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My Details

Name: Karen Kocik
Website: surface-elegance.com
Profession: Painter / Artist / Contractor
About Me: The things I love most to do are the things that I actually get paid for as well! In my profession, I paint the interiors of homes, from basics to fancy finishes. I love textures most of all. I can also do tiling, flooring, minor framing and construction and am LEAD certified. I make lovely sculptures from rocks, wire, copper and soapstone or marble.

My Dogs

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My Comments

Karen, the difference is that the National Dog Registry marks the animals out of necessity. This guy, who I am sure loves his dog unconditionally, tattooed the animal for his own selfish reasons. You know nothing of the environment or conditions that the work was done in, nor do you have any knowledge of the qualifications this gentleman has for administering controlled substances to an animal to perform this kind of activity. It was unnecessary, whether you see harm in it or not. The dog can easily succumb to infection even if the guy is qualified. It was egregious and selfish.
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Karen Kocik


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