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About Tails Around the Globe

Description: Furry paws in scenic spots.

Have a picture of your pawesome dog somewhere picturesque? Join the group and represent!
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Newest Articles

Girl takes a selfie with her German Shepherd when all of a sudden...

This girl was taking selfies with her German Shepherd when nature called and he farted. Hmmmm. I'm not entirely sure that the dog was the culprit!
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Blind dog found alive after 2 weeks lost in Alaskan wilderness

If it hadn't been for a dog with a bell on, Ed Davis may never have seen his dog Madera alive again. 11-year-old Madera is blind and wandered away from her home in Ester, Alaska two weeks ago during a cold snap. Her owner, Ed Davis, said his wife had let her out to relieve herself, and usually she comes quickly back inside, but on this day she ventured farther away and got lost. Temperatures...
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Truck driver saves puppy on fire in dumpster

Truck driver Clayton Van Wert was at the dump on Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota when he heard a sound coming from a dumpster that sounded like whimpering. Peering in, he saw a tiny Husky Mix puppy inside engulfed in flames! He immediately rushed to help the puppy and donning gloves he reached in and pulled the puppy from the burning dumpster. Van Wert found the puppy on February 20, 2015 and told media outlets that the...
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Retired cop saves small dog

Retired police officer Tom Carey came to the rescue of a small dog after the pet was swept out to sea. Tom was fishing at Jupiter Beach in Florida when he heard a woman screaming. Martha Brox, the dog's owner, was in a panic after her  8-year-old Brussels Griffon, Oscar Wilde, had been washed away by a wave and resurfaced "floating". She told WPBF News that she feared the worst.  Tom immediately sprang into action...
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Firefighter Causes Social Media Firestorm After Posting Photo Of Dog Shooting

Dog lovers are outraged after a volunteer fireman in Texas allegedly shot two dogs on his property and posted a photo on Facebook. The post appeared on Tim Conaster’s Facebook page on February 24, 2015. In the photo, two dogs appear to be dead on the ground, with blood visible near one. The caption reads, “Somebody didn’t put any truth my warning. Keep your damn dogs on your property.” The post immediately went viral and has...
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Recently Asked Questions

Bed dog or bed hog: the realities of sleeping with dogs

These photos say it all!!! Do you allow your dog(s) to sleep with you in bed? If so, what do you put up with? Myself, I have been fortunate enough to experience the ninja paw, nose spray in the face, the silent deadly (and sometimes not-so-silent deadly) and suffocation by fur to name a few...! If you have a photo of your bed dog or bed hog, upload it here and tag the photo "bed...
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Heiry Question: Trusted pet sitter takes dog to shelter, dog gets euthanized

Imagine having to leave your dog in the care of someone you trust while you are away for an extended period of time. Then returning home to discover that your dog is dead because the caregiver took your dog to a shelter, where eventually euthanized your dog. What would you do if your dog was euthanized while under the care of someone you trusted? That's what U.S. Navy petty officer Emily Valenzuela said happened when she left...
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Heiry Question: Woman who died of cancer had guide dog euthanized and buried with her

An Indiana woman who died after a long battle with cancer on March 8 requested that her dog accompany her to the grave. Sheila Stadler, 68, made the unusual decision to have her healthy 5-year-old guide dog, Toffee, euthanized and buried with her. According to WTHI News 10, the decision has proven controversial, although it is legal. The original news piece on the broadcaster's site has since been removed, but other news sites referencing the...
Poll Would you carry out a relative's dying wish to euthanize their healthy dog? Vote now!
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Family fighting to get lost dog back from stranger who found him

A Seminole County family is fighting to get their Boxer dog, Edgar, back from a stranger who found him. The person who has Edgar says he isn't healthy and is refusing to give him back until he is. David Harrigan says Edgar is well-cared for by his family, who all miss him and want him back. Edgar the Boxer went missing on New Year's Eve 2014. As David Harrigan describes it, "During the late evening...
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Heiry Question: Risking arrest for refusing to surrender your dog

Imagine you are at home and an animal control officer comes by and tells you they are going to impound your dog for having bitten someone. However, you know your dog has been in a kennel and is innocent. If you don't give up your dog to Animal Control, police say you could be arrested for interference with official acts. Would you go to jail to protect your dog? William and Naomi Shimer did. Police arrested...
Poll Would you go to jail to protect your dog? Vote now!
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