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Clever Beagle's amazing escape from kennel (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | February 24, 2012 | Comments (6)

Beagle escapes his kennel

This Beagle is a true master climber and attempts the "Great Escape" from his kennel...Has anyone had a dog that's done things like this? 



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Comments on this Article

Not a puppy mill. Learn the difference. Note the box one of the beagles is standing on, that's what hunters use in the backs of their trucks to keep the beagles safe when heading out for hunts. These are hunting dogs and this is how hunters tend to house their pups, especially if they are known runners (which beagles are very prone to taking off). While this isn't the perfect way dogs should be housed, it's better than not making any attempt to keep them home. Given beagles tendencies to run off when they smell a rabbit, at least this man has a place to "try" to contain them. Seems he's struggled for a while trying to keep these goofs secure.
This has puppy mill written all over it. I would certainly hope an animal-friendly web site like DogHeirs would flag this type of thing & at least make a cursory attempt at checking into it.
Looking at the two white strips over the door she's done it before.
hahaha, she's a regular escape artist! I hope she did not attempt it again and break any of her bones!
apparently, they're brilliant at getting from point "a" to point "b", and figuring out how to get what they want, whether it's freedom, food, or whatever they've set their mind to...
I like how at the bottom, there are two other beagles waiting to be let out after the escape.
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