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My Details

Name: melissa
E-mail: quarterhorsemom@yahoo.com
Profession: vet/kennel tech and pet nanny
About Me: Child of God, wife of a beautiful husband, mother to four, grandmother to four and OMG mother to three Jack Russels, five cats, three pygmy goats and a handicapped dove. Work as a vet/kennel tech as well as a professional pet nanny.

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My Comments

Melissa, Thank you so much for your time in answering me about pet sitters. Your info has really helped me out a lot. We sure love our kids, huh? I know what to look for now, thanks again.
Great pet mom that you are trying to do what is best for your furbabies. I will go through your questions and concerns in order..I too am not a fan of "kennels" I call them animal shelters with love. (usually) the pet does not understand why he or she is there. They do not know why their people are not there. they do not understand why they do not have their bed, their smells, sites, sounds of home. sure you can take their beds to a facility but usually they are washed in strange soap and water and their familiar smells are gone. i always say a reliable family member or close friend is always best as your pet knows and trusts them. Put a feeler out with them and ask if they have or know of RESPONSIBLE person that you cant trust with your pets. Your vet is also a prime source. If their clients use sitters they will use good ones and ditch bad ones. so they will know who their clients like and often it is a vet tech as in my case. as a last resort try a site like rover.com, care.com or sitter city. but then you are at the mercy of what these people say not what they do or have done. questions? their pets, their home life, their experience, license or bonded, emergency certified, what is included in fee, and most of all references. and yes follow up on references. During your meeting see how your pet is with them. they may be fakes but your pet can see through bull. are they genuine? do they get down on floor with pet? during meet and greet do they bring treats and ask your permission to feed them? do they take notes? do they themselves ask a lot of questions...like is there a dog food scoop, where are poop bags, meds, emergency contacts etc.
Hi Melissa, I found you by reading this site about the supposed "pet sitter" who had the dog euthanized. I have a question for you, if you have the time, if not, I understand. I have never put my dogs in a kennel, I have always found someone to live in my home when I go away, which is very rare, cause I hate to be without my kids. I am looking into pet sitters in my area, instead of always trying to find someone I know, cause it isn't always feasible, ya know, especially if something such as an emergency comes up. I was wondering since your a pet nanny, what types of questions should I be asking, how will I really know they will take explicit care of my loved ones, causing no harm, etc.? Cause they will be on their best behavior to meet with me, I am sure, but how will I know how they really are with my kids when I'm not there? What signs should I be looking for? Boy, I sound paranoia, huh? I just adore my kids and certainly don't want any harm to come to them. Thanks for your time. Like I said, if you don't want to respond, that's fine too. Take care.
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