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Husky Abuse

Icon_missing_thumb By Haley | July 24, 2012 | Comments (4)

My dad's friend, James, was telling my dad about a pure white husky with blue eyes that he found. He had previously seen the dog's missing sign, with a reward of $400 dollars for her return. Of course he was only in it for the money. He rallied up a few pals, and diverted a plan to catch Namine the huskys name. Since Namine had the broken chain dragging behind her still, they drove over the end of the chain, and Namine came to an abrupt halt, causing her to break her toe. James grabbed her, and out of fear, Namine bit his arm. James took a metal rod, and hither on the side a few times. Namine was furious. They took her back to the owner,a old woman who was relived at first that her dog was back. Namine broke free of Jame's grasp bit him then whirled around and bit the old lady, his owner, confusing her with another one of the guys. The lady told James to shoot Namine. They took her out into a bean field tied her to the metal rod they stuck into the ground, and took huge sticks to torment her. They poked, hit, and beat Namine. James said " If we let her loose, she would have been at our necks!" James took a shotgun, shot her in all four legs first, then the heart.  I was listening the whole time. I'm surprised I didn't lash out at him. He still received the money. He is an evil man who believes that animals feel no pain nor emotions. It made me sick. Even though I never met Namine, I get tears when I think about it. Should I tell the ASPCA? Please tell me.


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Comments on this Article

i thought you are old enough,Haley ..please just follow Linda's advise..
Hi Haley--You must report this to the police and the Animal Humane Society in your area. If you know the names of the people involved and where they live--give that information also. If you know where they tortured the dog--also give that information. Do you know the name of the lady who owned the dog or did she have a flyer out there with her phone number on it that the dog was missing? If you do know--tell them that information also. Don't be afraid--you are doing the right thing. People who do this to other animals are cruel and mentally sick. They will do it again and may even be doing cruel things to people. The police and county humane society will investigate and they will find the evidence. Just make that call. I don't know where you live, but you can find the phone numbers on the internet or phone book. Please post what happens after you call the police and the County Humane Society. You can even call a veterinarian in your area to report what you know. They can help you to get this reported. Hope this helps you. Many prayers sent your way to be strong and brave about reporting this.
What do you mean why didn't I take any pics? I wasn't there. And I will report it to the cops. What will happen, cuz I only 13.
WTF*** Did not you take any picture.??? why you hesitate to report it to police.. Disgusting
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