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The Lonely Dog (Poem)

10613014_10204620093241932_6972129033843979603_n_thumb By Cheryl Prince | April 26, 2015 | Comments (0)



As I sit here in this cold dark place,

I try not to think of what might come my way.

You had chosen me for a life-time,

And all I have now are these bars of this cold cage

I now call my home, for I am so alone.

Why am I here; I cry.

What did I do so wrong?

Was it the shoe I ate?

Maybe the table I chewed.

Why has my life taken such a painful turn?

I once had a bed, a bowl, a home,

But now all is gone.


I tried to be good, and “not” to potty inside,

Or even not to bark so loud,

When something was not right,

Now a dog such as me will sometimes bark at things.

Just because that is what I do; dogs love to bark.

All I ever wanted was your love, your touch,

You never noticed me after the new wore off.

I cried for you, but you did not hear me,

Did you even care?

I was left all day long, here inside,

No sunshine, no play-time either.

I sat. I waited, for you to return.

Why did you stop loving me?

Then one day went so bad for me you see?

I thought you had a change of heart,

And you really did want me, to include me.

When you took me on that car ride,

Did you know I liked to ride?

I guess not, for it was my first time.

As we went down the street, I felt so free.

You made me happy that day.


Then when we stopped, my heart sunk.

You did not look at me,

You open the car door,

Then you walked me into this cold place,

Lots of noise, strange indeed,

As we waited for our turn; I thought.

What did I do to make you mad at me?

Don’t you love me anymore?

I protected you...

I did my best!

Next the strange man took me away,

Away from your touch,

You let me go so willingly.

Why? All I wanted was to love you; and you me.

As we walked down that long hallway,

The stranger and I

All I could think about was would you come back for me.

Then I cried.

Will you ever want me?

For I wanted you!


We stopped in front of a cage,

The strange man opens the door,

He pushes me in before it closed shut.

I sit. I wait. I hope.

That you will come back soon for me,

Please have a change of heart.

To free me from this cage

I must now call my home.


I am the dog, who once had a home,

A bed, a bowl of food, but all is gone.

Now I am left with no spirit inside of me

I am broken, with little hope left,

For I am so alone,

When will someone come free me?

I am not a bad dog,

All I ever wanted was for you to love me,

As I do you...


Now I pray at night,

That someone will come,

Rescue me before it is too late.

To give me a home,

A family, and a bed too!

And forgive me of my past,

Which I know not what to do,

I promise to be good, I will love you

Protect you.

All I ask is for one last chance

To be the dog I know I can.


Months hath come and gone

Still no one came for me.

So when tomorrow awakes me,

It will be my time

My last meal I shall eat,

But, I am not that hungry.

Then I will take my last walk,

Because you stopped loving me so long ago

I do not want to die this way; all alone.

Why didn’t you come save me?

 Now my cage is needed for some other

Lost soul without a home...



I am the lonely dog no one wanted.

I died today...






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