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Sweet Chihuahua does the most adorable thing to make his baby human happy (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | April 14, 2012 | Comments (16)

pom and baby

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This little Chihuahua is a rescue dog, who was covered in ticks and very thin when he was rescued (now his owner says that he's a little overweight!). The mother wasn't sure if there would be jealousy issues between the dog and her new baby son, but she soon discovered the dog was very friendly, affectionate and gentle. In the video, after the dog drops his cookie near the baby she tells the dog "Thank you, but the baby can't eat the cookie, you can eat it yourself'. But the generous dog really want to console the baby and give him his cookie. The mum assures people worried about hygiene that the baby and dog don't share food, and that the baby is crying because he's cranky and sleepy - he slept safely right after the video was filmed.



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Comments on this Article

I don't think the mother ever intended for the baby to actually EAT the cookie. I think she was just teaching the dog to share & comfort the baby.
Sooooo sweet!!! Babies lovin' babies. <3 doggies!
So Lovely To See Something Like This, That Makes You Smile Instead Of The Usual Abuse Of These Defenceless Animals Which Brings Me To Tears Everytime!!, Way To Go Little Chihuahua!!!..
dog was like come on ain't nothing gonna shut this kid up lol
First I'll say that the MYTH of a dog's mouth being cleaner than a human's has for a very long time been discredited, so please stop spreading misinformation. I'm sure someone who was into beastiality came up with that one. Second, the mother was NOT putting the treat inside the baby's mouth--- so relax! This rescued Chihuahua is showing his loyalty and gratitude. That's so wonderful!
Someone needs to tell that mother NOT to put anything in her babies mouth while it's lying on it's back. She's going to choke it!
A dogs mouth is not cleaner than a humans. Do some research, it's just a myth.
As pointed out by a few others...I would rather eat something from the mouth of a dog, than the mouth of another human. We have been living with dogs for 20,000+ years. If sharing food with them was really a problem, we would all be dead.
This is SUCH a cute video. What an adorable little dog, so sweet and thoughtful and sharing! As much as my dogs love my baby, they would definitely be sharing their treats with him!
That soft spoken mother is a blessing to the child and the little dog. They'll both do well with her.
Dogs sometimes know what is wrong with us.... and the dog is probably saying to the mother "Your baby is HUNGRY.. that is why shes crying"... so cute adoreable pup.... wanting to share.. especially being a rescued dog.... aww they usually don't want to share after being treated like that before being rescued. So cute.. so loyal too and careful aswell you can see how careful the dog is :) Got to love that!
that is just precious
This is just SWEET! It's very rare for a dog to want to share his/her food let alone a TREAT! So precious! Just wanting to soothe the baby. So glad you gave him a wonderful home...
awwww. what a sweet lil doggie. and even if the dog and baby DID share a cookie, the dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's....lol
This is so cute. What a nice dog to want to share the food to help baby stop crying (or maybe the doggie is just wishing to find any way to make the baby be quiet? haha). My doggies won't even share with each OTHER, let alone with a baby!
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