Couple Awestruck When They Pick Up Their New Puppy to Take Him Home

They’ve already fallen in love.

Bringing home a new dog is a very exciting event for every dog lover, and it’s always tinged with moments of awe.

For this couple, that day has finally arrived. They’ve just pick up their Golden Retriever puppy and are taking him home.

For this little pup, it’s his first car ride and he is a little bit confused, a little bit curious.

But he’s comfortable in his new mom’s arms and leans in for reassurance as he pops his head up to look around at what’s going on.

His humans, meanwhile, are captivated by their new family member and whisper to each other as they get ready for the ride home. At one point mom looks over to her partner and says excitedly, “Oh my gosh, he’s ours”.

It’s all new kinds of adventures for this new family. Watch the cute clip below.

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