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My Details

Name: Shelley
Website: www.northcountydogtraining.net
Profession: Dog Training, Obedience, Behavior
About Me: I've been training dogs since I was in High School in the mid seventies. I've always used positive reinforcement training (before it had a name). It just made sense to make learning rewarding for the dog. I am constantly studying, researching and building my knowledge base because I believe you can always learn more. I've worked with all sorts of different dogs from timid to aggressive, from extremely active to absolute couch potato. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, an international certifying entity. I love dogs so this is a passion for me.

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Children and dogs, Lack of Knowledge Leads to Bites.

How often have you seen that cute picture of a child hugging a dog, a child kissing a dog's face or even the picture of a child sitting on a dog? So often I have seen these pictures shared back and forth across social media sites with comments like 'oh how cute' and 'aren't they cute together’? No doubt, the picture does come across as cute, but have you ever really looked at the dog...
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