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Barking dog helps man win huge online jackpot

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | February 20, 2012 | Comments (1)

Man won huge online jackpot after being kept awake by barking dog Man won huge online jackpot after being kept awake by barking dog Next time a dog's noisy barking keeps you up late at night, keep this story in mind. A man in Ayrshire Scotland turned the annoyance into a £5 million winning jackpot. Unable to fall back to sleep when awoken by a noisy neighbor's dog, a young man went online to play an internet slot machine game. 

A friend recounted how the man won: "He was woken up one night last week by the sound of a dog barking and couldn’t settle, and so decided to have a go online. He staked a pound on a slot machine game — like a computer version of a one-armed bandit. He was up to £250 after a few wins in a row. With that, he then went on to another game which had a massive jackpot. After six more spins he’d hit it — and it was £5.1million."

The friend said the man, who is in his 20s and is not being named, now feels differently about the dog that kept him awake. "He owes it all to that dog... he'd like to meet it and shake its paw. He is over the moon and just trying to take it all in."

The man is the biggest online progressive jackpot winner in UK history and is currently deciding what to do with his winnings.


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