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Hello! I am so terribly sorry about the loss of your husband. I am a professional dog trainer, and owner of Shephard's Dog Training (ShephardsDogTraining.com). When a loved one passes, dogs react and grieve in varying ways just as people do- and if he was the person the dogs are closest to, they will certainly take some time to get through it. The best advice I can give you, is to spend some very special quality time with those dogs to build a stronger bond. I recommend finding an activity that they enjoy most- and perhaps spending that time with each dog individually. For example, if the weather is bad, take one of the dogs with you to the pet store to get out and just walk around together. If the weather is nice, take the dog to the park and just enjoy some time alone. Agility is a great activity- but I see they are little and perhaps they wouldn't enjoy it as much- though I do see lots of little dogs who do love it! Bring some special, delicious treats along with you and spoil them with attention and rewards. In the house, the family members or even visiting friends can spread out around the house and take turns calling the dogs to them and giving them a great treat when they come to them. Just like with people, these dogs need distractions and other activities to get through this. I hope this helps ;) I am happy to offer more help or ideas if needed!
I'm very sorry for your loss Winnie. It says in the article that your husband played rougher than you with the dogs. It also says it was part of their routine to wait a t the door, play before dinner, and sleep on the bed with your husband. Dogs will grieve much like humans but there are some differences. I'm sure that the dogs miss your husband very much but they may also be missing the comfort and stability of their perceived pack leader. You said that your husband played rough with dogs but you were softer and more loving. Dogs can perceive the rougher play as dominant and the softer play as weakness. I'm not a professional and I can only give you my personal experience with dogs, but I think that you should try taking your dogs on separate walks. While on your walks, if you haven't already, try simple training techniques like heel, sit, stay to establish dominance. This will comfort your dogs into knowing that they have a pack leader and they are safe. Try to do the same by establishing a routine with play, sleeping and eating habits. Remember that one day things will get better so be patient. You have my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your husband Winnie.
Take an article of clothing of your husbands and his pillows and put them by the door. The scent will comfort them. Be patient and kind. The pooping is stress related.. leave the clothes etc by the door. Gradually move them a few inches away as you build a bond with them. As for rough housing.. buy a thick pair of gloves. I use them all the time with my furbabies. If you would feel better you can sleep by the door with the pups as well. Mix your scent with hubbies. Gradually they will be ok if you are ok.. They can feel your stress so you need to get some rest also.

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