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Does your dog like the bath?

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | November 27, 2011 | Answers (15)

Does your dog like the bath? I saw this picture and it made me laugh so hard! My dog didn't like the first few baths she had as a puppy, but didn't mind after a while. What about yours?

dog bath

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My little Spaniel Ange has a bath with Daddy and just love it. Not to mention the pampering with the hairdryer afterwards.Have a happy day
I'm lucky, my Maggie loves the shower with the hand sprayer. Of course I end up as soaked as she does, but at least wrestling isn't involved :-)
Turbo knows when I'm going to bathe him, he runs off. He will come when I call him. Very reluctantly. I still have to drag him into the bathroom and shower though, and I have to strip down to my underwear and stay in the shower with him and close the shower door to keep him there. He barely tolerates it. Because his fur clogs the drain so bad and we have a septic system, it's easier for me to take him to a groomer every other month. I only bathe him if he is really filthy after a river hike.
My little girl loves the bath, you mention the word and she runs off and sits in the tub. But my other little guy hides when you mention the bath. Baths with Jet are a chore because he hides, then he howls and cry's in the water, and then afterwards he'll sulk in the bedroom. You can't keep Kameko out of the tub, she even likes to jump in while I'm in the shower. :)
Mine don't like baths.
Julie... that's funny... about your bentley and his water bowl and all... try this... get a treat he's insane about... usually hot dogs, liverwurst, cheeze wiz is great... small 1/4 x 1/2 inch pieces... put them on and/or line them up on edge of the tub full of sudsy water... do this a bunch of times but not giving him a bath... it all has to be pleasant/pleasure... then... move to putting the treats in the bottom of the tub... then in the bottom of the tub with some water in it but not so he gets his feet wet... keep it all pleasant, pleasureable... then treats in bottom of tub, little bit of water... put some water on his back with your hand like you were petting him as he eats his treats... you get the idea? ...after a while you won't need the treats... but it's a good idea to keep using them... as he's in the tub and you're bathing him... reinforce with a little treat... this only works if there's a treat available that he's insane about... some dogs don't care about treats of any kind... try what i mentioned and/or Freshpet Select... my dogs go bonkerz over it... i get it at the supermarket (Tops) in the pet section, they have a refrigerated display case... comes in a good sized loaf, like salami... it's good food... and only $2.99! check it out at www.freshpetselect.com ...excellent training food... you can cut it up into nice sized little bits... good luck!
Holy Moly I WISH my dog was like the cutie in the first picture !!!! The bathroom is evil to my Bentley !!!! Im not even sure he can swim !!! The closest he comes to any water is in his water bowl :((
ps. these photos are hysterical!!!
my sweetheart Minit will just walk right in to the bathtub with just the mention of the word bath just once... my other lil' ol' lady, Gemma, doesn't mind one bit but i have to place her in the tub due her size and age... Both Love "Towel" and compete just a bit for getting the towel treatment... in fact, they Love the Towel treatment even if they haven't had a bath!
None of my 3 dOgs like it at all, though the oldest AND biggest dog loved to bathe when she was a puppy. She is a collie, lab, chow chow mix with lots of fur. Chihuahua absolutely hates it and pomeranian is scared and thinks she is being punished.
my baby loves her bath you can't keep her out of the water !
Our Brownie loves bath time. Every time my husband tells her she is gonna have a bath she runs to the bathroom!! sweet:)
I've discovered that Lily likes her bath better if I do it in the kitchen sink. I think since it's smaller than my big tub, she feels safer - but that really doesn't make sense, when she jumps right into the lake when we camp. It's also more work for me, since I have to sanitize the sink after, but whatever keeps her happy....
One out of two ain't bad ;-)
Love this photo! Mine are o.k. with their baths - Bentley actually seems to love it, and Peche sits in there quietly & cooperates, but looks pretty miserable.
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