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My Details

Name: Scottie Mohn
Profession: Rn and Dog foster Mom
About Me: Married to a dog lover also, we have 4 dogs and foster at times. Our children are grown and moved out so now we help the 4 legged version (sometimes 3 legged). We spoil them rotten, help out rescue groups, and fight for them when needed.

My Dogs

Jeff_s_iphone_050_thumb Various_0812_008_thumb Various_0812_283_thumb Various_0812_297_thumb Various_0812_012_thumb
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My Organizations

Richmond County Animal Advocates

We are a group of concerned citizens who are advocating on behalf of the animals of Richamond county, NC. WWW.facebook.com/RCAA or Richmond county Animal advocates.
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Recently Asked Questions

Power Chewing

I have American Coonhound/Golden Ret Mix who has chewed every pair of shoes he can get.  I know that I should put them up, but sometimes it can't happen right then....Any idea's on how to stop the shoe chewing?  Open for any suggestions.
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Scottie Mohn


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