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Dog Friendly Parks

Aldergrove Lake Park

Where: 272 Street and 8th Avenue, Langley, BC, Canada

This large treed park features trails, wide-open fields and a man-made lake that is a great summer destination for young families.

Aldergrove Lake Regional Park contains the Rock ‘n Horse Trail, a shared trail open to equestrians, cyclists and pedestrians. There are no toilets found at this location of the park.

The southern boundary of this park is the Canada/USA border. Located five minutes from the Aldergrove border crossing, first-time visitors are advised to drive to the main park entrance on 8th Avenue just east of 272nd Street. Continue down the park entrance road until you cross Pepin Brook and turn right to find the main information kiosk beside the lake washroom building.

Dogs must be under control at all times. There are on-leash and leash-optional areas in the park. The dog off-leash area is in the northeast corner of the park at the corner of Lefeuvre Road and Huntingdon Road. The off leash area of Aldergrove Lake is little ways out of town (abt 5 miles), but a great area to let your dog run and play. Once they have had their run, you can leash them and go through the fantastic well groomed trails.Please show courtesy to other park visitors by removing your dog's droppings. Check local signs for details. Please show courtesy to other park visitors by removing your dog's droppings

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