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Overweight Dog Sheds Pounds and Becomes Happier Every Day

The more pounds he’s lost, the happier he’s become.

Arbuckle was 60 pounds overweight, depressed and couldn’t even take short walks — but now that’s all melting away.

When rescuers found him abandoned in a field it was heartbreaking to see. Arbuckle should have weighted 50 pounds, but weighed an astounding 116 pounds. He couldn’t walk on his own so A Purposeful Rescue used a trolley and lift support harnesses to move him around.

Laura, Arbuckle’s foster mom, saw a picture of him and immediately wanted to help. The first few days, he didn’t know what was going on but he soon became a lovebug and didn’t complain about the exercise regime and diet he was put on.

The more pounds he lost, the happier he became.

And that’s not all. He soon would get the most wonderful forever family. Arbuckle was adopted by Jane Lynch and her partner, Jennifer.

Now Arbuckle lives like a king!

He continues to lose weight.

He enjoys trips to the dog park.

Taking naps.

And spending time with his new family.

Although Arbuckle still needs to lose some more weight, he finally knows what love feels like.

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