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If only one day we could find a way together to keep animals from falling into the wrong hands. The suffering, the pain, the mental anguish that these individuals create is appalling, not to mention the financial burden they put on communities to undo the damage they created. When all one has to do is pickup a phone and dial a number to avoid all this torturous torment, there is no excuse. I'm so glad that Jez has survived her horrendous ordeal and has found a good home. The only reason it was possible for Jez to have this new gift of life is because of the great people of Port Elizabeth. To Taryn and Dave Coates, Dr. Ferreira, Marizanne, Bernadette, and the caring people of Port Elizabeth, thank you for saving Jez's life. Well done indeed. Jez, I hope one day you can forget what you have endured and enjoy the little everyday things in life without fear.

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