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a really sweet story of love and devotion.
Love this story. That's how we feel too, my last dog out of three is 15.5 now and I quit my job so that I can spend as much time with her as possible. Can't explain the love and devotion that I feel for her, but I know that you can. Denali was just gorgeous, and so is Keira. Enjoy!
She was a beautiful dog and she was blessed she had good parents. They are like humans, they get sick and old just like us. My husband and I bought a German Shepard/lab, we named her Bluemoon. She was a wonderful kid, she left us at 8 yrs old, we found out she had Lupus. We brought her to the Vet and him and his tech's, did everything they could for Blue. The Doc said if she lives, she will have epalisepy . We couldn't do that to her, I remember both of us were sitting on the floor in the exam room and kissing and loving her.I never saw my husband cry so much.They creamated her and they gave us this really nice box for her. We buried her in the back yard, it is now 15 yrs later. We moved to Texas and brought her with us, my husband bought a statue of her and buried her in our new backyard. Put flowers all around her grave. OH, we got another dog after blue. We bought Daisy from a farm in Wisc. she is now 8 yrs old, a golden retriever. I miss BLue but I can always go talk to her, she is close right in my backyard. Daisy my now dog, goes over to see the statue, where Blue is buried and I thinks she knows there is a dog buried under that statue, cause every morning she walk over there and smells the flowers, but I think she knows that another dog is buried there. God made this creature for people to love and take care of. Because they give us unconditional love. I could not have kids, but I can have dogs. God Bless all the people that truly love there dogs, and you guys took care and helped her out in her days when she wasn't able to play.
I know exactly how you feel and shared your tears. :) Let the love go on...
Such an incredibly beautiful story! ...and to think that just the other day I saw a video of a weak dog being thrown alive into a garbage truck. The people in the story I just read are the kind of pet parents I wish for every dog. How wonderful that would be. May they all be blessed forevermore
Stephanie, your love for Denali is so real and so beautiful. I can only imagine the intensity of the loss and grief you experienced. I am so happy you and you husband got a new fur baby. She will never replace Denali (because just as people, each dog is unique and has unique gifts) she will show you once again what unconditional love feels like. Wish you many years of joy. Who knows, maybe some day you can bring the Keira to Alaska and honor Denali. Much love and health to all of you.
What a wonderful story!
I haven't wept like this since I lost my Shelby 2 years ago. I've always had an enormous love for dogs, & was never shy about wanting to pet and share a moment with every one I had ever met. My problem is is that my wife doesn't feel the same way I do, and cannot understand how I can get so emotional over an animal. Denali was obviously very loved by you guys and I bow to you in deep respect. I still have 2 girls, Roxxie & Lapita, both femal Pomeranians, & I dote on them like they are the most precious babies in this world, and they are. I have more love for them than most people I know. They always show me they love me, and never talk about me behind my back, which I find is a natural trait for humans. I'm so glad you found Denali when you did, and that she gave you 15 years of unconditional love. A dog's love is impossible to replace. I could not live without my girls, but most people think I've lost it when I talk about them, and how we do things together, and go places to visit. My wife works long hours away from home in her job, and in alot of ways, the girls have replaced the loneliness and despair by being here. This was a most beautiful story & I'm grateful you shared it with us. I hope Denali's mom and dad have a long and wonderful life with their new baby, & many great experiences with her. My respect is always with those that share their lives with a dog. Hoping I can come back as a dog when I die, being a human has not been such a fun ride.....
Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of Denari with us. I could not help but cry for all the pets i had and knew and gave me unconditional love. I have 2 chihuahuas now whom i spoil terribly. They sleep with me and even if i have gone through many losses i still cannot seem to imagine life without my doggies! It is very painful to lose them and i believe deep in my heart that we will be reunited with our pets in heaven! Glad you got another doggie too. Keira will also give you unconditional love and you will have another lovely doggie to love and care for!
Amazing couple, amazing dog. I can not stop my tears...
I love people like you! Denali was really beautiful. And so is Keira. And so are you!
I can't stop the tears :-( A beautiful love story between a precious dog and his wonderful, loving "Parents" I only wish that all of God's beautiful creatures could have the same secure, happy, and love filled life. It is so heartbreaking to hear of all these sad stories of abuse, neglect and murder of our precious animals. People that do these things are a disgrace to the human race! When I hear of stories like that of Denali, it touches my heart and reaffirms that there are still many, many good and caring people out in the world! I firmly believe that you can judge a person by what he thinks of animals and how they treat them. My heart goes out to your love of Denali and to all of you out there that have suffered a loss of their beloved pet, and NEVER be ashamed of doting and loving your pets, that's the way it should be and if someone doesn't understand that then it is their loss to not know the sheer love and joy that a dog can bring into your life! God bless all of you animal lovers out there and have a wonderful summer!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't stop crying....I too love people like this couple. So beautiful,loving dog parents, they are family...I have two and every time I read one of these beautiful loving but sad articles....I look at both my two four legged baby's that are laying on each sofa and just cry silently so they don't hear me and get upset too. Denali was sooo beautiful and lucky to have been in such a wonderful, wonderful family and now Keira is also lucky. What a beautiful family.
God bless you both and your beautifuls babies as well. It seems she was as blessed as you two were. I too believe they are children and spent ten years rescuing many dogs and cats, They are a lifetime of love and happiness. It brings me great joy to see this. May you both and Kiera have many blessed years together.
{{{Denali's family}}} I am crying with you as I read this. Our Golden, Dozer, is going to be 10 in November and I absolutely dread this....he, too, is our furry child and I love him so much! Peace to you and thank you so much for rescuing another soul. I know Denali is watching from The Bridge and is proud of you. She will be waiting for you there.
Such a beautiful story!! That is how I feel about my 2 dogs as well. They will always be my little babies!
I have been there. I understand how broken your heart is and that you will never forget that loving and loved member of your family. When my precious Toby passed I will never forget the card the emergency vet sent me. " If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane. I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again" There is no truer love than what you receive from your dog.
I know how hard this must have been for you. I am so glad you opened your heart to another dog that needed love, too. We have always had cats. Then this past February, I knew we needed to find a very special dog to add to our family. Since we have 4 senior cats, the dog needed to be very gentle and not chase cats. I saw an ad on Craigslist for rehoming a female Boxer. The man had her since she was 8 weeks old and now she was 7. The man and his wife had a baby that was just 11 months old and very curious. She pulled on the dog, and the dog turned and barked. The wife was afraid the 65 lb dog would hurt their daughter, so she said the dog had to go. We met with her and she fit perfectly with our cats. They weren't the least bit afraid of her. Phoebe came to live with us February 17th. In March, she began having seizures, so we took her to the vet right away. He gave her phenobarbatol to control the seizures and told us to return if she had any more. She did, so he did further examination and discovered she had a brain tumor and probably had only 4-6 weeks left. We added pain medicine twice a day to control her headaches. It is now August and she is still here. She is slower and sleeps most of the time. But when she is awake, she is following my husband all over our 5 acres. Then she comes in and sleeps. Neither of us know when enough is enough. As long as her pain and seizures are controlled and she is eating and has control of bodily functions, we cannot bear to make the decision. But all animals have the ability to hide how much they are hurting. So we just don't know what to do. How did you know it was the right time to let Denali go?
Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. You were devoted to your precious baby. Denali was a beautiful dog. I know your pain. In May of 2013 we lost our Montana. She was almost 18 years old.
My heart aches for you loss...what a beautiful story you tell of your furbaby. Love is love, and the pain is the same regardless if it's human or animal. Thanks for sharing and for giving another lovebug a chance at love and life.

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