one person it completely depended on--would that baby be euthanized? Of course not. It's a matter of people not having enough respect for other species' right to live, we're not "better" than them and it's not fair that we should get to decide if it's their "time."
I would not put a healthy dog down to be buried with its owner. I believe the dog should just go on living as a person does when a person close to them dies.
Personally I find it abysmal that any 'qualified' vet would put a healthy animal down just at the behest of the owner. Yes, we know dogs form a close bond with their owners and other members of the family, and have been shown to go through their own period of mourning on the loss of one of those members, and, just like humans, this can take some time for them to work through. However, if the dog had been properly socialised, both with the wider family and public they find this an easier transition. For those that say their dogs would rather starve than be without them, I say shame on them, this only goes to prove that they have not provided an appropriate upbringing for their dogs, and, ultimately, the dog is the one that suffers for it.
Four years ago I gave my elderly Mom (ago 88) a little rescue Maltipoo (approx age 1-2) who was found wandering the streets lost, alone and very afraid. Now I knew at the time that the little dog (Sassy) would definitely outlive my very active and healthy Mom. Heck, she didn't give up driving until she was 90! I made the decision when placing the dog with my Mom that if anything happened to Mom, Sassy would come back and live out her life with my family. That little dog gave my Mom 4 awesome years. They were always together! My Mom walked that little dog twice a day, rain or shine. She even bought her a little rain coat and rubber booties so she wouldn't get wet on their twice daily walks if it was raining. Mom loved that little dog and that little dog just loved my Mom back. In June my Mom suffered a massive stroke. We were allowed to bring Sassy into the nursing home to see Mom and for Mom to see her. In the beginning, Mom would pet her with her good hand but the effects of the stroke began to take their toll on Mom and it confused Sassy so much that she wouldn't even go back into the room where Mom was. Sassy didn't seem to mourn as she saw Mom at her very worse and adjusted herself to her normal surroundings and my sisters dogs. I had also brought my 2 dogs and they all seemed to help Sassy realize she was not alone. In Sept my Mom passed away. My sister asked if she could continue to care of Sassy and I agreed with the stipulation that if she ever was unable to take care of her, that Sassy would still come back to me. ALL People need to have written instructions as to what is to become of their pets if something catastrophic should happen to them. You can have a valid custodial will written up that the judge will enforce and keep enforcing for the natural lifetime of your pet. Just remember, they may or may not mourn - just as we all mourne different, so are they. Love, compassion and understanding go a lot further that a needle on a cold sterile table.
Wow I have read each posting. I am concerned my dog will grieve for me, I know she will will and everyone who meets us says she would be devestated. I had to serve weekends (3) for a traffic violation and my Mother drove me to jail and my dog cried for me and I was devestated that I had done this to her. My mother told me if I ever got in trouble and had to be away from her she would mourn me to her death. I worked nites at a store and my Mom babysat her every night for 4-6 hrs and to this day she loves my Mom but she growls at her when my mom picks her up because sher thinks I am leaving her again. She is a Throw Back Pomeranian which means 1 in 5 will weigh 20 lbs as it goes back 5 generations but in researching this breed I found that these particular dogs bond cloely to the owner. I feel I need to leave her more with other people. If I am trying to leave my house she goes crazy screaming. I think it's best if u know ur sick or maybe even dieing you should try to socialize your dog with someone who will care for her. It's sad that some people have no one to care for their pets when their gone. I am 51 and she is 6. I hope the math plays out to us going together with old age but I am still confused as what i will would do. I am going to get in bed with her now and be happy we have eachother for now. I will say this has been an eye opener for me and I don't want her to die if I do. I am basically alone. I moved away from all my friends and I have a business that is only seasonal so I am alone with my dog and I haven't been socialable and right now I am doing her no favors by not planning something out. So confused.
ONLY, and I mean ONLY - if the dog were in bad health, or suffering in some health way. I think it's one of the MOST horrible stories I've ever heard. Woman: If you know you're not doing well, you do have time to find a home for a guide dog. For God's sake lady - did your mental faculties go too. Remember - she asked for this BEFORE she died and would not know exactly how the dog would react. Dogs mourn, yes. People do too. Will the next request be that Aunt Tilly be put down cause she can't get over Uncle Joe's death? Come on!

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