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About Darwin

Name: Darwin
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Color: Blenheim
Sex: M
Date Of Birth: 2009-06-17

Darwin was diagnosed with Syringomyelia at 10 months of age and had FMD surgery on his skull on September 14, 2010. Please be gentle when petting/touching his neck and spine regions.

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Weight 9.1 kg
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Name Dose Frequency Condition Notes
Prednisone 2.5 MG Every 48 hours Syringomyelia Give with food.
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Type Item Brand Notes
Staple Medi-Cal Royal Canin Shows sensitivity to new foods and other commercial brands.
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Test Type Date Of Examination Symptoms Diagnosis/Condition
MRI 2010-04-30 Presentation of pain and irritation while scratching Originally, Caudal Occipital Malformation Syndrome, with no presence of syringomyelia. The same MRI scans were reviewed by Dr. Nick Sharp, who detected the presence of a syrinx. Recommended a trial course of Gabapentin (75mg PO TID).
Bloodwork 2010-01-18 Baseline diagnostics for neuter normal - see photo file in my "Medical Records" photo album for details Hyperphosphatemia is likely age related. CK may indicate restraint and venipuncture
Urine and Stool Examination Diarrhea, impacted anal glands normal
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Immunization First Booster Second Booster Third Booster Latest Booster
Rabies 2009-10-15
Bordetella 2009-09-17
Distemper 2009-08-17 2009-09-17 2009-10-08
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Comments About Darwin

Darwin is such a cutie pie. :)
Oh well as long as he is comfortable!
Thanks Victoria! That is really great that Anouk is off meds now!! I tried to wean Darwin off of Prednisone once or twice, but he needs it to be comfortable. Otherwise, he scratches and cries quite a lot. He's doing great now, thanks so much for asking!
Oh What a beautiful little darling, is Darwin still on the Prednisone even after surgery? I have Anouk on Delta Cortef and several other after surgery but have weaned her off them. She still scratches but it is the same as before the surgery so that won't go away. I hope Darwin is doing well!

Nancy, Darwin is a real cutie pie! It's nice to meet another banana lover! My Marley loves them, as well. However, I give her only the little tips of my banana, once a day! She also loves veggies - fresh/frozen broccoli florets, baby carrots and cut green beans!

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