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Ask questions you have about your dogs or dog-related issues. You can also help answer by respectfully expressing your opinion, sharing your experiences and providing your best care tips!

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Recently Asked Questions

Delete account

I want to delete this account but can't work out how.
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Please Help!!

My dog Cleo is 9 years old. Very much-loved.. She has recently been diagnosed with Bladder stones and will most likely need surgery if she can't pass them on her own. I am a struggling single mom and can't afford the expenses of the vet costs for the medicine and surgery she needs. Looking for any type of help out there . please let me know if there is anyone or anything I can do....
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I need a little help

I got my baby girl through a shelter. She was labeled as a Red/Blue Heeler mix or Aus. Cattle Dog. Her coloring somewhat proves this, but I think she may be mixed with something else. I've had friends tell me she may have a tiny amount of Heeler in her, but she definitely not pure. Her tail curls upwards. I was reading an article on special colorings and found a little piebald Dachshund that looked...
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Please Help!

My 7 month old pitbull Lennox was ran over by a truck on Friday at about 6:00pm. She was rushed to an emergency vet. She survived the next couple nights when he decided to do an x-ray. The x-ray showed that both front legs are broken. The broken legs are so bad that the veterinarian said there was nothing more that he could do. He said I should check into a ortho veterinarian if I...
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Any suggestion on what to do if one of us owners are alone and due to health problems pass out and paramedics have to break in, how do we keep them from being hurt or keep our dog from being hurt?  Mack is very protective of us. We have never allowed him to socialize, regretfully no. We appreciate any advice. Thx, Pati and Robi.  
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Popular Questions

Bed dog or bed hog: the realities of sleeping with dogs

These photos say it all!!! Do you allow your dog(s) to sleep with you in bed? If so, what do you put up with? Myself, I have been fortunate enough to experience the ninja paw, nose spray in the face, the silent deadly (and sometimes not-so-silent deadly) and suffocation by fur to name a few...! If you have a photo of your bed dog or bed hog, upload it here and tag the photo "bed...
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Heiry Question: Trusted pet sitter takes dog to shelter, dog gets euthanized

Imagine having to leave your dog in the care of someone you trust while you are away for an extended period of time. Then returning home to discover that your dog is dead because the caregiver took your dog to a shelter, where eventually euthanized your dog. What would you do if your dog was euthanized while under the care of someone you trusted? That's what U.S. Navy petty officer Emily Valenzuela said happened when she left...
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Heiry Question: Man tattoos his dog; is it an act of animal cruelty?

A man in North Carolina who tattooed his dog has caught the attention of animal lovers after he posted a photo of the dog on Facebook. Tattoo artist and Army veteran Ernesto Rodriguez tattooed his 5-month-old Pit Bull, Duchess, on the underbelly at his basement parlor in Pinnacle, NC. Animal lovers who saw the photo have criticized his actions. In response he told WXII12 News that Duchess was not just "plopped on the bed" and...
Poll Do you think tattooing a dog is an act of animal cruelty? Vote now!
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Heiry Question: Woman who died of cancer had guide dog euthanized and buried with her

An Indiana woman who died after a long battle with cancer on March 8 requested that her dog accompany her to the grave. Sheila Stadler, 68, made the unusual decision to have her healthy 5-year-old guide dog, Toffee, euthanized and buried with her. According to WTHI News 10, the decision has proven controversial, although it is legal. The original news piece on the broadcaster's site has since been removed, but other news sites referencing the...
Poll Would you carry out a relative's dying wish to euthanize their healthy dog? Vote now!
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Heiry Question: Dog theft vs dog rescue

Adriana Perez's Alaskan Husky named Aspen was recently stolen from his pen in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The thieves who took Aspen left a note explaining why he was taken. Adriana told news media that the letter is a 'slap in the face' and her family miss him and want him back. The note accused the family of neglect and said the dog was taken for his own good and stated that dogs need to be around other dogs or...
Poll Do you believe the thieves were justified in taking Aspen from his family? Vote now!
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