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Trs_headshot_thumb By Tom Snow | February 05, 2013 | Answers (10)

We are giving our 12 year old female Havanese: Furosemide, Pimobendan and Benazepril to treat her condition. We are using liquid form and administering 2 doses per 12 hours at .6ml for the Furosemide and .5ml for the Pimobendan. She has lost much of her appetite. How can we get her to eat more?

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my lab tasha isnt eating very much on her own so i had vegatables to her food fruits and sometime ill mix peanut butter also.
Once again thanks to all who contributed ideas. We are sincerely touched by your consideration and compassion. i'm sure we'll find a solution from all of the comments you have submitted. All the best, Tom (& Boom Boom!)
I currently have cats. One of them is old and eats very little and he is very thin. I asked the doctor and he suggested Science Diet Kitten Food because it is higher in fat. The kitten food has always gotten my older cats attention because it has a stronger smell and apparently tastes really good. It might be the same for your dog with puppy food. I think the vet can prescribe appetite inducing meds also. I also lost my two Rotties to cancer over 8yrs ago and I had them on a chicken and rice diet because they couldn't keep their normal food down. Good luck to you, I know how difficult it is to feel helpless and sit and spoon feed them. Jaime
.. In a 2 yr timeframe my 2 girls had 3 different kinds of cancer removed (Leiomysarcoma, Mast Cell Tumor, Nerve Sheath Tumor). I researched canine cancer and eventually settled on yogurt, cottage cheese, tuna fish, peanut butter and Spot’s Stew (wet/canned) and a little of the dry/bagged. (Holistic sweet potato or fish treats were a favorite as well.) I placed the food in their bowl separately and did not mix anything together. I watched what they ate first, and the most of, then fed them more of what they liked best. The VET recommended Pepcid AC 10mg to settle upset stomach (my girls were 20lbs and 35lbs so they used 5mg w/peanut butter 1 hr before each meal). Some nights I sat on the floor and chatted with them while I spoon fed them. Eventually I added Baby Carrots, Apples, and Bananas. When my Brother’s girl was fading from stomach cancer I mentioned the Spot’s Stew (wet/ canned) to him. He said she always ate it, up until the day she had to be put to sleep. I wish I had had the raw food/holistic knowledge before my first pair of girls were put to sleep, on the same day, because of 2 different types of advanced, inoperable cancer. It’s heart breaking when they won’t eat. I wish you luck with your girl.
Baby food and Nutrical are great. I have dog and cat clients who use Nutrical when their "kids" are sick and haven't been eating well. I even use it on my pet rat when he is also on the downside. Even the most finicky eaters will eat some. Since it is a high calorie supplement a little goes a long way. Hopefully once your lil guy will be back to eating normally soon!
Thank you all very much. Your information is tremendously helpful. I would have never thought of the baby food idea or sardines! I'm grateful to you all. Cheers, Tom
This is what has worked for my pets......Gerber baby food jars of meat, pure meat, not with vegetables. Heat it in the microwave for a second or two. Also, Dogsure, which is Ensure for dogs, is available at PETCO and Petsmart. It s vanilla milk flavored and very palatable. Boiled chicken, super premium all natural canned foods, ie Natural Balance, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, etc. Good luck to you and I hope this information helps.
I always make my dog ground beef (drained of grease after it is cooked) and rice when he is not feeling well. The vet said it is easy for him to digest and he can't resist it. So sorry to hear about your troubles. Best of luck to you.
Tom I am so sorry your friend is sick, when my bernese was diagnosed with mast cell cancer I went on canine cancer.com and got a lot of great tips I know your dog doesnt have cancer but you might find it helpful anyway there are supliments youcan get one thing my dog went wild for were sardines! I bought the ones in spring water they are a greatsource of omegs and good for her heart. Good luck
When my pomeranian had congestive heart failure and was on a lot of meds I would combine shredded, boiled chicken with brown rice & mix in a jar of Gerber plain chicken baby food. That was the only thing that appealed to him. Hopefully you can get your girl to eat, they need to stay strong!
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