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This is awlful! That previous owner, woman, wants to get even--the dog probably doesn't like how the dog responded to her when she was the owner previously as compared to the dog responded to the veteran. The woman is evil and the judge is blind. I can't believe there are no laws against people beating animals and laws protect those abusers. Absolutely ridiculous. I will spread this story and hope/pray that the outcome is good.
It's not letting me sign the petition...
What is missing from the story? Why did she beat the dog in the first place? Why was she not cited for animal cruelty instead?
What a ridiculous court decision! I swear, common sense has gone down the tubes! That woman is obviously the guilty party.
I don't understand why there is any question. The dog was more than provoked. Why in the world was that woman beating him? And how can she even imagine that she would win this?
I agree with Lisa, what is missing from the story. I tend to side with the four legged animals and wonder if the wrong animal is being pit down?
His lawyer needs to challenge the Judge's logic. If the woman beat the dog causing this much swelling, then dragged him by the collar inside, it only stands to reason the act of forcefully dragging the dog inside inflicted pain from the wounds he received in the yard, and he acted on that pain. Also, where are the animal abuse charges against this piece of trash? This needs to go mainstream, it's just not right.
the abuser should be charged with animal abuse. She is crazy
here are two many questions left unanswered. Why did the former owner give up Dutch in the first place? What cause the beating? Regardless, there is no reason less attacked based on the account he did not. He was simply reacted to the pain afterward. Heck, I would bite anyone who beat me up during the beating! Dutch has been certified for therapy herapy Dogs International (TDI) and the American Kennel Club's (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Program (CGC). And the professional trainer has even verified that Dutch is not an aggressive dog. He finally had it with the psycho when she pulled him into the house by the neck. The smart dog probably figured she would continue beating him up without any witness. The judge obviously is not an animal loving person. Some things amiss. Where is the picture of the abuser?!!
certainly a better attorney is needed here and more answers
More proof of the decline of sense, logic and compassion on the part of the human race. I don't know about any one else here, but if someone was beating and trying to drag me away, I would fight back too. Why is it wrong for a dog to do the same?
I am so confused. If this woman admitted to the animal control that she was beating (to the point of her hands hurting so bad she couldn't continue on) this poor dog, WHY IN GODS NAME is she not fighting charges for animal cruelty? How can she be taking legal action against the owners and how can the courts say this dog has to be put down. It is like saying an abused child should just be killed because some crazy ass adult abused them. It is THAT absurd... I hope that Jeremy is filing charges against her. And, honestly if it was my dog, I would smuggle him out of my house and go to jail. There is not a person in this world that would "order" my dog to be killed and think I would not go down in a blaze of glory fighting for him. No way in hell- ever. Makes you wonder what kind of judge would order such a heinous act, AND what kind of animal control/county would not prosecute this woman for animal curtly and protect this dog that was so clearly abused. I have such little faith in humanity, justice and the freedoms this country says it has. When the abused, become the guilty- we have crossed the line.
Why was the dog's previous owner beating on him? And, why did she feel it necessary to be so cruel? Things aren't adding up. That dog is big enough to cause extreme injuries but his bite didn't even break the skin. Sounds more like a warning. Sounds like she's a nut but I still want to know what possessed her to beat on that dog.
i'm wondering why he was left in the care of his previous owner at all? surely there was some indication of how she might abuse him since she was his "previous" owner.
I don't understand why they would leave Dutch with this psycho bitch anyway. However, it also makes no sense that Dutch is in danger of losing his life when it is obvious that he was provoked into biting an evil bitch who was beating him without mercy. It would be very interesting to see what the judge would do in similar circumstances: would he simply sit there and take it or fight back? He'd fight back of course, so why in heaven would he expect a dog to value his life any less? IDIOT!
Is this for real? I've been reading alot of stories on here about dogs being abused and severely beaten and the judges rule that these poor animals should be euthanized for attacking the abuser. This one in particular is a beautiful looking animal, I dont know, something is just not right with this story....I cant believe that the judge wants it to be put down..... And if the story is true, then that judge should never own a dog either, ....
this animal abuser should be in jail now! i am so glad he bite her. he had every right to tear her to shreds after what she did to him. i would gladly do same to her for hurting this baby.i will share with everyone i know including rescues etc. please keep us updated on status
Wow thats so crazy how the system just doesnt work for the animals when people toture them. they are living creatures. If the same injuries happened to a human they would be looking for the suspects and putting them in JAIL, why is she different and how can you tell she is even telling the truth. He didn even break the skin, thats not an agressive dog sorry lady, get your facts right! Read his injuries of what she did to him, why isnt she in jail for animal cruetly! Makes me both mad and sad, i hope they can bring him home and send her to JAIL! i am speechless.....
I agree. This women should be charged with Animal Cruelty. Why is this dog not being protected some how? This dog was protecting its life. If the behaviorist report that this dog is not aggressive there should be no issue. It is obvious that whis women has issues. She needs to be beaten to the extent that the dog was.
If he was a vicious dog, she wouldn't be alive, and since she admitted to beating him--I'm kind of worried about the laws in Colorado. How in the world is the biting a totally separate incident from the beating. Could someone steal the dog? Just asking--alive in another state is better than dead.

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