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"Belle's Last Wishes"

10613014_10204620093241932_6972129033843979603_n_thumb By Cheryl Prince | April 21, 2015 | Comments (0)


“Belle was born July 1, 2005 in Kansas City.

”Hello everyone it’s me Belle… I would like to tell everyone how I got my name. I was named after a Basset Hound which mommy had had for only about two years. Annabelle was a special girl. She had birth-defects. The doctor recommended to have Annabelle spayed, to prevent any pups, for it would more than likely would kill her. So? Mommy set the surgery up. Mommy had a very uneasy feeling about this. But, she knew she needed to protect Annabelle. Well? The surgery went good, no problems. Mommy was told she could come the next morning to pick up Annabelle. All night Mommy was so excited, and could not sleep. Mommy was at the vet’s office first thing when morning finally came. She waited her turn. But, suddenly all the excitement, all the joy Mommy had of getting to bring Annabelle home, went crashing down in a moment’s time. Mommy’s heart sunk, when she was given the news about Annabelle. Her girl had passed away during the night. It was not the surgery, it was the medication in which the vet used to put Annabelle asleep to perform the surgery. Mommy was beside herself. All she wanted to do was crawl up in the cage with Annabelle and hold her, kiss her, tell her she loved her. Mommy did! Annabelle was laid to rest March 9, 2003. And to this day, Mommy could not begin to tell everyone, how she made it home that day. But, one thing she did know? Mommy wanted to find the perfect Basset, to help ease her heartbreak of losing Annabelle. The search was on… That is when Mommy found me; she knew right then that I was the one. So, in honor of Annabelle. I, Belle was named after Annabelle. The girl Mommy lost long ago…

Now here is my story… The summer of 2005 had turned out to be a very hot one. Mommy was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get home to her. I, was too also wondering, wondering why so many trips to a big strange and loud place. For a week, the people whom I was with, would drive about an hour to the airport to see if they could fly me in from Kansas; to Shreveport. Flights for live animals were scheduled depending on the weather and how hot it would be, that was the deciding factor, if I could fly. We had almost given up! Mommy, wanted me home so badly. At this point, Mommy and Daddy were making plans to drive up to Kansas to pick me up, because it seemed like every trip that had been made to place me on a flight, had failed due to the tempter’s being so high that year. Then one morning, Mommy got the call. The call in which she’d been waiting and hoping for all this time. Finally I would be in Shreveport in just a few hours. I, think it was around ten a.m., when my flight was due in. Mommy hung the phone up so fast, Daddy and Mommy rushed to the airport and waited. Mommy was beside myself! And she could not wait to hold me, I bet she was even nervous, like the feeling of waiting on a new baby to arrive. And that was what I was just that? A new baby girl, which Mommy had searched for close to three years to find…? When my flight landed Mommy and Daddy went to the claims area and waited for me. Finally, I was here. Mommy could not wait to get to the car to hold me, she open the carrier up and reached in to pick up me up. She even cried tears of “Joy”. Of course Daddy wanted to hold me too! After a few minutes of rejoicing over my arrival, we then walked to the car. Daddy had the carrier, Mommy had me. I was so happy. Mommy kept saying…“I was perfect. The wait was so worth it” …I was such a shy little tiny thing, I wasn't but about eight pounds. Everything was so large up next to me, and I was so unsure at first, which was expected. This was new to me; I was new to the family, as well. As things finally settled down, and I found my place. I came to life. It was all anyone could do to keep up with this little eight pound basset hound. Now, my favorite spot to sleep was on the pillows next to Mommy and Daddy. And my favorite place to sit was in Daddy’s lab, while mommy was gone during the day. I, was also a finicky eater too! I, had mommy wrapped around my little paw. Because Mommy would every day sit and hand feed me. Yes! I, “Belle” was spoiled very quickly. And still today, I am a very spoiled girl. Over the years I grew up so fast. I and Presley became a bonded pair. We had hoped for some little bassets too? But, we never had any luck on that. We had finally given up. At least we had each other and a family whom loved us, as for other doggies. 


