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Name: Judith King-Tourlouki
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Hi Judith. I posted a question on the Lilo and Stitch FB page yesterday. The owners responded with several links to government officials who should be contacted to help save these dogs. Hope this helps you. The link is provided in the article in DogHeirs.
Good afternoon Andy, your dog is so beautiful. Thank you for your comment. I wish you all the best. Judith
Hi Judith - kali spera ala den katalaveno poli h Ellhnika - Eimai miso kai miso Ellin kai miso Agglika - Etsi I love my Shih Tzuand I read with interest your comments about Olympic games involvement or lack of it ! I agree very much with your comments and I think it is something which is the Greek feelings of you - Good luck with everything and I'm usually found on that international Hotmail site as name Andyangement Best regards kai H Xara mou apo Andrea
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Judith King-Tourlouki


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John V. Brennan

dogs, canines, dawgs, k9's... til they all have a home......

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