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Nature Coast Bullies's HeirPins

Ed1ffa41bcadc5f083f51b7e3a0bb826_thumb By Nature Coast Bullies | Dec 2014


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From http://floridanewsflash.com/article.php/furever...

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It has been quite awhile since I first saw this dog on the site. I wonder if he did find a good home. He was young and healthy enough to find a new person to live with.
Such a sweet face! Wish I was closer...I have 4 donated bags of dog food in my car. I hope he get's a good home, cause he sure look's like a sweetheart!!!
If this is near San Francisco,Ca, there are many places that help dogs as this one. Rescues, etc. Plenty iSan Francisco area. Just search Google for names.
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