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Answers To This Question - I need help saving my dog, Mack was taken to be killed today. Mack's case was the one immediately following Dutch's in Montrose, can anyone help him?

I work for the Lexus Project. They can help, but are very limited on new cases. 1st, you need to give us all the details, what happened, who was involved, what agenceys were called. Please be up front and honest about everything, even if it makes your dog look bad. Any dishonesty will wreck your case before it gets started.. you can send an private email to me at kc9wsf@comcast.net, with all the details, and I will forward it to the attorneys. You will also have to go to the web site, www.thelexusproject.org and read the agreement posted there. Before they take any case, they need a copy of that agreement, signed by you, and returned to them. you can also learn more about what we do.
www.thelexusproject.org sounds like a great phone call to make! Then in return once you have them helping you appeal to us again to donate to them on your dog's behalf. We want to help...we just don't want to be scammed. I hope you have a chance to fight this. I would be crushed.
Rebecca, your statement lacks information re why the dog is to be impounded/attached. Its mainly about you I'm afraid. "dog reacted to me having an anxiety attack in my yard" - bit vague. What reaction?Good luck with your situation and keep a button on those emotions, although its not easy.
I live here in UK so do not know what I can do to help. It sounds as if you accidentally ran into a cow with your car whilst you were on the way to work and were subsequently fined by the Court which, after you had paid the fines and costs, made you bankrupt. You then lost your job and unsurprisingly had a panic attack at home. Someone in authority was called to deal with your attack and it sounds as if your dog, responding to your distress, bit or threatened someone. That is understandable and the dog should not be punished for it. I think people are finding it hard to know, from your description, what happened and therefore find it hard to advise you.
First of all, you don't say what your dog did. You also don't say why AC was out at your place. Who called them? You need to give all the details and not just a few. Second.. they do not destroy a dog the same day they pick it up. They must have had a valid reason to pick up this dog, but you're the only one that really knows the truth. All we know is what you want us to think. And since nobody here was there to witness anything, we don't know SQUAT.
As a member pointed out concerning Dutch, there is an organization called The Lexus Project (http://www.thelexusproject.org/) that defends dogs that have been charged with being vicious,etc and slated to be put down. You don't say the reason why your dog was taken from you, but maybe they can help.
It has been said that one should NEVER enter a plea or let a magistrate or judge enter a plea for you until you have understood the jurisdiction of the court dealing with your case. There are many excellent YouTube videos, for informational purposes only, on the subject matter of what your rights are in a court. Watch all of the videos you can on "Jurisdiction," "Admiralty Courts" and "Courts of Record."
this is terrible why do they kill in Holland we never kill a dog I am so angry, pls keep on fighting and dont let them take away your dog
Have you tried sharing this on face book? Have you tried to contact your local Council person, go see them in person, this is what they are there for, also contact your Congressman and Senator. They are sometimes very helpful in getting you to the person that can help you. DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Keep calling, emailing, leaving messages and going to see them at their office until you get them! Please keep posting on here with update, I will be praying for you and your dog!!! DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Sounds like your county needs a serious intervention with officials about some laws or ordinances that need to be changed. I will STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to form a group and start making some noise for change!!!

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