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Name: Stephanie Coleman
About Me: I am the manager of a family antique business in Orland Park, Illinois. I have a dog named Phoebe who my boyfriend and I adopted from PAWS in July. She is a lemon Beagle and is an absolute joy. We both love our dog more than anything, and she gets to come to work with me everyday in my shop. I am a HUGE dog lover, and donate money and time to dog rescue agencies around Chicago. I would love to someday be a doggy foster mom.

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Kay's Old Orland Marketplace

We are an antique/vintage consignment shop who love dogs! The owners have 3 dogs and they come to work everyday! Customers are encouraged to bring their furry friends shopping and sniffing around. Phoebe, a lemon beagle, is the managers dog and is in the shop 5 days a week. Sweetie and Gertie are miniature poodles and can be found in the shop from time-to-time.
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Stephanie Coleman


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