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My Details

Name: primahaus
E-mail: lhauser@shaw.ca
Profession: Office Administration Assistant
About Me:

I breed and show Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for their wonderful loyal and affectionate dispositions. My dogs live with me. Wherever I am at home, you will find Cavaliers hanging out with me. I have never had more than 6 at a time because that's all that will fit on my lap when I'm sitting in my favourite chair. The exception might be if I have puppies. I have never bred one of my girls more than 3 times and since I am not in the business of breeding for profit, I only have puppies when I like a particular boy well enough to want to see what the offspring would be like. This keeps me going to shows and gives others the opportunity to have a Cavalier as a pet in their families. Tests include eyes, hearts, hips and MRIs before they are bred. I have a wonderful boy now, Lynwood Perfect Pitch (Hunter) who is 3 generations clear on their MRI test, hearts, hips, eyes and patellas. I am so happy to have Hunter in my family as I strive to breed healthy happy Cavaliers that will be with their families for a long time.

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Primahaus OK Abbey

Abbey is the proud mama of 4 puppies born December 6th. 3 boys and 1 girl. All fat and healthy. I must say that there is little out there that I like better than hearing puppies nursing on their mama, smelling their puppy breath or listening to them learning to growl and bark! The baby growls make me laugh out loud every time. Abbey's papa was the best Cavalier a person could ever hope for...
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My Comments

Your Cavaliers sound lovely, and are certainly well loved! Words, truly spoken by the owner of two, beautiful, tri color female Cavies - half sisters - whose mother was a champion. This breed is so very special.

Felissa, again, I have to say how lovely they are. I have met the Craigowl people. They were here to judge the Canadian National Cavalier show a few years ago and also put on a seminar for us that evening. I have had my 3 girls MRI's done last fall and they all had their heart certifications done again just a week earlier. I test hips and eyes as well and their patella's. All are good to date. Unfortunately, not many Cavaliers live to be 16. That's terrific. Longevity is something to definitely strive for. I hope you show your girls. Other people should get to see how lovely they are. Linda


Davinia and Indiana's breeder tests for MVD, Patella Luxation, and syringomyelia. Their grandma died last summer at the age of 16.

It wasn't difficult at all to get them here. They flew in cabin under the seat and just had to have their health certificate and be at least 8 weeks old to fly. Davinia came first and then about a year later we got Indiana. We had already established a relationship with their breeder so when we said we were ready we got bumped to the top of the list. Davinia is half English her dad is Haagen Daz of Craigowl. My husbands family lives in Germany and they heard I wanted a dog and found this breeder cavaliere-vom-barnim they only speak German so you would need a translator to speak with her. There are a few Kennels that have exported dogs here to the US on the show scene. Though I do know that they had a male born last year because I was offered him don't know if they found him a home or if they kept him they do breed Davinia's twin sister Dehlia.

Indiana was shown when she was younger but I never finished her. Davinia was never shown but I have reason to want to show her if I can within the next year for breeding purposes.

Hi Nancy. The dental chew I gave Darwin for the ride home was a DENTLEY'S CHEWRITE natural rawhide chewflips. I buy them from my vet. They are extremely hard and the dogs get a really good teeth cleaning with them. I don't use any of the large rawhide things from a pet store because, I've heard, they can cause internal blockages (although years ago my German Shorthaired Pointers were probably given hundreds of them and never had a problem). I am just more careful about what I give the Cavaliers. Bully sticks stink the house down and are very expensive, especially if you have more than 1 or 2 dogs, but they LOVE them. I buy large tendons once in awhile, they really love them too. Once in a blue moon I'll still buy them a pigs ear but now I usually get the baked white ones because, if you think about it, the regular ones are really just bacon and yes, the dogs love them but you have to watch how many they get because Cavaliers gain weight so easily and, well....bacon. Hello. I can't eat much either for the same reason. I also give them a fairly large raw bone once in awhile. They love it and it's very good for cleaning teeth. I have to keep them separated though because they will try to steal each others and it can get very noisy around here. Back to the Dentley's. I like them because they won't make the dogs fat, they are clean, they don't stink and BONUS the dogs like them. They are very hard so the dogs get a nice long quiet chew out of them. Perfect for when you've got company coming for dinner! HaHa.....Linda

Thanks again for your help, Linda! Could you tell me exactly what that dental chew is that you gave Darwin for the ride home? He really liked that, and I like it much better than the bully/pizzle sticks he has (it doesn't smell, doesn't stain and doesn't stick to surfaces). He had a bit of an issue the day after we visited (see my pictures), but I think he's recovering...

Also, I've started thinking about Annie & Woody's puppies.... I'm considering one as a buddy for Darwin, but I'm not 100% yet. So keep me posted with updates and pictures when you have time, ok?

Thanks again!

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