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My dog keeps licking our new kitten.

Icon_missing_thumb By Nikki Humphrey | April 19, 2014 | Answers (1)

Really not sure what category this should be under, but I recently was given a kitten. He's about 12 weeks old, and my dog (who is a rescue and whom I've had for about 2 years) WILL NOT STOP LICKING HIM! He is constantly following the kitten around the house sniffing, licking, and just whining over him. I've never experienced this before and wondered if anyone could tell me if this is normal or not. Or if my dog; who is very loving, great with my son, and licks all the rest of us constantly, is going to harm my new kitten. By the way, the cat doesn't seem to mind, he just lets him do it. And also, if this is important, my dog is a corgi/Shepard mix. Thank you and sorry for such a long question. 

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Your dog is "parenting" your new kitty! So long as Kitty doesn't mind the attention, you should be fine. It's a bonding thing! You're so lucky that your dog loves the new pet! Enjoy!
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