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The fraud

1239728_659914067353999_432817864_n_thumb By Monika Klewe | June 05, 2012 | Comments (0)

The fraud

They saw me and bought me promptly,
because I'm a dog, ... comes from the breeder.
And it is not recommended everywhere,
you should get good dogs from the breeder?
And all expectations to meet:
I'm pretty fond of, and may also be obedient.

I have one picked out on the beach,
I am for months been to.
They kicked me, there was nothing to eat,
Then they pushed me away and forgot me.
Am old and sick now, my heart hurts.
've Just learned that I do not understand.

I was born in a barrel,
I gave my finder already lost.
My right ear is, the left stopped
in one eye and I can not see.
I love people and do not know why.
You can find me ugly, puny and stupid.

You see, I'm pretty and my skin is smooth.
They nursed me well in the big city.
They have even attracted me,
operated on and bent the ears.
Then I was tied to a tree,
there I found someone in days.

And you? Who are you? Have not spoken yet.
've Smelled so far with his nose to the grid.
When they come to pick up one
you despise all their biscuits.
Do not nobody's business and want to bind you.
Want to find a new family?
A pause. No one says a word.
The view of the prisoner is drifting far away.
His head is raised, tightened shoulders,
The body is lean, yet full of power.

Then he turns around, fanning his tail
easily the wind that sweeps across from the north.
The look in his blue eyes Siberian Husky
festzusaugen appears at the questioner.

"Do not you understand," he whispers in the wind,
that we are just a whim of the people?
You want to make us as they please
and do not know yet what to do with all of us.
In this hour, we are already lost,
for it a thousand puppies are born.

We have too many, that's fraud,
because people never get enough.
They know it all, but the endless flow
always like new dogs are fine.
The endless trains of the surplus freight
are housed in shelters so wonderful. "

He gently lifts the nose, is where the vocals.
A plaintive tone moves along the grid.
A door slam and then he stood silent,
because what he knows, no one wants to know.
He lies down, his head still embedded.
Oh yes, there are many! Much more than you think ....

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