As, I reached my “senior years,” Mommy sat down and wrote a series of little children books. “The Belle’s series. “Me,” being the star Character of the books too! The books has me headed on my “Wild Journey” to Louisiana in these little children books. Each little book has an adventure for me and my buddies, also a lesson to be taught as well. Mommy wanted to somehow tell the whole world of how proud she was of me, of all the doggies and also hope for some small child to also learn to read.


As, I had mention, Presley and I had hoped for some little Bassets. Mommy and daddy too, so when me and Presley had left, they would have a little something from us to help with the pain and loss. For eight years we were disappointed. Well, in March of 2013, we were shocked beyond shocked. We, discovered I was going to be a mommy. Naturally Mommy was worried, with me being up in age, eight years old. My pregnancy went well. Then time came for the new additions to arrive. I went into labor late on July 25, 2013 and finally on the afternoon of July 26, 2013, I had delivered seven beautiful babies. Six girls and one boy. The sad part of this; is? Three girls did not make it. Only four pups lived. That was a very hard week for us. Now a year has almost passed by, my four little pups have grown so much. I cannot believe they were a year old on July, 26, 2014. I am so glad I have had this time with them, raising them, watching them flourish into fine young girls and boy. Oh, I only had one little boy in the litter, and he is just like his daddy, Presley-man. But, this year has not been kind to me, my health has really gone down. Not long after my babies were born, you see I was diagnosed with Cancer. It has been so tough on me, mommy and daddy. I have had three surgeries in less than five months. One was to be fixed, so I would not have any more little ones, due to my age and me being sick. Then I had two surgeries within six weeks apart to remove Mammary Tumors. Mommy hoped the surgeries would be successful and rid me of my cancer. Neither was. I now have more Mammary tumors, and to add to my sickness, I have had a stroke too, no one’s fault, things happen. You see, my time is limited now. So, while I am able and can do so I am writing this, before I go, I have a few things I needed to say. I just wanted to tell everyone I love them and I will miss my family. I know they will miss me as well. But, we all know, no one lives forever. I wish we could though? I will be watching over everyone from heaven after I leave this world. And, I will get to be with my three wee-ones that did not make it. I have not seen them in a year. I bet they are all grown up by now.


“To My babies, Bijoux, Booger, Jessy and Angel:” Take care of Presley-man after I am gone, he loves you all so. Please do not make him mad by licking’ on him all the time, you all know he doesn’t like that too much. You all behave for mommy and daddy, they love you all. And always be thankful for the loving home you have, your all are so lucky. I am so proud of each of you. I love you all very much. I am so sorry I had to leave you all so soon.


“To Presley-Man:”Always know you’re my guy, my best friend. Thank you for taking me close by you and caring for me way back when I first came to the family. And for loving me and taking care of me while I was sick. I love you very much. Please don’t be sad that I have to go, know I will be watching over you always. Love and take care of our babies. They love you so.


“To Garrus:”Garrus my friend, you’re the top doggy now. Watch over everyone and keep everybody safe. Look after Presley-man, he is getting old and cannot do as he used to be able too. Also teach the babies right and help them grow into fine young adult doggies. And please Garrus, Look after Mommy and Daddy. Always stay the loving and caring pooch you are. I am so glad your apart of the family Garrus.


“To Mommy and Daddy;”I am so lucky to have had these nine wonderful years with you both. You all have taken really good care of me, loved me, spoiled me, and went out of your way to do for me. I love you both so very much. I am honored to your baby girl. Mommy please do not stop writing your books. You have so much you can tell. Daddy watch over Mommy for when I am gone, I know she is going to be lost without me. 



~BELLE~July 1, 2005 to Aug 18, 2014 — at Shreveport, La.Everyone is welcome to come by Belle's page @ https://www.facebook.com/Mybelle0203  I kept it up in Honor of my Sweet Girl...

Thank you all for taking the time to read Belle's Story. Belle was my world. It's so hard letting our fur-babies go. Belle went peacefully with hubby and I holding her. 



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