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My Details

Name: Nadine
About Me: I live on a farm and have surrounded myself with all things that make me happy. I have horses, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, koi, rabbits, a chinchilla and birds. I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy the outdoors and wildlife with my daughter who is just as much the animal lover that I am. A lot of my time is spent on facebook networking animals I photograph at the Willcox Humane Shelter. I also post photos for Graham County Animal Shelter which are emailed to me weekly. Sharing is always caring when it comes to shelter animals. Please join me in the effort to save lifes. https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-For-Arizona-Shelter-Dogs/626285407387866?ref=hl

My Dogs

379635_4304577214998_1649974194_n_thumb Gus_thumb January2013_081_thumb February2013_016_thumb August2012_002_thumb Iphonejan13_001_thumb Iphonejan13_080_thumb
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Bella's 1st Birthday!

In March of last year, Animal Control Officer, Kelly Colbert messaged me a picture of a beautiful Australian Shepherd that had just been turned in to the shelter. She was VERY pregnant. I immediately asked if I could foster her and the answer was a definite YES! Less than a week later, the dog I'd named Ava gave birth to 7 beautiful puppies on St. Patrick's Day 2014. Of course, they all needed Irish names....
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San Simon, AZ rescue relief effort

On 9/28 I visited a man and his wife who have spent the past several years picking up stray dogs and dogs needing homes. This man is a disabled veteran who does not receive enough income to support the situation he has now found himself in. He is unable to afford proper vet care, (spaying/neutering, vaccinations or general medical) or food. Because of this, and despite his efforts to keep them separated by chaining them,...
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My Comments

yeah not the same dog, I just miss my Lacey, she looks the same as your dog, RIP Lacey, I hope you can give her all the love she deserves.
Hi Nadine, I just read your story of finding Lacey. I want to thank you for helping her, she obviously has a very sad tale to tell. I sure wish that there was more Angels on Earth, like you, to help these poor abused animals, that we love so much. Have you heard about Dutch the Beaten dog who is due to be unjustly murdered on Feb. 14th 2013, because a woman beat him very badly with a steel pipe, which bent under her onslaught, and with Dutch`s blood on it. retaliated and bit her. Please go to Dutch`s Facebook page, to read more. Dutch the Beaten Service Dog. I have just sent an URGENT EMAIL to Pres. Obama imploring him to stop this unjust murder of a poor dog.Take Care, Carene J. Williams.
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