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Hi Nancy. I saw your comments on the dogs that were taped up and thrown in the canal. 2 died and the black lab lived. Remember that story. I didn't know if you would see the update so just wanted to tell you the guy got 10 years in prison and 10,000 dollar fine! Yes, finally, justice for animals! I hope more communities do this. Just wanted to let you know. Renee
Nancy, Hi, my name is Dan and I noticed on one of the post where you said you were having some trouble with some of the shorthand being used since you don't have a cellphone. I thought I might be able help by giving you a quick primer on some of the more often used terminology. Some of it is as simple as it appears and makes perfect sense if the english language were rationalized and most of the superfluous letters were simply dropped from words for example, the word { you } simply becomes the letter { u } { be } ={ b } { why } = { y } words that sound like letters become those letters such as { see } = { c } { are } = { r } But then when they start combining the letters to make complete sentences it starts getting complicated, however there is/are websites that can provide a dictionary of sorts to help you out. I happen to have a website right here that may help. http://www.webopedia.com/quick_ref/textmessageabbreviations.asp/ You can just cut and paste it into your web browser ans see where it leads you. I promise you that it's safe, as I just left the site myself. I hope this helps a little anyway. If not please feel free to delete it all, get a nice cup of tea and call it a waste of time. TTYL { Talk To You Later }
Tues Aug 7 '12 oh! the 4th through of 6 were to supporters of my being bullied....
Tues Aug 7 '12 Hi! how r u doing!!! THANK YOU 4 sending me this note.!!!! I have noticed "some people, just want 2 pick pick pick"... They could be insecure!!! In the last 5 days I was called ignorant, by someone who had NOT READ ALL THE POSTS! I had 2 but SHE only saw the 2nd one .... I SPENT AN HOUR CAREFULLY composing 4 responses. I told "that maybe if someone had read all 16 @ that point" I stated something about being bullied... anyway... Have you heard from Hooters? I have not heard anything, not even 1 of those INSTANT responses. Plz keep me posted.... ignore any one who says anything about your typing style!! mine isn't exactly professional neither........... & I don't care !!! Nancy I am person with Disabilities 2
thank you so much for your encouraging words. i deleted sarah from my page, so if she's still commenting, i cannot see it. i apologize that she is using my page to be rude. i was going to delete the letter because i have had so many negative and rude comments, including being called a racist! ugh. why is it that when someone wants to insult you, they immediately go to racism? maybe i'll come live in canada! lol
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