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Go big!

Darwinandhisportrait_thumb By Nancy | | Comments (1)

Today's bow tie is big, bold and...well, brown. Big is beautiful, so dream big, live big and give big! Since Bowvember is all about helping animals, the first task on the list is to clean out the supply cabinet for unused and extra doggie goods than can be donated to a local shelter!


created at: 2011-11-02



This month, bow-it-forward, bow the change, ad-bow-cate for those who don't have a voice...or just bow-nate to your local animal shelter.

Suggestions on how to help during Bowvember:

  • Support Doganthropy and click on my (or any Doganthropist's!) orange heart every day. Funds raised are used to help dogs in need.
  • Donate BOWs to your local shelter (Blankets and/or tOWels!). All shelters can always use more BOWs.
  • Be a part of the Bow Nation! Wear a bow and spread the Bowvember movement by encouraging others to do one extra kind act in Bowvember! 

Acts of kindness are inspiring, as are the compassionate souls who perform them.

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