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It's always hard when they pass. My first dog Tana who lived for 17 years died in my arms at home. It was really hard because she was always there when I was growing up. When you are young you think that you are indestructible, and it's hard to wrap your head around the fact that she's gone. I lost my second dog when she was 14 years old. Even though I new what to expect, it was just as hard perhaps in a few different ways. You think that all the experience and things that you have learned about dogs to keep them healthy and happy will allow them greater longevity, but sadly it is not always the case. Now, I can't imagine how my life would have been without them, and I am so glad that they were a part of my life. Having dogs all my life I think has matured me into a more balanced person. When you bond with a dog you look after their needs the same way one looks after a child. You develop a better sense of empathy, always trying to determine how your dog is feeling and what their needs are. They make you try to think before you act because you love them, making you more tempered. Yes I miss them dearly, but they gave me such a beautiful gift. They shared their lives with me, and that memory will be with me forever. Robert, Tim, you have my heartfelt condolences for your loss of Zoe. She was lucky to have you. Peace
I did see the Kleenex alert but read the story anyway and now I'm crying at my desk. What a wonderful story. Dearest Robert, thank you for giving your Zoe the best life possible, I know you were the world to her because you made her your world. I am thinking of you and sending lots of healing love and light.
I have no words to express my grief that you feel Robert. What a beautiful selfless act taking care of Zoe and putting her needs first - you sir are a great humanitarian - I wish we had more souls like yours. I am glad that you were with her in those last moments. Sending peaceful thoughts for you and Zoe.
Robert thank u for sharing your story...I am crying right now, cause i know i will have to go through that one day...i hope not soon...I am 38 and i have now my first dog, Bernese mountain dog Jakob ...he is 5 and i love him with my body and soul.... I am so so sorry for your lost and i hope your heart will get well soon.....
I fully believe all dogs go to heaven. I also fully believe there is a very special place in heaven for people like Bob. I lost my best fur friend almost two years ago, and as any dedicated dog mom, I'm so sad she's gone, but so thankful for the blessings she brought into my life. It was only fair to give her the life she so deserved. One day we'll meet our beloved pets once again. Bob....please let your love for dogs carry on with another dog so deserving of love. The world needs more people like you. Godspeed Zoe...
And the best part Is knowing That she is thinking exactly the same" Those words hit home to me as only a dog lover would understand such words. I am so glad you came into this little lady's life and gave her love, understanding, dignity and companionship, which she returned to you one hundredfold. God has already blessed you by giving you such a wonderful gift named Zoe. May He bless you in the rest of your journey here on earth.
I just re-lived, with tears, the same occurrence of about 5 years ago with my buddy Hankster; he will always be with me in spirit!! Thanks for sharing!
I'm going true something like this, may ANGIE is not able to walk any more and I'm not ready to let her go jet, I will never b ready, may heart is broken in millions pieces, I love may baby so much, I rescued her from the street and no one care, she is may soul. I'm sorry you loss your baby but u know? she was love bay her DADY and that make her one of the most lucky girl ever!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU SIR X BEING THERE ALL THE WAY FOR HER!!!!!!!
This story is so touching. I know how he feels. My dog Loki is so dear to me, and he sleeps with us each and every night. Just feeling his paws pressing against my arm or side, and hearing and feeling his breathing brings me solace and a definite joy. Dogs are so loving and committed to us. We are beyond lucky and fortunate to have so dear companions along with us for the journey. Loki ... I wish you would be with me forever, but sadly, you are nearly 11. I do not know how I will bear it when you are gone. I love you so much.

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